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Final Fantasy XV

Randolph's Sidequests

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Randolph can be found in Lestallum, in a dead end, once you complete the main story. He offers some of the best rewards for you, in the form of some nice weapons, in exchange for killing specific monsters. In fact, he will reward you with one of the best weapons in the game, the Zwill Crossblades, although you will need to vanquish a very powerful foe in order to acquire it.

A Legend is Born

Where When Reward
Lestallum Complete main story 8,000 XP, Iron Duke (greatsword)

The Bennu that Randolph wants you to kill is located to the south of the Norduscaen Blockade parking spot to the northwest of Hammerhead, in between the Entethina and Pallebram camps. Take this opportunity to camp at one of the spots and consume a nice stat-boosting meal. When you get close enough, you will see that it is the giant bird you saw towards the beginning of the game, when you were fetching some gems for Dino. Despite its size, the fight with it is not too bad, although it is very strong and highly likely to send you into Danger status with one or two hits.

The easiest way to pluck the Bennu’s feathers is to aim for its beak area, then warp strike it repeatedly while equipped with a greatsword. Eventually, it will “break” and the Bennu will fall to the ground, becoming incapacitated for a few seconds, so continue attacking the beak area for maximum damage. If you see the bird take off, there’s nothing you can do other than hold down Square/X, as the Bennu will divebomb you, but you can block/parry it and knock it to the ground again. It is weak to polearms, machinery and lightning, while being resistant to ice and holy. Once it goes down, bring the item it drops back to Randolph to get your shiny, new weapon.

Randolph’s quests will have you taking on some big and high-leveled monsters.

Dreadful Legend

Where When Reward
Lestallum Complete A Legend is Born 10,000 XP, Dragoon Lance (polearm)

The next monster Randolph wants you to take down is a Molbodoom, which can be found in The Vesperpool area. As you can guess from its name, it is a Malboro and they have a nasty habit of inflicting multiple status ailments with their Bad Breath attack. As before, utilize the nearby camp and cook up the Three-Mushroom Kebabs recipe (Alstroom, Vesproom and Malmashroom), since it prevents most status ailments. Unlike the previous quest, the Malbodoom is accompanied by a total of six Malboro Brats, who are like mini-bosses of their own.

Each one is level 48 and has a whopping 146,300 HP, with weaknesses to greatswords, machinery, fire and ice, and strengths against lightning and holy. The mama Malbodoom is level 65 and is weak to daggers and ice, while being strong against greatswords, fire and holy. So, you can’t use the same physical weapons on all of the enemies, but they do all share one common weakness, ice. Cook up a nice Blizzaga (or Freeze if you have the necessary ingredients) and let loose on them all. It’s best to concentrate on the Malbodoom first, as its damage output is a lot higher than the Brats.

If you can, try to get Blindside Links against the Malbodoom, which is easy to do since it’s quite slow. You can also get it to focus on you to try and draw its breath attack away from the others. Once it goes down, you can concentrate on the Brats, which should be a lot easier, although dodging is super important, since their attacks also hurt. However, all they can really do is try to bite you, so the best tactic is a hit-and-run one…or just blast them with magic. With another monster on your belt, return to Randolph to get another nice weapon.

Legend Wrapped in an Enigma

Where When Reward
Lestallum Complete Dreadful Legend 12,000 XP, Ziedrich (shield)

The Tonberries only spawn at night, so resting at a camp is not going to be a good thing, as you can’t force night to come around unless you use a hunt someplace close. Travel to The Fallgrove parking spot and find the path that leads to the Tomb of the Tall, as the Tonberries will appear right before the tomb. If you didn’t do the Master Tonberry hunt in Altissia, then you might think these are similar to the Tonberries you encountered during the beginning of Chapter 14, but they aren’t quite the same.

You will be fighting two Sir Tonberries for this quest, both of which are level 75 and with a very high HP count of around 372,000. You will find that they are weak to daggers and holy, while being strong against greatswords, fire, ice and lightning. That means that magic isn’t going to be all too great against them and although daggers are great, you can perform Linkstrikes with them. The ideal weapon to use against them might be the Ultima Blade, since most of your damage is likely going to come from parries and Linkstrikes.

As you will quickly find out, the Sir Tonberries like to do the stabby move that triggers a blocking prompt, sometimes two or three times in quick succession. They will also be flipping around with a lightsaber of sorts, doing one of two combos, one of which ends in a blocking prompt and the other not. The biggest problem with this fight is that there isn’t a lot of opportunities to attack the Tonberries on your own, so you have to resort to just countering their attacks…and healing your companions, should you wish to do that. Concentrate on one at a time and they will eventually go down, then bring the item back to Randolph to finish the quest.

Cursed Legend

Where When Reward
Lestallum Complete Legend Wrapped in Enigma 15,000 XP, Soul Saber (sword)

The Cauthess Rest Area parking spot is where you want to go for this sidequest, as it’s the closest place and there’s a camp (Fallaughns Haven) to the west that you will want to use to get some nice food in you. Go southwest from there, past the big crater, to eventually run into the location for the cursed Phalaris, your prey for this sidequest. This thing is basically like a Kujata, if you’ve happened to have fought one of the wild ones or gotten to Hunter Rank 9 and finished that particular hunt. The Phalaris is level 85 and sports a lot of health (435,900), while being weak to only greatswords and strong against polearms, shields, fire, lightning and holy.

If you haven’t, these things are large and very slow, and quite powerful as you might’ve guessed. It’s very possible that one or two hits, depending on the move, could send you into Danger status. One of its more annoying moves is when it rolls to the side, as this particular one cannot be phased through, so you will need to either warp through it and not be on its side. There is one move where it will charge, prompting a block that leads to you jumping off its horn to deliver a counter. Since the beast is so slow, it’s easy enough to get behind to perform Blindside Links and don’t forget about using your Techniques.

Wondrous Weapon

Where When Reward
Lestallum Complete Cursed Legend 20,000 XP, Zwill Crossblades (daggers)

This is the final sidequest from Randolph and you are in for a treat, as the Naglfar you need to kill is level 120. That is not a typo and the enemy can be found on the outskirts of Fort Vaullerey, at night. It is the same as the Deathclaw you fought during Chapter 12 of the main story, so you should be familiar with its attacks, especially since it can be one of the more annoying enemy types in the game. Having a food buff that either increases HP and defense, should you want survivability, or one that boosts critical hit rate, for offensive purposes, is ideal here.

Naglfar is very strong and will pretty much one-hit KO anyone (left). Use Techniques to give your characters some moments of invincibility (right).

Ignis’ Enhancement technique is a good thing here, as is Prompto’s Piercer to drop the thing’s defenses and to round it out, Gladio’s Tempest just because it only uses one bar. Naglfar, as already mentioned, is level 120 and has a whopping total HP count of 875,700. It resists all of the physical weapons, but is weak to fire, lightning, ice and holy. That means you should prepare some Quintcast spells or if you have something like Zu Beaks, Limit Break versions. Also, Royal Arms do not count as physical and are their own thing, so you could always use those if you want.

If you opted for a critical food buff (the better of the two options), then you could use almost any weapon, although you might want to use something quick. Cast Enhancement three times to hopefully get all three elemental buffs on you, then start going to town on Naglfar, doing a hit and run strategy to avoid the massive area-of-effect attack that happens in melee range. You will likely spend a lot of time reviving/healing the others, due to Naglfar’s high offensive output.

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