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Final Fantasy XV

The Errand Prince - Galdin Quay

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Shopping at Galdin Pier

Anyway, once you’re finished fooling around here, get in the Regalia and select the quest “The Errand Prince” as your driving destination from the Auto/Parking Lot list (you can’t manually drive for the time being). Along the way you’ll overhear some information about your bride-to-be on the radio, after which the banter breaks down into general banality. Upon arriving, it’s time to do some shopping, as there are a variety of merchants about, including the Galdin branch of Culless Munitions and Aldare’s general store, both of which largely sell items you’ve seen before, with a few exceptions.

Culless Munitions - Galdin

Item Name Price
Broadsword 150 Gil
War Sword 150 Gil
Javelin 150 Gil
Avengers 150 Gil
Cocytus 150 Gil
Bronze Bangle Soldier’s Anklet Potpourri 500 Gil 1,000 Gil 500 Gil

At Aldare’s store you can find some new ingredients, including Saxham Rice, Trevally Fillet and Trout Fillet. Buying a Trevally Fillet will inspire Ignis to concoct the “ Grilled Wild Trevally “ recipe, but it’s cheaper to go fishing rather than buying any of this. Speaking of which.

Aldare’s (Items)

Item Name Price
Potion 50 Gil
Hi-Potion 100 Gil
Hi-Elixir 800 Gil
Elixir 400 Gil
Phoenix Down 1,000 Gil
Antidote 10 Gil


Item Name Price
Gighee Ham 30 Gil
Luncheon Meat 100 Gil
Birdbeast Egg 20 Gil
Sheep Milk 10 Gil
Anak Meat 80 Gil
Duahlhorn Steak 160 Gil
Lucian Tomato 200 Gil
Wild Onion 100 Gil
Cleigne Wheat 100 Gil
Saxham Wheat 200 Gil
Trevally Fillet 100 Gil
Trout Fillet 240 Gil
Leiden Potato 40 Gil
Fungaur 80 Gil
Chocobean 100 Gil
Leiden Pepper 20 Gil
Sweet Pepper 50 Gil

Auto Parts

Item Name Price
The Beast 2,000 Gil
Racing Stripes IV 500 Gil
Racing Stripes V 500 Gil
Memories of FFV 100 Gil

On a dock west of the main pier you’ll find Bob’s Bait Emporium, which will sell basic fishing gear like Spider Silk, Super Baleen (superior fishing line) and a variety of new lures. Remember, some fish prefer different lures, so stock up on different types and indulge in some fishing, if you want, as there are new breeds of fish here. The most common fish here are Giant Trevally and Galdin Trevally , both of which will give you Trevally Fillets when caught, and you’ll need some for an upcoming side quest.

Let Ignis drive you to beautiful Galdin Quay, enjoying the sights along the way (left). Bob’s Bait Shop sells some improved fishing equipment (right).

Bob’s Bait Emporium

Item Name Price
Spider Silk 30 Gil
Super Baleen 100 Gil
Poppeck: Chocobo 50 Gil
Poppeck: White Chocobo 50 Gil
Poppeck: Red Chocobo 50 Gil
Sweet Jamming: Custard 50 Gil
Sweet Jamming: Flan 50 Gil
Sweet Jamming: Mousse 50 Gil
Bomber: Bomb 50 Gil
Bomber: Ice Bomb 50 Gil
Bomber: Thunder Bomb 50 Gil

The Quayside Resort

When you’re done shopping and fishing make your way back to the quay and head down the long curving dock, which ultimately terminates at a fancy resort. Before you can take in the sights, however, you’ll be interrupted by a “Suspicious Stranger”. You can tell he’s important because of how intricate his hair and clothes are - it’s basically a rule of Final Fantasy. Anyway, he’ll flick an “ Intricate Coin “ at Noctis, which Gladiolus bravely protects him from, then he’ll speak cryptically and tell you that the port is closed.

If you want to be ahead of the game, go fishing for some Trevally (left). On the pier you’ll find a Metal Scrap, which will be useful for a weapon upgrade later (right).

Before you go and investigate the port and verify the stranger’s claims, check out the “Mother of Pearl” restaurant here and do the usual tasks: “Talk” to learn about the surrounding area, “Eat” to peruse some terribly over-priced meals (the Sea’s Bounty Risotto will spur Ignis to create the “ Fisherman’s Favorite Paella “ recipe), then check out the new hunts, most of which are probably beyond your means right now:

Hunts - Mother of Pearl

Hunt Name Hunt Level Rank (Stars)
Peace to the Beach Level 11 **
The Gourmands of Vannath Level 17 **
Stealers of Lives Level 17 **
Footfalls in the Dark Level 20 **
A Nightmare Came by Ferry Level 28 **

While expensive, Ignis can learn some new recipes if you treat yourselves to a meal at the Mother of Pearl (left). Dino will tell you bad news about the ferry - and offer you an alternative if you agree to some quid pro quo (right).

If you head north from the circular desk housing the Mother of Pearl clerk you’ll find another worker at a more humble podium. He’s booking rooms at The Quayside Cradle , which boasts an impressive x2 multiplier for your experience, which is the second best in the game. You’ll pay dearly for it, though - 10,000 Gil a night. Head on down to the end of the docks, where the marker is, to finish the quest “The Errand Prince”.

Objective Reward
For reaching the ferry. EXP 50

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