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Final Fantasy XV

Daurell Caverns

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Into the Darkness of Daurell

Now that you’ve hunted down new weapons, crafted the Regalia Type F and plundered the depths of Pitioss dungeon, it’s time to turn your attention to some of the more conventional dungeons in Lucis that have gone neglected. First on the list is Daurell Caverns, which doesn’t really have much in the way of exciting loot, difficult monsters or sidequests, but might as well just get it out of the way for the sake of completionism.

To reach the Daurell Caverns simply drive east from the Taelpar Rest Area and pass through a tunnel. Once you exit out the eastern end of the tunnel, park the Regalia and hop a guard rail to the south. If you find the stairs off the road, search a new Treasure Spot near a broken-down car to find a Diamond Bracelet , then continue following the trail south, past the Daurell Spring Fishing Spot until you reach the entrance to Daurell Caverns.

Plunge into the darkness and the sidequest “Daurell Caverns” will start. Continue south until you find a fork and search the beginning of the eastern branch to find a loot spot ( Strong Bone ), then ponder your options. Both paths eventually lead to the same place, so the decision isn’t terribly important in the long run.

Squeeze through a cleft to the west to take the path with a stream running through it (left) or crouch under a low section of tunnel to the east (right) to brave poisonous pools.

The Eastern Path

If you go down the eastern path you’ll need to pass under a low chute, beyond which you’ll encounter a Necromancer and two Hecteyes. Hecteyes are blob monsters that love shooting lasers, including an obnoxious spinning attack. They can also perform an area-of-effect attack that can inflict Confusion. Fortunately, however, they’re not too sturdy. Necromancers, on the other hand, can take a good deal of punishment, but they’re also more dangerous, offensively, being capable of summoning Skeletons to distract you. They also shoot out a triangular laser which can deal a hefty bit of damage, and have a grapple attack that can drain Noctis’s Magic Points.

Hecteyes can shoot lasers and flash their eyes to cause confusion (left). Pools of toxic water also make traversing the Daurell Caverns more dangerous (right).

After these foes are vanquished search around for a loot spot ( Fossil Wood ), then continue downhill to the south and you’ll end up sliding down a short slope into a cavern below, where you’ll encounter several Hecteyes led by another Necromancer. Vanquish your foes and the party will note signs of previous occupation, but alas, the ladder is raised and the platform it’s connected to is out of reach. Plunder a loot spot ( Hardedge ) near where you landed in the north-western corner of the cavern, then follow the eastern wall south to find another loot spot ( Beetle Shell ).

Continue south and leave this cavern behind, stopping to loot a small cubby to the west to score a loot spot ( Silver Bangle ), which will provoke a Ronin and an Necromancer. Crush them, then carry on to the south-west to reach some pools of green, noxious liquid, which will naturally poison unprotected characters who splash around in it. A Star Pendant or a Ribbon will protect you, but all in all, a little poison never killed… well, in any event, you’ll be fine. Complicating matters will be a group of Hecteyes and a Necromancer that will protest your passage through the poisonous water.

When the enemies are gone, be sure to search the eastern edge of the passage to find a loot spot ( Hi-Potion ), then continue following the wall south-west to find another loot spot ( Hi-Potion ). If that’s not enough loot, keep going south-east to find another fork in the path, near which is a third loot spot ( Moogle Charm ).

Necromancers can do great damage, and inflict petrification with their triangle-beam attacks (left). They’ll also attempt to grapple Noctis and drain his Magic Points (right).

The Western Path

If you take the western fork you’ll have to slide through a narrow cleft before the passage opens up again. Continue south-west and you’ll spot a small stream running through the cavern, which is a far sight better than what’s coursing through where the eastern fork would have taken you. Follow the stream and you’ll encounter a Ronin, then search south of some tangled roots to find a loot spot ( Rusted Bit ). Keep following the stream past an ice elemental deposit to find a pair of ledges you can drop down.

Once in a lower cavern, keep following the river until you encounter several Hecteyes and a pair of Ronin. After disposing of the enemies, search some rocky shelves to the south to find a loot spot ( Hi-Elixir ), then head down a tunnel to the south until you find some toxic green liquid. Avoid the stuff if you can, as it’ll poison characters who wade into it unless they’re protected by a Star Pendant or a Ribbon. Shortly beyond this small pool is a larger one to the south-west, which you can avoid as you make your way south-west to find… another fork!

Shortly after the split path reunites you’ll find the Daurell Stills Fishing Spot (left), where you can catch new varities of fish (right).

Converged Path

At the fork beyond the toxic pools the eastern and western forks will have rejoined. Rejoined at a fork, as it were. Never mind that, however, as this fork isn’t as involved as the previous one was. Go south-west to find a dead-end, terminating at the Daurell Stills Fishing Spot, near which is a loot spot ( Heliodor Bracelet ). Fish, if you want, as there are a few new slimers slithering around in murk.

Backtrack to the fork and head down the unexplored passage to the south-east, where a lone Necromancer will appear to impede your progress. Exorcise the fiend, then continue south-east, then east to reach a chamber with two Ronin and two Necromancers. Kill them, then search the northern end of the cavern to find a loot spot ( Assassin’s Daggers ) before you continue north-east to find your old friend - green, toxic water!

Continue north-east past some toxic water and you’ll reach another fork. Head down the eastern fork to find a dead-end shortly on, at which point your exploration will provoke a trio of Ronin. Exterminate the pests, then grab a loot spot ( Oracle Ascension Coin ) before traveling north, navigating more toxic pools as you go. Shortly you’ll reach a small chamber filled with toxic water, which is made worse when the chamber’s occupants - a Hecteyes, Necromancer and Ronin - show up. Basically one of each critter that inhabits this dungeon.

Kill them, then head up a slope to the west, following a tunnel beyond until you reach a ramshackle walkway overlooking the previously-explored chamber below. Carry on to the north until you reach a ladder, which you should descend just to extend the ladder, providing a shortcut. Once the shortcut is unlocked, continue north, head up some stairs, then sidle across a narrow ledge. Beyond this ledge you’ll find a Food Spot ( Allural Shallot ), after which you can ascend a ramp to the north-west, along the way plundering a loot spot ( Ammonite Fossil ) after which you’ll turn south and come to a ledge with another loot spot ( Sapphire Bracelet ).

Climb down a ladder to extend the device, providing you with a shortcut (left). At the end of the dungeon you’ll find an Iron Giant - the “boss” of this dungeon (right).

Drop down the ledge to confront an Iron Giant - the boss of the dungeon - who is accompanied by a Necromancer. After they’re dead, a Ronin and several Hecteyes will show up. Defeat these foes and put this dungeon to rest.

Objective Reward
For clearing Daurell Caverns EXP 4,000

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