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Final Fantasy XV

Questing Cleigne (Wennath Riverhead)

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Now, time to backtrack a bit. Normally it’d be suggested you just continue the loop and turn in all the quest later on, but your friend Dave will have another misison for you immediately after “A Backwoods Burial” , and it just so happens to take place right around where “Van, Interrupted” takes place… not to mention “Reliable Royalty” . Yep, ol’ Dino is finally going to get the next stone he wants, as these three quests are all close to each other. Not like you need multiple quests to make time for Dave or anything, no quest is too far out of the way for Dave. Give Dave the Scratched Dog Tag, then talk to him again to get the quest “Washed Away” .

Washed Away

Return to the Regalia after basking in the radiance that is Dave and get Ignis to drive you to the CLEIGNE: Wennath Riverhead Parking Spot. When you arrive, run south along the highway until you see some stairs leading down. Take them and turn west to find the Mynbrum Haven Campground. This can serve as you port in the storm for the next few quests, if need be.

From the Campground make your way north (ignore the River Wennath Fishing Spot and Nevyth for now), being wary of Sahagin as you go. This crocodilian beasts aren’t too strong, although they do have a blockable/counterable grapple attack that’ll result in an infamous “death roll” if you fail… which is pretty cool, actually. Anyways, kill whatever beasties lie in your path until you spot the monsters that always seem to be lurking around these Dog Tags - this time a group of Sahagin led by a Sea Devil (an advanced, large form of Sahagin). It’s an easy enough fight, but be wary, as this is also apparently a favored dumping ground for imperials. Zorching them with Blizzara or Thundara when they drop in is highly recommended, to keep this fight from getting too complicated.

When all the baddies have been smote make your way just north of the center of the search area, more specifically, leap onto a rocky shelf obscured by some large bushes, then search in the foliage to find the Crushed Dog Tag . For you, Dave, always for you.

Objective Reward
For finding the Crushed Dog Tag EXP 1,800 / Pheonix Down x10

You’ll constantly be pestered by imperials and local fauna (left) as you search for the Crushed Dog Tag (right).

Van, Interrupted

Continue north and you’ll find the wayward van, just sitting alone out in the middle of nowhere. Alone save for the swarm of Killer Bees lurking around it, anyways. How did it get this far off road? Whatever, the Killer Bees are no real threat, although they can envenomate you, so squash them however you please, then search the contents of the van (truck, more like it) to appease the proprietor of the Prissock General Store.

Objective Reward
For securing the Van EXP 2,000

Annoying insects now guard the van (left). Destroy them, then claim the van’s cargo (right).

Reliable Royalty

Now for Dino’s quest. Keep heading north disposing of whatever Sahagin and imperials dare impede your progress until you find a search area. Just south of the search area you’ll find a Treasure Spot on a rock. Jump up there and search the Treasure Spot to score a Chobham Armor accessory, which offers fair defense against ballistic weapons. Grab the accessory, then make your way east to the coast, which you should then follow north to - and into - the search area.

Continue across the rocky shore until you come across a nest of Sahagin, the guardians of the mineral deposit that houses Dino’s stone. Of course there are guardians, quest wouldn’t be worth doing, otherwise. You can severely injure them or perhaps even kill them with a single cast of Blizzara, if you’ve got any prepared, otherwise you’ll just have to get your sword messy. When they’re all dead, search the mound of gem-stony goodness standing in plain sight to obtain the Sapphire Stone Dino wants.

Objective Reward
For giving Dino an Sapphire Stone EXP 1,500 / Sapphire Bracelet

Defeat the Sahagin (left) to find the mineral deposit containing the stone Dino wants (right).

Fishing, Naturally

Return back south to the River Wennath Fishing Spot you bypassed earlier (it’s north-east of the Mynbrum Haven Campground) to find your old fishing buddy Navyth, who also has a side quest for you. Four in this one little area, how convenient! Talk to him and he’ll once against challenge you to catch a fish that lurks in the nearby Fishing Spot - this time a Cherrycomb Trout. The catch (pun intended)? They only bite at dawn (5:00 - 8:00 hours) and dusk (16:00 - 19:00 hours). Basically, it’s a tutorial mission to let you know that some fish are only active at certain times.

If you’re inclined to tackle this quest (pun intended again), wait around until the appointed hours, then go fishing. They’re food fish, so aim for the flashing yellow dots and use the Whiskers: Crystal lure. Don’t worry too much about the line, these aren’t hard fish to catch. Once you have one, return to Navyth and he’ll reward you with the Butterfly Edge - a superior rod to even the Hell Blaster, if you upgraded earlier.

Objective Reward
For catching a Cherrycomb Trout EXP 2,000 / Butterfly Edge

At the Wennath Riverhead Fishing Spot you’ll find Navyth (left) who has another challenge for you. Catch a Cherrycomb Trout (right) to recieve a new rod.

More Lestallum Labors II

Whew. Well, that was a lot of ground to cover in one go. Time for the post-quest clean-up. Return to Dave to get his reward, then make your way back to Lestallum and turn in “Van, Interrupted” and “Tails Spin” . The Culless Munitions vendor will give you another quest after the last one, this one named “Sting Your Praises” , while the proprietor of the Prissock General Store will give you the quest “Van, Interrupted Again” .

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