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Final Fantasy XV

Photo Ops - Leide

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Prompto’s Photo Op quests are incredibly simple: As you travel about in the Regalia Prompto will ask you to indulge his photographic desires by stopping to snap photos of a nearby landmark. The areas where these events trigger are not random, however, whether Prompto will actually ask you is random. You may have to travel around an area many times before Prompto will finally ask. Therefore, the “When” part of these quests is random, and the “Where” part is rather general, instead of specific. This page includes the Photo Ops in the Leide area.

Photo Op: Mountain

Where Reward
Longwythe Peak area 200 EXP

Drive along the road connecting the Hammerhead outpost and the Longwythe Rest Area to trigger this quest, then take a picture of the Longwythe Peak.

Photo Op: Quay

Where Reward
Galdin Quay area 200 EXP

Prompto may pester you with this quest while you’re driving along the road north of Galdin Quay.

Photo Op: Quarry

Where Reward
Balouve Mines Parking Spot area 200 EXP

Prompto may ask you to take a picture of the Balouve Mines when you drive near the Balouve Mines Parking Spot.

Photo Op: Battlefield

Where Reward
Prairie Outpost area 200 EXP

Drive along the dirt road running between the Prairie Outpost and Formouth Garrison (the fort east of the Prairie Outpost).

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