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Let Sleeping Mountains Lie

Upon revisiting past Lucis after you gain access to Umbra’s services in Chapter 9, you will receive a phone call from Cindy about some strange seismic activity. Head on over to Hammerhead and talk to Cindy, who will direct you to speak with Dave at Longwythe Rest Area. He can be found standing right outside of the shack opposite and upon speaking with him, he says there’s some fellow from Galdin Quay here to help with the investigation. You will now be put inside of the diner and have the opportunity to speak with a total of 14 people you’ve met throughout your journey.

The majority of them are related to the NPCs who give you sidequests, so if you haven’t done them, reload your save and do at least one. Note that one of the NPCs, Ezma, is only accessible after the main story is complete and you have completed all of the dungeons (except for Pitioss). Talking with each one of them will elicit a sentence or two about the situation, as well as an item. None of these items are really anything special, save for the Mega-Potion from Vyv. To continue with the sidequest, you will need to speak with Dino in the corner, then with Dave to get out of the diner.

Don’t forget to check the table for Wiz’s words (left). The correct food can make the battle go faster (right).

Your next objective is to talk with Monica, who you might remember as one of the Crownsguard, on the northeastern side of Longwythe Peak. Once you talk to her, you will get your first glimpse as to what you’ll be fighting, the mighty Adamantoise and boy, is he a big sucker. For now, though, you won’t be able to finish the fight, so run in the opposite direction. The game gives you a three minute time limit and while it’s not known what exactly happens if you let the timer run out, it’s definitely not enough time to do anything huge to the behemoth. So, just run away until you get out of the combat zone and the quest will automatically finish, with the Adamantoise retreating back into his shell.

Objective Reward
For investigating the cause of the quakes EXP 1,000

Fighting the Adamantoise

Make sure you have a few things handy before you go to tackle the Adamantoise. Firstly, although they aren’t needed, the Zwill Crossblades will help immensely in cutting down the time needed to kill it. Likewise, Enhancement (Ignis) will increase the damage you deal, as well as Piercer (Prompto). Combine those with Muscle Stimulants or Power EXs and you will be doing a lot of damage. If you have some nice strength-increasing accessories, put them on Noctis, as he will be dealing the most damage in the battle. The Adamantoise has five million HP, so it can be a long battle, but it’s not a particularly hard one.

Start the hunt and go meet your colossal turtle friend to the southwest of Hammerhead. When you get close enough, look to the left or right of his head and locate either of the front fins. This will be your main target for the first part of this battle. Keep attacking them, applying Enhancement at least twice to hopefully get two elemental buffs, and Piercer to reduce the Adamantoise’s defense. Should you happen to see the Adamantoise’s fin flash, warp away to avoid getting hit and if that happens, use a Potion/Hi-Potion to get back to full health.

The eye area is one weak spot on the Adamantoise (left). Ignis’ Enhancement will help in whittling down its massive health (right).

Eventually, you will do enough damage and there will be a short cut to the turtle’s head falling to the ground. You don’t have to worry about defending here and there’s a few options on where to attack now. You can warp-strike the eye of the Adamantoise and keep doing that, but that can prove troublesome and you only have so much MP. There is one other place you can attack, though, which is the neck and right behind where the tusk connects to the turtle’s head. Make sure you pop a strength-increasing item if you didn’t before and at some point, the turtle will lift his head. This is your cue to go to the other side and begin working on the other fin. Continually do this and the Adamantoise will be felled before long. Return to Takka to turn in the hunt and receive your prize.

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After a years-long cold war between the Kingdom of Lucis and the empire of Niflheim over the world's last crystal, an armistice is finally agreed upon. As part of the peace treaty, the heir to the Lucian throne Noctis Lucis Caelum is to marry Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, an oracle from the imperial province of Tenebrae. After Noctis sets out to meet his betrothed, the treaty collapses. Merely a ruse to bring down the magical barrier protecting Lucis, Niflheim invades and takes the kingdom and the crystal for itself. With the treaty in tatters and his father and betrothed believed dead, Noctis must rely on his own tenacity and the support of his band of loyal followers to get him through what is to come.

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