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Final Fantasy XV

All Set to Set Sail (Part 1)

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Side Quests and Ever-Encroaching Night

Chapter 6, much like Chapter 5, offers little in the way of new side quests to take on. Coctura (the proprietor of the Mother of Pearl in Galdin Quay) has a new quest for you “Berried Memories’ , but you can’t complete that quest just yet. You can also take the Gravity Well weapon to Cid to start the quest “A Better Gravity Well” , the upgrade for which is a Hydraulic Cylinder. If you picked one up near where the hunt “The Last Spiracorns” takes place, feel free to upgrade the Gravity Well.

Objective Reward
For giving Cid a Hydraulic Cylinder EXP 2,000 / Graity Well Plus

Otherwise, if you’ve completed all the side quests covered in Chapter 3, you’re good to continue with the main story. If not, now’s a fine time to do some more side quests, if you have a taste for it. Don’t worry, you can drive away with the Regalia right under Iris’s nose. She won’t mind. Probably.

It should also be noted that - presumably with the passage of time - the days have grown shorter. The new times for the four day cycles (dawn, day, dusk, night) are listed below. It’ll now be night for around half of any given twenty-four hour period, so being strong enough to handle some of the more common night-time daemons (like Iron Giants) is a good goal.

Time Hours
Dawn 6 - 10
Day 10 - 14
Dusk 14 - 18
Night 18 - 6

A Destructive Detour

When you’re done messing around with any side quests you’ve left unfinished (if you ran off to do anything at all), it’s time to take Iris to Cape Caem, a coastal area on the southern end of Cleigne, south-east of Old Lestallum. Head over to the Mini Mart just outside of Lestallum and, when you’re ready, speak with Iris to head on out. It’s going to be a long trip and you can’t do anything other than listen to to music, so sit back and relax. On the way Iris will point out Ravatogh, the site of another dungeon and some as-of-yet uncompleted side quests. Don’t worry, you’ll get there soon enough, after advancing the story a bit more and getting a few more levels under your belt.

Enjoy the scenery and listen to some music as you drive (left) then pull over to begin the next quest (right).

The party will keep driving until they spot another of the empire’s giant aircraft passing over their heads. It’s time for a little detour, as a lust for revenge overwhelms the party. To facilitate this, you’ll stop at the Old Lestallum parking spot and the next story quest will begin, temporarily postponing “All Set to Sail” .

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