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Final Fantasy XV

The Cauthess to Alstor Loop (Part 2)

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Taelpar Rest Area

Do whatever fishing/shopping you wish to do, then return to the Regalia and drive down the road to the west. When it forks turn north a bit and you’ll find the Taelpar Rest Area, which boasts a branch of the JM Market, a Culless Munitions detatchment and a Crow’s Nest Diner. First things first, stop off at the diner and select the “Talk” option to gain intel, then check out the hunts in the area. From the intel you recieve you’ll be able to note two Treasure spots nearby, the one to the east, north-east yields a Mega Phoenix, while the one to the south-east can be plundered for a Bulletproof Suit.

Hunts - Taelpar Resst Area

Hunt Name Hunt Level Rank (Stars)
Horned Hunting Hazards 23 **
Hunters of Secullam Pass 34 ***
Reclaiming Schier Heights 37 ***
A Roaring in the Night 37 ***
Old Denizens of the Woods 63 ****

The Culless Munitions store is also interesting, as it sells a variety of new weapons. If you’ve been holding off on buying weapons, this might be a good time to relent and purchase some upgrades, as only the Assassin’s Daggers you found earlier are likely to be superior to the arms sold here.

Culless Munitions - Taelpar Rest Area

Item Name Price
Rune Saber 600 Gil
Flame Tongue 800 Gil
Claymore 600 Gil
Rapier Lance 600 Gil
Storm Lance 800 Gil
Mythril Knives 600 Gil
Mythril Pistol 600 Gil
Power Shield 600 Gil
Ice Shield 800 Gil
Carbon Bangle 2,000 Gil
Garnet Bracelet 800 Gil
Fencer’s Anklet 2,000 Gil
Bulletproof Vest 1,500 Gil
Angel Earring 1,000 Gil
Power Stone 2,000 Gil

As for the Taelpar Rest Area branch of JM Market, the only thing of note they sell is “Memories of FFVI”, which will doubtlessly please many long-time Final Fantasy fans.

JM Market - Taelpar Rest Area (Items)

Item Price
Potion 50 Gil
Hi-Potion 100 Gil
Elixir 400 Gil
Hi-Elixir 800 Gil
Phoenix Down 1,000 Gil
Antidote 10 Gil

JM Market - Taelpar Rest Area (Auto Parts)

Item Price
Memories of FFVI 100 Gil

A Rocky End

From here on you can have Ignis drive again, since you’re traveling to a known location and don’t need to make any stops along the way. Drive north from Taelpar Rest Area and exit near the quest marker for “A Rocky End”, which is near a three-way split in the road. Make your way south-west into the wilderness between the western and southern roads to find a sizeable pack of Voretooths. Slay them, then search near some rocks along the south-western edge of the search area to find the Scorched Dog Tag good ol’ Dave wants. Return to Dave at your leisure for the quest reward below.

Objective Reward
For Finding the Scorched Dog Tag EXP 1,000 / Hil-Elixir x 10

Fight through a pack of Voretooths (left) then grab the Scorched Dog Tag near the boulder (right).

Swallowed by Shadows

Before you leave the area where “A Rocky End” took place (get it, the name was alluding to the location of the Dog Tag?), search south-west of where the quest took place to find a Treasure Spot west of the road (Mega Phoenix). Another Treasure Spot can be found near the three-way split, which can be plundered for some Strong Whiskers.

After you hand over the Scorched Dog Tag to your best friend Dave you’ll find him waiting for you later at the Taelpar Rest Station. He of course has another Dog Tag for you to track down, and if anybody less dynamic and adorable than Dave was asking, this would all start to seem like very tedious fetch quests. This starts the quest “Swallowed by Shadows”.

Sadly, this quest forces you to backtrack, but some back-tracking was unavoidable if you had a mind to clear all the current quests in Duscae. Hop in the ol’ Regalia again and set your destination for the quest to get you close, ideally disembarking on a dirt road north of the quest marker. This road is just south of the crater which houses The Archaean’s Mirror Fishing Spot.

From there hop the fence to the south and make your uphill to find a logging shelter, which is currently infested with Hundlegs - giant caterpillar-like critters. They can poison you, but otherwise they’re not too strong. Squish them, then search the shelter to find a Twisted Dog Tag on the ground between some cut logs and a table. Return it to Dave (Dave!) for another reward.

Objective Reward
For Finding the Twisted Dog Tag EXP 1,000 / Hil-Elixir x 10

A group of Hundlegs is just begging to be zorched by some magic (left). Once the centipedes are gone, retrieve the Twisted Dog Tag (right).

The Jolly Joyrider

So much Dave in so little time… but try to collect yourself and press on with your side quest tour, this time by driving north past the three-way fork near which the quest “A Rock End” took place. Continue driving until you reach the Secullam Pass Parking Spot, at which point park and you’ll find another motorist in distress. These ugly green cars seem to be awfully prone to breaking down, don’t they? Give him a Repair Kit to see him on his way and earn yourself a tidy profit.

