Avenge the Anglers

Level Target Habitat Reward
24 Albinogin (x3) Callatein’s Plunge (All Times) 2 Stars, 3,660 Gil, Megalixir

You will find the creatures for this hunt by the entrance to Greyshire Glacial Grotto, in the same exact spot where you would encounter the Midgardsomr. Luckily, it isn’t there and you only have to worry about these three level 24 alligator-like enemies. They are weak to polearms, shields and ice, while being strong against fire and holy. Since the area is fairly large, you shouldn’t have any problems with them.

Ruler of the Brave Skies

Level Target Habitat Reward
30 Griffon (x1) Kelbass Grasslands (All Times) 3 Stars, 4,935 Gil, Mega Phoenix

You may have encountered a higher leveled version of this enemy in the northern section of Duscae, but if not, then this will be a new encounter for you. Travel to the Taelpar Crag parking spot and head south of it to find the location of the Griffon. The first thing you’ll notice is that the Griffon is big and it definitely likes to fly, making it hard to hit when it’s in the air. You should try not to warp-strike to it while it’s flying, since this will usually result in a big fall, resulting in a large chunk of your HP being taken off.

At level 30, this is definitely a weaker version than the wild one, but you should still take precaution. When the Griffon is in the air and divebombs, you can block, parry and then counter the beast. It is weak to polearms, daggers and fire, while being strong against ice and holy. With close to 80k health and the ability to fly, you might be in for a prolonged fight.

Avoid attacking the Griffon in the air and try to wait until it’s on the ground.

Off with Their Heads!

Level Target Habitat Reward
31 Arbagadol (x2), Arba (x3) Kelbass Grasslands (Daytime) 3 Stars, 5,070 Gil, Lightning Crest

The quickest way to reach this hunt would be to go to the Lestallum Blockade parking spot and head southwest from there. These enemies are the giraffe-like creatures and surprisingly, the Arba are the meatier of the two, sporting around 61,000 health, compared to the Arbagadol’s 31,000 HP. Either way, they both share the same weaknesses (sword, machinery and lightning) and strengths (ice and holy). If you can, isolate each one and concentrate on that one before moving onto the next one.

Disquieted Queens

Level Target Habitat Reward
38 Killer Queen (x3) Coernix Bypass (All Times) 3 Stars, 6,850 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 4 . Travel to the Coernix Bypass parking spot and head south and a little east to find the Killer Queens buzzing around. As you probably already know, these things move around a lot, so getting a good hit on them is normally hard. You might think that warp-strikes are good to use, as well, but they can be troublesome here, especially with the Killer Queens’ attacks. The best way to whittle down the number a bit is by blocking and parrying their charge attack. The Killer Queens are level 38 and weak to sword, firearms, machinery and fire, while strong against lightning and holy.

The Web-Weaving Princesses

Level Target Habitat Reward
41 Ariadne (x1), Kokyangwuti (x3) Greyshire Glacial Grotto (All Times) 3 Stars, 7,950 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires you to complete Greyshire Glacial Grotto before it unlocks . Yep, as you can see from the description above, you will be journeying into the Glacial Grotto in order to get to this hunt. You will find them in the area after the second icy slide and as you’ve already guessed from the picture prior to coming here, you’re going up against one of the spider ladies, with the Kokyangwutis being the smaller spiders. Note that the Ariadne can spawn level 35 Tarantulas, but they have under 4,000 HP, so they should die very easily.

All of them are level 41 and considering the spot where they spawn, things can be kind of tight for battle. The Kokyangwutis are weak to daggers, firearms, fire and holy, while being strong against ice; they have around 41,000 health. The Ariadne is weak to greatswords, machinery, fire and holy, while being strong against ice and it has around 100k health, so this is going to be a long battle. Play a bit defensively, especially when all of the enemies are present, until you remove the smaller spiders.

Take out the Kokyangwutis first (left). Watch out for the Ariadne’s swinging lightning attack (right).

In a Heat Haze of Glory

Level Target Habitat Reward
52 Aramusha (x1) EXINERIS Power Plant (Nighttime) 4 Stars, 14,490 Gil, Silver Bangle

Requires you to finish the first main story quest of Chapter 8 . When you accept this hunt, head to the entrance of the power plant and inspect the gate to get inside. As soon as you enter, there will be an elevator right in front of you, so take it to the upper level; this will allow you to reach the area with the hunt. You might find yourself having trouble with the Aramusha, as it is level 52 and has around 175k health. It is weak to swords, daggers, lightning and holy, while being strong to only fire.

It’s not only the above, but the space in which you fight the hunt is very narrow, meaning you will find yourself trapped quite often. Luckily, you’re only fighting a single enemy and the majority of its attacks can be dodged by just holding Square/X. The only attack this doesn’t work on is the one where the Aramusha drives its sword into the ground and causes some spikes to protrude. Also, the Aramusha has a lot of instances where you can block and then parry attacks, so use that to whittle down its health.

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