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Final Fantasy XV

The Hextheon's Blessing

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

You may have passed Titan’s trial and received his blessing, but things aren’t looking too good for you and your party. The radio and scenes that play during said radio broadcast will update you on some developments: the Regalia is no longer in your possession, and even if it were, the empire has set up roadblocks along all roads leading out of Duscae. Oh, and the Archaean is no longer holding up the meteor… probably because he’s now on stand-by, awaiting an opportunity to help Noctis in his moment of need. There is a reason you went through all that trouble to meet Titan, after all.

That’s all well and good, but Titan’s not going to show up to give you a ride, which is what you’re in dire need of at the moment. If you haven’t done the “Friends of a Feather” side quest earlier, now might be the perfect time for it, as it unlocks the ability to rent Chocobos, and you will likely want some means of transportation until you get the Regalia returned to you. Fortunately, you start out this chapter at the Wiz Chocobo Outpost, so you need not go far to get yourself a Chocobo - or to start the hunt that allows you to rent them.

First, however, you’ve got some other business to see to, as Umbra has decided to pay you a visit. Speak with Umbra and he’ll run off, so go chasing after him. Eventually he will stop and you will see Gentiana, a Messenger to the Oracle, who you know happens to be Lunafreya. She makes mention of some cryptic messages, after which, you can send a message to Luna via the book that Umbra brought. The next little bit will set your objective for this story quest, as Gentiana mentions getting Ramuh’s help, but you must activate three of his Runestones in order to do this.

Follow Umbra (left) to meet with Gentiana and then prepare to find Ramuh’s runestones (right).

Your goal is to the north-east, past the Nebulawood Parking Spot and the Digythe Haven Campground. Just head towards the quest marker or the helpful, persistent lightning strikes that mark your destination… either on foot, or, preferably, on the back of a Chocobo. Unfortunately, as you get close, you will find that the empire has beaten you here. Fortunately the ground forces - consisting of some Imperial Troopers and a MA Veles - should be relatively trivial by now.

Smite them, then continue along the road to the north-west past two dropships, after the second of which head off-road to the north-east to find more imperial resistance, this time consisting of some more Imperial Troopers, Imperial Swordsmen and Imperial Snipers. It’s probably best to take out the Sniper first, then concentrate on the others, although the Swordsmen have a move where they guard and then counter, so be on the watch for that. Once you’ve finished off the Imperial soldiers, continue uphill to the north-west, into a rocky crevasse, where you’ll find the first Runestone. Touch the odd spire to witness another flashback.

Unlocking the ability to ride Chocobos (left) is a very good idea now you’re without the Regalia. When you find the Runestones, touch them to continue the quest (right).

The second Runestone is located west, north-west of the Coernix Station - Alstor outpost, so if you need any supplies or need a safe haven from daemons (should night be approaching), then stop and take a breather. Note that since it’s raining constantly, you will find Gigantoads out in full force, which often drop Gigantoad Steaks (two of them) upon killing them. There’s no better time than now to harvest them so you can prepare the “Toadsteak Drumstick” recipe on a whim.

Once you’re ready to go, start heading towards the second Runestone and past the fenced in area, you will come across more Imperial troops. There are more in one area than by the previous Runestone, so be careful not to get overwhelmed. After finishing them off go up the trail and grab the Mega Phoenix from the nearby Treasure Spot, since it’s literally right next to your objective, then touch the second Runestone. This will be the end of this story quest, and the next will automatically start.

Objective Reward
For touching the first two Runestones EXP 1,000

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