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Final Fantasy XV

Altissia Hunts (1)

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Bewitched Blade Stains the Waters

Level Target Habitat Reward
17 Ronin x1 Altissia (Nighttime) 2 Stars, 3,130 Gil, Megalixir

By the time you reach Altissia, you will likely be well above the recommended level for this hunt and considering it’s only a single enemy (one you’ve fought before), you shouldn’t have any troubles at all. The hardest part of the hunts in Altissia is getting to them, so start off by taking the gondola to The Leville Station, then use the other gondola in that area to reach Listro Park North Station. The Ronin is easy to defeat, since all of its moves are dodgeable, except for the one where it plunges its sword into the ground to cause some kind of spikes to rise. There are also ample opportunities to parry attacks, so keep a lookout for the blocking prompt.

A Nightmare Upon the Water

Level Target Habitat Reward
20 Hecteyes x2 Altissia (Nighttime) 2 Stars, 3,280 Gil, Megalixir

Unless you’ve been exploring some of the optional dungeons in the game, then you’ve never come across Hecteyes before. To get to the hunt’s location, take the gondola to The Leville Station and the enemies will be near the weapon shop, which is on the base level of the area. You might think they are similar to Flans, but they are completely different than them. They have a move where they shoot a laser from one of their eyes, spinning around while doing so. The Hecteyes are level 20 and weak to polearms, shields and holy, with no strengths at all.

Ill Weeds Grow in the Night

Level Target Habitat Reward
22 Alv x3 Altissia (Nighttime) 2 Stars, 3,450 Gil, Megalixir

After accepting the hunt, take the gondola to the Palsino Street Station and cross the bridge just north of where you start. As soon as you cross the bridge, the daemons will be right there. Alvs are just stronger versions of the Imps you have fought previously in dungeons, so you should be familiar with how they attack. The biggest problem with this battle will likely be the camera, since you will be fighting in a very narrow place. Until you dwindle their numbers, be especially careful of the Alv’s laser attack. They are level 22 and weak to daggers, firearms, ice and holy, while being strong only against fire.

Back Alley Spook

Level Target Habitat Reward
26 Mindflayer x2 Altissia (Nighttime) 2 Stars, 3,990 Gil, Heliodor Bracelet

If you’ve already done A Nightmare Upon the Water hunt, then you should know where to go for this hunt; if not, take the gondola to The Leville Station and make your way to the weapon shop, with the hunt being right by it. You’re up against two Mindflayers here, enemies you’ve fought before, although these are a little beefier. They can be especially annoying, since their spray move lowers your attack and they can also grab you, forcing you to mash the Circle/B button to break free (it can also inflict Confusion). They are level 26 and weak to polearms, daggers, lightning and holy, while being strong against only ice.

Blocking and parrying is the name of the game with Tonberries.

The Case of the Disappearing Hunters

Level Target Habitat Reward
29 Tonberry x2 Altissia (Nighttime) 2 Stars, 4,740 Gil, Megalixir

Complete the first four hunts in Altissia . Take the gondola nearby to Palsino Street Station and navigate the stairs to eventually find your way to this hunt. Depending on when you do this, you may have never encountered Tonberries yet, so you don’t how they operate. They are level 29 and weak to daggers, firearms, ice and holy, while being strong against lightning. Tonberries, or at least this variant, are fairly easy to fight, although that depends on your ability to block and parry, as that is pretty much all the Tonberries will do.

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