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Final Fantasy XV

Meldacio Hunter HQ Hunts (1)

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Voltage Fluctuation

Level Target Habitat Reward
29 Thunderoc x9 Pallareth Pass (Daytime) 2 Stars, 4,650 Gil, Megalixir

The creatures for this hunt are located at Pallareth Pass, which is close to the Alpine Stable parking spot that is southeast of Meldacio HQ. If you haven’t encountered any by now, Thunderocs are flying birds that can be annoying, since they move around a lot and can be difficult to hit. That is the major problem with this hunt, especially since you have a total of nine Thunderocs to deal with before you’re finished. They are level 29 and weak to sword, polearms and fire, while being strong against lightning and holy.

Threat from the Thicket

Level Target Habitat Reward
33 Killer Wasp x7 The Vesperpool (Daytime) 3 Stars, 5,550 Gil, Mega Phoenix

The Killer Wasps, another equally as annoying enemy (maybe greater) as the Thunderocs, can be found in The Vesperpool area, so fast travel to the parking spot nearby. This is such a pain in the butt hunt, simply because Killer Wasps are one of the most troublesome enemies. Sometimes, they seem to just downright reject a warp-strike and they can also poison and confuse your entire party within seconds. They will also likely swarm some characters, bringing them down into Danger status fairly quick.

At level 33, they have quite a bit of health, a little too much, with around 64,000 HP each. Grabbing the 400 strength/2000 HP meal from Meldacio Hunter HQ before you set off on this hunt is a great idea. They are weak to polearms, daggers and ice, while being strong against lightning and holy. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed and using a lot of items, feel free to get some divine help should the opportunity arises. No one’s going to get mad at you for it.

Softly Now, Mighty Foes

Level Target Habitat Reward
35 Lich x3 Steyliff Grove (All Times) 3 Stars, 6,060 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires you to finish the Steyliff Grove dungeon . Despite the time shown for being active is All Times, the hunt is located inside of the actual dungeon and the doors only open at night, so you’ll need to wait if it’s daytime. Luckily, they aren’t that far into the dungeon and all you’ll need to do is beat up a few Skeletons to get to the hunt spot. You’ve encountered Liches inside of this very same dungeon when you were doing the main story, so they aren’t anything new to you.

These ones are level 35 and weak to swords, firearms, ice and holy, while being strong against only lightning. They have an annoying habit of “phasing” out to the point that you can’t lock-on to them, so you might have trouble focusing on a single Lich. In addition to that, they will spin around and release some kind of toxin that will damage you, should you happen to be standing inside of it. Also, they can toss their green flames outwards, which then explode, although it doesn’t seem like you can get hit by both attacks.

Steyliff Grove is only open at night, so you might have to wait around to gain access to the hunts inside.

Mission: Invincible

Level Target Habitat Reward
38 Black Flan x3 The Vesperpool (Nighttime) 3 Stars, 7,020 Gil, Mega Phoenix

You will find the Black Flans to be right outside of the entrance to Steyliff Grove. They are level 38 and have a whopping 91,000 HP, making them a lot more dangerous than their lesser counterparts. You will notice that they are strong against everything, except for holy, which is their only weakness, so you have to think about things a bit. They have most of the normal moves the other enemies in its family has, with one more. It will suck in air and if you reach its mouth, then you’ll be sucked in as well, with it dealing some damage so get to mashing if this happens. Utilize Linkstrikes, Blindside attacks and the old divide and conquer strategy to win.

Divine Beast of the Underworld

Level Target Habitat Reward
38 Quetzalcoatl x1 Steyliff Grove (All Times) 3 Stars, 7,110 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires you to finish the Steyliff Grove dungeon . As with the Lich hunt above, you are required to go inside of the dungeon in order to reach this hunt. However, the Quetzalcoatl is located in the very same spot where you fought it during the main story, so you’ll need to trek through the entire dungeon to get to it. The fight against it is pretty much the same as the story version, except it’s slightly stronger (level 38) and has more health (around 107,000). It is weak to polearms, daggers and ice, while being strong against lightning.

If you don’t remember, the main problem with this enemy is that it tends to fly around a lot and it also has a few area-of-effect attacks that might be hard to avoid, due to the somewhat small arena. Its electric attacks might leave you with a damage-over-time debuff, but it’s very miniscule and nothing to worry about. However, you will want to keep an eye out for when it’s charging up with electricity, as it can unleash an AoE on the ground and it will also shoot an electric ball at you while flying.

Hunter HQ Line of Defense

Level Target Habitat Reward
42 Mushmahhu x3, Mushussu x3 Risorath Basin (All Times) 3 Stars, 8,660 Gil, Ice Crest

You will find the enemies for this hunt to the southeast of The Myrlwood dungeon’s entrance. You’ve likely encountered the Mushussu enemies out in the wild around the Vesperpool area, so you should be familiar with their attacks, although you may kill them too quickly to see them. They are kind of snake-like in appearance, with a lot of fur or something similar, so they mostly slither around and use their tails to attack, one of their moves being blockable. The Mushmahhu are level 42, while the Mushussu are level 24. They both share the same weaknesses (polearms, shields and ice), and the same strengths (fire and holy).

Lovable Little Gluttons

Level Target Habitat Reward
44 Regaltrice x5 The Vesperpool (Daytime) 3 Stars, 8,980 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 5. Despite their cute and cuddly appearance, the Regaltrice can be quite savage. They are level 44 and are weak to daggers, firearms and lightning, while being strong against fire and holy. You will find them to the north of The Vesperpool parking spot, just northeast of the entrance to Steyliff Grove. They are quick with their attacks, and one of their moves can inflict confusion on your party members. Also, sometimes when you are knocked to the ground, the Regaltrice can jump up and down on top of your downed body, inflicting further damage. As the case with multiple enemy hunts, divide and conquer is the key strategy to use.

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