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Final Fantasy XV

The Trial of Titan

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Make your way west to the edge of the ledge the imperials occupied and Titan will send his greetings… by smashing his fist into the ground, destroying the cliffside you are on. When you see the warp-point below, hold Triangle/Y to warp down to the ground below, where the battle against Titan will officially begin. Well, there isn’t too much you can do right now, so just run around until you see Titan raise his foot up, triggering a button prompt to block. Hold down Square/X to block the strike, then press Circle/B to parry it. How Noctis is able to parry, let alone block a giant foot, is a bit baffling.

Do this a second time and Gladio will butt in by knocking you out of the way. Apparently, as the smarter of the two, Gladiolus determines this is the kind of overwhelming force you should be fleeing from. Follow Gladiolus up a trail to the south-west, then south-east, while doing so listen for Titan to “say” something, which indicates he’s got an attack incoming. Press (and hold) Square/X after he makes noise to dodge his attack, or just hold the button down the whole time you follow Gladiolus - the damage is somehow pretty trivial, regardless. Eventually Gladiolus will drop down a ledge to the south, then make his way to another ledge, where he’ll helpfully wait to boost you up. Titan didn’t enjoy you running away, so he decides to just crush the land with his hand, so you better get moving.

Keep running to the end, where Gladio will block Titan’s attack from going any further. Look down and you should see a warp-point, so you know what to do. Down below, the proper fight will begin, so block and parry Titan’s attack twice and after the second one, you will see a prompt to counterattack. Things aren’t looking too good now, as you’ll be in danger, but with another successful block/parry, Titan’s arm will be on the ground, where you can finally attack it. Just slash away at it, until Titan lifts it and begins attacking you.

Hold the block button (left) to block Titan’s powerful attacks then press Parry (right) to counterattack.

When he sweeps his arm across, you can just phase through it without getting hit, which will likely trigger another block/parry sequence. This portion will continue for a bit until both Prompto and Ignis return to you, although it seems they have brought some unnecessary company, a fleet of Imperial soldiers. Luckily, they are more hellbent on attacking Titan than you, so ignore them and try to dodge all of Titan’s attacks. You will notice that there are some warp-points around the arena, so you can use those, in addition to phasing, to evade the attacks.

At some point, Titan will be brought down to the ground and you can resume your “beatdown.” The Imperial soldiers will drop to the ground, but you can continue to ignore them, as the next block/parry seems to move the fight with Titan forward. You will learn a new skill, the Armiger Chain, which is basically a team attack with your friends that uses the rest of the gauge whenever you initiate Armiger mode. Feel free to test it out on Titan and continue battling him until you learn that your friends have prepared a special attack.

Use the Armiger Chain (left) to inflict massive damage with your friends and implement their strategy (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Power of Kings

Called forth the Armiger for the first time.

Trophy icon

Titan will be stunned for a good amount of time and you will need to inflict 12,000+ damage in order to trigger their special move. Faster weapons like daggers might yield more damage here, so just continue pummeling his arm until you see the strategy be successful. It turns out their attack was really Blizzara, which will freeze his arm, allowing you to destroy it with the Circle/B button prompt. This will bring an end to the fight, so watch the cutscenes that come after, bring an end to this chapter.

Objective Reward
For earning Titan’s favor EXP 3,000 / Mark of the Archaean
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Living Legend

Completed Chapter 4.

Trophy icon

With Titan defeated, you will now gain The Mark of the Archaen. Titan will now come to your aid.

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