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Final Fantasy XV

Hunters in Distress

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

As you’re out exploring, you will sometimes hear the cries of someone that needs help, which will then trigger a new sidequest to appear in your log. These cries for help are from injured hunters and they usually require you to hand over a Potion or Antidote to them to complete the quests. Note that you’re only given a general search area in which to find the hunter, although some hunters are easier to find than others. Similar to the Broken Down Cars, there are a total of 10 quests in each main area (totaling 30) and some require you to finish previous ones and/or have reached a certain story chapter. So, if you can’t find a specific quest, make sure you do all others or progress in the main story.

Liede Injured Hunters

Quest Location Reward
Tired of Running In between some shipping containers near intersection north of Abandoned Barn parking spot (Potion) EXP 300 / 500 gil
Palpable Pain Complete Tired of Running. Inside of a ruined building at intersection south of Norduscaen Blockade parking spot (Potion) EXP 350 / 900 gil
When You Believe Complete Palpable Pain. On ground level at structure southwest of Keycatrich entrance (right next to the “!”; Potion) EXP 1,000 / 6,000 gil
Search and Rescue Next to the large rock on northern side of dirt road at first intersection northwest of Hammerhead (Potion) EXP 300 / 500 gil
Lost Without a Potion Complete Search and Rescue. On top of the archway that’s just north of Galdin Quay, close to the northern cliffside (Potion) EXP 350 / 900 gil
Distress in the Desert Complete Lost Without a Potion. In area with large bird that you had to retrieve stone for Dino; on northern end (Antidote) EXP 350 / 900 gil
A Cry for Help South of “The” in The Weaverwilds text on the map, inside of a ruined building next to a big pipe (Potion) EXP 300 / 500 gil
Scared and Stranded Complete A Cry for Help. Inside of an alcove just north of the “!” on the map (Potion) EXP 350 / 900 gil
An Exaggerated Injury Complete Scared and Stranded. Next to a rock right by the “!” on the map (Potion) EXP 350 / 900 gil
Conceal, Don’t Feel Complete A Cry for Help. Inside of the large building near The Three Valleys parking spot (Antidote) EXP 300 / 500 gil

Find the person calling for help (left) and bring them either a Potion or Antidote (right).

Duscae Injured Hunters

Quest Location Reward
All by Myself On top of stone structure with pipe south of Rydielle Ley parking spot (Potion) EXP 350 / 900 gil
In Low Spirits Complete All by Myself. West of Rydielle Ley parking spot is an intersection. A little southeast of that are two plateaus and the hunter is located on the western of the two, on a lower ledge (Potion) EXP 350 / 900 gil
The Verge of Despair Complete In Low Spirits. Next to a large rock that’s southwest of the large antenna that’s southwest of Wainterre Haven (Potion) EXP 1,000 / 2,500 gil
Accursed Curiosity Complete All by Myself. On a cliffside northwest of the large antenna that’s northwest of Alstor Slough parking spot (Antidote) EXP 350 / 900 gil
A Hurting Heart Next to some large rocks that’s north of the Kettier Highland parking spot (Potion) EXP 350 / 900 gil
Weary and Wounded Look for the circular structure near Costlemark’s entrance (northwest of it) and find the two walls just east of that. Follow the outside of the eastern of the two walls to find the hunter (Potion) EXP 1,000 / 2,500 gil
Trembling with Fear In a small alcove on southern side of large rock formation that’s southeast of Coernix Station - Alstor (Antidote) EXP 350 / 900 gil
Wrecked with Anxiety Northwest of Cauthess Rest Area, slightly northeast of the intersection there. Hunter is next to some smaller rocks in between the two rock layers (Potion) EXP 350 / 900 gil
The Faint of Heart Complete Wrecked with Anxiety. In a dead end in the southeast corner of the “fog area” where you had to track Deadeye (Potion) EXP 350 / 900 gil
Down on your Luck Around where the second “o” of Saxham Outpost is on the map, on the southern side of the large rock formation (Potion) EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil

The location of the distressed hunter for The Faint of Heart.

Cleigne Injured Hunters

Quest Location Reward
Almost Out of Hope At the first intersection north of Lestallum, go north and slightly west until you trigger the quest. The hunter is next to a rock slightly east from the “!” (Potion) EXP 500 / 1,500 gil
Poor, Misfortunate Soul Complete Almost Out of Hope. At Wennath Riverhead parking spot, go to shore of river and follow it north. Keep going until you see the change in color on the opposing shoreline. Go west from here to find the Hunter nestled among some rocks (Antidote) EXP 500 / 1,500 gil
A Little Slip-Up Northeast of Dainse Haven is a large rock formation. Hunter is at the base west of the “!” (Antidote) EXP 500 / 1,500 gil
Injured and Introspective Complete A Little Slip-Up. In the area to the north of the Rock of Ravatogh entrance (Potion) EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil
Alas, Poor Hunter Search south along coast from Malmalam Thicket parking spot, close to The Maidenwater fishing hole. Hunter is located southeast from “!” on the map (Potion) EXP 500 / 1,500 gil
Losing Heart Complete Alas, Poor Hunter. Go straight north from Old Lestallum, until you find a big hill. Hunter is at base of the hill, hidden between the hill and some bushes, northeast of the “!” on the map (Potion) EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil
Keeping the Faith Complete Losing Heart. East of The Maidenwater parking spot is a bridge, so go there and jump over the railing to get on the eastern bank of the river to the north of the bridge. Follow the coast up north until you spot a procurement point for Birdbeast Eggs. West of that item will be the hunter, on the western side of some rocks (Antidote) EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil
Blame the Beasts! Next to a rock south of Capitis Haven at The Vesperpool (Potion) EXP 500 / 1,500 gil
Not so Easy Anymore Complete Blame the Beasts! Found south and a little west of the “!” that’s southeast of the dungeon icon for Steyliff (Potion) EXP 1,000 / 2,500 gil
Scared and Lonely Just south of the “!” on top of the piece of land that is at the “er” portion of Coernix Bypass on the map (Potion) EXP 500 / 1,500 gil

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