Objective Reward
For Helping the Stranded Motorist EXP 350 / GIL 900

The Tomb of the Just

That’s not nearly the best reason to stop off at Secullam Pass, however. Follow a trail to the north-west and you’ll find yourself outside “The Tomb of the Just”. What dangers await you as you attempt to claim your third Royal Arm? Well, you could get your hands dirty opening the door, but that’s about it. Really, just open up the tomb and claim the Shield of the Just, your third Royal Arm.

Coernix Station - Cauthess

After claiming the Shield of the Just, return to the Regalia and continue driving north until you find the Coernix Station - Cauthess… not to be confused with the Coernix Station - Alstor or the Cauthess Rest Area.

Objective Reward
For indulging Prompto EXP 250

Here you can find another branch of Culless Munitions, which sells identical weapons to what was sold at the Wiz Chocobo Outpost, although there are a few new accessories to look at.

Culless Munition - Coernix Station - Cauthess

Item Price
Airstep Sword 300 Gil
Blade of Brennaere 300 Gil
Mythril Lance 300 Gil
Cutlasses 300 Gil
Calamity 300 Gil
Kite Shield 300 Gil
Iron Bangle 1,200 Gil
Garnet Bracelet 800 Gil
Warrior’s Anklet 1,500 Gil
Bulletproof Vest 1,500 Gil
White Sage 2,000 Gil
Amulet 200 Gil

Coernix Station - Cauthess is also one of those odd outposts without a Crow’s Perch Diner, so you won’t be getting any intel or hunts here. You’ll just have to satisfy yourself with the Mini-mart, which sells two Final Fantasy IX soundtracks, but is otherwise fairly uninteresting.

Mini-mart - Coernix Station - Cauthess (Items)

Item Price
Potion 50 Gil
Hi-Potion 100 Gil
Elixir 400 Gil
Hi-Elixir 800 Gil
Phoenix Down 1,000 Gil
Antidote 10 Gil

Mini-mart - Coernix Station - Cauthess (Treasures)

Item Price
Repair Kit 100 Gil

Mini-mart - Coernix Station - Cauthess (Auto Parts)

Items Price
Memories of FFIX (Disc 1) 100 Gil
Memories of FFIX (Disc 2) 100 Gil

Mini-mart - Coernix Station - Cauthess (Leisure Goods)

Items Price
Spider Silk 30 Gil
Needle 1,000: Cactuar 50 Gil
Needle 1,000: Metal Cactuar 50 Gil
Needle 1,000: Gold Cactuar 50 Gil


After your undoubtedly short stay at the Coernix Station - Cauthess, you may be happy to learn that your travels are almost at an end. Only one more side quest to do before driving off towards Lestallum, Ignis’ quest “Pilgrimage”. Get in the Regalia and set the destination for that quest (or drive yourself, as you wish) and Ignis will drive you up north, then east to the Disc of Cauthess. Unfortunately, tourists aren’t exactly being welcomed in by the imperials who have taken the place over.

Naturally, you aren’t going to be friends with the filthy imperials… it probably doesn’t help that they’re robots that shoot on sight and all that. The main threat is the MA-X Maniple, which is joined by an assortment of fodder ground troops. Just be wary of the missles and the lightning attack it does (after charging up for a bit) and you’ll be fine.

Objective Reward
For Visiting the Disc of Cauthess EXP 500

When you reach the entrance to the Disc of Cauthess you’ll be greeted by some occupying imperials (left), the real threat here is the MA X Maniple (right).

After the fight, Gladiolus will bother you and ask if you’re ready to go to Lestallum yet. Respond how you will, you’ll be left to your own devices either way. It’s just a reminder that Lestallum awaits, but it is a fine note on which to finally embark for the city.

Mystery Map X

There’s no reason you can’t score a bit of treasure along the way, however. From the entrance to the Disc of Cauthess drive back down the winding road to the west until it bisects another road just south of the Cauthess, the Disc Parking Spot. At this three-way intersection, turn south and drive along the edge of an imperial fort until you reach another fork. This time turn down the road to the west and follow it as it turns north until you reach the Taelpar Crag Parking Spot.

You can find Mystery Map X in the Kelbass Grasslands, in a grate along a red brick building, which itself is located between Aracheole Stronghold (an imperial fort) to the east and the highway to the west (left), on the spot indicated on the map (right).

Park here and head south-west down the road a bit until you find two sets of stairs leading down off the highway. Go down the south-eastern stairs and follow a dirt path down to the south-east, where a sign helpfully informs you that you’re in the Kelbass Grasslands. Neat. Continue down the road until you reach a water tower, under which are several shacks. Follow another dirt road south, then south-west and you’ll reach a fenced-off area with two red brick buildings. Search a grate along the south-western end of the north-eastern of the two building to find Mystery Map X , in the process starting “Scraps of Mystery X”. With that done, the last distraction before you reach Lestallum is out of the way.

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