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Questing Cleigne (Back in Duscae)

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Despite the name of this section, the first of Lestallum’s side quests take you back to Duscae, but since the quests start out in Lestallum (which is in Cleigne), the name stands. Fortunately, you’ve traveled to most of these areas, so it should be a fairly simple matter for you to just drive the Regalia there, do what you need to do, and hop back in. Another stroke of luck is that these quests can more or less be completed by taking a circular route along Duscae’s highway.

The Perfect Landscape

First up is “The Perfect Landscape”, which directs you to a photo spot east of the Lingagh Haven Campground. Simply direct your chauffeur to the DUSCAE: Rydielle Ley Parking Spot, then leave your chariot behind and venture north-east to the photo spot, killling whatever annoying Voretooths get in your way. While you’re up here, you might as well crap the nearby Treasure Spot (Megalixir), too.

Get back in the Regalia and head to the next spot, which is near the Chocobo racing tracks, just south-west of the Wiz Chocobo Post. Just travel to the Quest Location, hop on out and climb the rocky hill south of the road, snap the shot quick-like, and get back into the Regalia. That’s all you need to do for this quest, you can turn it in at your leisure for a reward (listed below), although you might as well wait until you’re done with the other quests in the area, then turn them in en masse.

Objective Reward
For taking Pictures of the Disc of Cauthess 1,000 EXP, 5,000 GIL

Mind the Trap

Fair warning, this quest is potentially the most difficult quest you’ll have to do for the rest of the chapter, so if it’s giving you trouble, conside coming back later. That “Recommended Level” of ten really doesn’t do this mission justice. It starts out simply enough - ride to the Taelpar Rest Area and talk to the hunter standing around to the north. The holdup? Apparently the delivery route take him through the wilderness to the south, and over-zealous trapping has made it hazardous.

The traps are there for a reason, however, as the marked area on the map (south of the Taelpar Outpost) is crawling with beasties. If you’re lucky, it’ll be a pair of Hundlegs. If not, it’ll be a pair of Coeurls. Their level is intimidating enough (level thirty-four), but you may have tackled an Iron Giant (level thirty) by now. If so, you’ve got a false sense of confidence in what can be done, as Coeurls are much stronger than their level indicates. They’re fast, have their good old fashioned “Blaster” attack which can kill in a single hit, and their normal attacks aren’t too shabby, either. If they’re sitting, leave them alone, as they’re ready to counter a Warp Striking Noctis with a lethal counter attack. Many of their attacks can’t be dodged at all, being area effects, and in general, if you see their whiskers glowing, you probably just want to warp away, as it’s a good indicator that they’re up to no good.

If you can kill them, great, you can go about searching for the traps and you may also get some Coeurl Whiskers, which are needed to upgrade the Drain Lance and complete “A Better Drain Lance II”. Since you know where some Coeurls are now, that quest can be done as soon as you’re capable. If you’re fortunate, however, you won’t find them here and can get to looking for the traps.

Objective Reward
For giving Cid a bundle of Coeurl Whiskers EXP 800, Drain Lance III

To secure the supply line for the hunter you’ll have to disarm a number of traps (left), but be wary, as Coeurls prowl the area (right).

Speaking of which… time to get to looking for those traps. Start out by searching near the center of the search area, right near the exclamation point, where you’ll find a tree. The first trap is just north-east of this tree. The next trap can be found to the north of the center of the search area, between a tree and a fence. Disarm it, then head east, through some trees, past some rocks and search for the third trap hidden in some small bushes. Once done, find number four west of the center of the search area, just past a tree and next to some more small bushes. Finally, head south-west towards the Huldagh Nutmeg Food Spot, where you’ll find the trap near a large stone.

If you managed to do this, it’s all downhill from here. Talk to the hunter back at the Taelpar Rest Area and he’ll send you to go tell the kid back at Lestellum yourself, which of course you might as well do when you’re ready to turn in all the other quests out here.

Objective Reward
For opening up the Supply Channels EXP 1,500

New to the Road

Get back in the Regalia and drive to the Quest Location for “On the Hunt for a Harvest”. This only gets you so close, but it’s not too much trouble to hop on out and hoof it to the Saxham Outpost. On the way, however, near a grain silo along the road north of Saxham Outpost you’ll find another stranded motorist. Talk to him to start the quest “New to the Road”, then give him a Repair Kit to finish the quest.

Objective Reward
For helping the stranded Motorist EXP 350, Gil 900

On the Hunt for a Harvest

With that little diversion out of the way, head south to the Saxham Outpost, which happens to be a rather large farm. They even have a pen of Bulettes you can “harvest”. Your goal, however, is a collection of houses where a “man” will tell you to do his work for him. Of course. Make your way south-west into another pen to find a pack of Voretooths that are keeping the farmers from the tasks and exterminate them. Once done, pick up the Fresh Green Peas from a patch of Eos Green Peas to satisfy the Furloch Farms vendor, then talk to the farmer again so he can state the obvious to you.

Objective Reward
For harvesting some Fresh Green Peas EXP 2,000

Talk to the farmer at Saxham Outpost (left) then help them deal with some pesky wildlife (right).

Saxham Reservoir

Leave the Saxham Outpost behind and venture west to find Saxham Reservoir Fishing Spot. It’s a rather brackish looking pond, but that doesn’t prevent a bait shop - “The Fisherman’s Friend” from being run by a man sitting around north of the Fishing Spot. If you plan to do any fishing, however, you’d best bring you A-game, a strong line, and plenty of patience, as big fish like to dwell in the Saxham Reservoir.

Fisherman’s Friend - Saxham Reservoir (Leisure Goods)

Items Price
Spider Silk 30 Gil
Super Baleen 100 Gil
Whiskers: Crystal 50 Gil
Whiskers: Chocolate 50 Gil
Fatal Roulette: Ahriman 50 Gil
Fatal Roulette: Floating Eye 50 Gil
Fatal Roulette: Bloody Eye 50 Gil
Burrower: Mad Pink Sandworm 200 Gil
Burrower: Green Sandworm 200 Gil
Burrower: Abyss Worm 200 Gil

Ace of Carapace

Only one more bit of questing to do before you’ll be ready to explore deeper into Cleigne. Hop back into the Regalia and drive it to the Quest Location for “Ace of Carapace”. Disembark when you arrive and head uphill to the west to a fenced-off radio tower, where a herd of Bulettes roam. Dispose of them, obtain a Bulette Carapace by doing so, then drive back to Lestallum.

Objective Reward
For harvesting a Bulette Carapace EXP 1,500

Bulettes are worth killing for their valuable Shield Spikes (left), but the proprietor of the Culless Munitions ship in Lestallum also seeks a Bulette Carapace (right).

More Lestallum Labors I

While you arrive back in Lestallum turn in all the quests you’ve done for the rewards listed above, after each quest. Vyv will immediately have another quest ready for you, as will many of the other quest-givers. From Vyv you’ll pick up the quest “An Eye for Islands”, which is fine, because he pays incredibly well. When you hand the Bulette Carapace to the proprietor of Lestallum’s Culless Munitions branch you’ll get a discount and another quest, “Tails Spin”, which tasks you with hunting down some Spiracorns. Give the Fresh Green Peas to the proprietor of Furloch Farms store to recieve a discount on ingredients here, then start the quest “Wild About Onions”. Fortunately the grandson at Veenon’s Trading won’t offer you another quest, but will grant you a 30% discount for your work.


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