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Final Fantasy XV

Longwythe Hunts

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Mineside Mischief Makers

Level Target Habitat Reward
7 Goblin (x7) The Callaegh Steps (Nighttime) 1 Star, 1,740 Gil, Hi-Elixir

Pick this quest up from the Crow’s Nest Diner in Longwythe, wait until night, then head south-east to the Emmelle Haven Campground. From there make your way south into the wilderness to find the Goblins you’re looking for in the hills west of Balouve Mines, south-west of the Balouve Mines Parking Spot. They’re a little bit tougher than normal Goblins, but so long as no Daemons show up, they shouldn’t be too much trouble. They are level 7 and are weak to polearms, daggers, fire and holy, while being resistant to ice.

The Hunter-Slaying Herd

Level Target Habitat Reward
8 Magnanir (x2), Mesmenir (x4) Longwythe Peak (Daytime) 1 Star, 1,830 Gil, Hi-Elixir

The targets for this quest are found prowling west of Longwythe Peak, and it should be readily apparent which beasts are which, as Magnanir are much larger than Mesmenir, and have correspondingly greater Hit Points to match their mass. Using magic to soften them up (and perhaps eliminate the Mesmenir) is a good idea. Magnanirs are level 8 and have the same weaknesses/strengths as the Mesmenir, so you should know what to use to quickly bring them down.

Squash the Squirmers

Level Target Habitat Reward
14 Flan (x5) Longwythe Peak (Nighttime) 2 Stars, 2,280 Gil, Hi-Elixir

Prepare ahead of time for this mission by having some potency 100 Fira/Thundara/Blizzara spells equipped and be ready to flee from any stronger Daemons that show up on your way to the objective. You’ll find your prey north of Longwythe Peak, just run over to the objective marker and they’ll spawn. If you’re planning on killing them with weapons, you’re going to have a bad time, as they’re resistant to physical damage. A blast from -ra tier magic should just about do it, however. If you feel overwhelmed because of their level, magic will even the playing field.

If you go to visit a nighttime hunt during the day, you’ll get a warning to come back at night.

Cranky Crustaceans

Level Target Habitat Reward
18 Shieldshears (x3) Longwythe Peak (All Times) 2 Stars, 3,160 Gil, Megalixir

Shieldshears are quite strong, defensively, so it might take some work to whittle down their massive HP. Note that their icons are red, instead of the usual yellow, indicating that they are stronger than normal hunts so far. You will find them on the eastern side of Longwythe Peak and be careful of any stray Dualhorns that may join the fight. They are level 18 and weak to polearms, firearms and ice, so making a 100 potency Blizzard might be a good idea to bust through their strong defenses; they are strong against fire and holy.

Sting in the Tail

Level Target Habitat Reward
25 Saphyrtail (x5) Longwythe Peak (All Times) 2 Stars, 3,720 Gil, Megalixir

Requires Hunter Rank 3. You will find the Saphyrtails on the eastern side of Longwythe Peak and they are simply stronger versions of the Reapertails from the beginning of the game. At level 25, they don’t have much in the way of health and they are weak to swords, greatswords and lightning, while being strong against ice and holy.

Beast over Brawn

Level Target Habitat Reward
27 Grandhorn (x2), Dualhorn (x3) The Weaverwilds (All Times) 2 Stars, 4,010 Gil, Megalixir

Requires Hunter Rank 3. Looking at the map, you see that the hunt is located north and very slightly east of Longwythe Peak. You might have some experience fighting Dualhorns out in the wild, and Grandhorns are nothing more than bigger and meatier versions of the former. Both share the same weaknesses (polearms, shields and fire) and the same strengths (ice and holy). It just may take a while to whittle down the Grandhorns, because of their increased level (27) and health.

In the Drylands, It Rains Spines

Level Target Habitat Reward
40 Gigantuar (x3) Longwythe Peak (Daytime) 3 Stars, 7,550 Gil, Rainbow Pendant

Requires Hunter Rank 5. Yes, it’s time to slice up some of the iconic cactus enemies of the series, only these are Gigantuars and not Cactuars. You can find them on the northern side of Longwythe Peak and boy, these things can certainly hurt, when they decide to sit still and inject you with a thousand needles. Yes, Gigantuars move around very quickly and only usually setting down to shoot you with needles that hit for 1,000 damage each. Even though they are level 40, they can put your entire party into Danger status within seconds. Luckily, they don’t seem to have very high defenses and only around 35k health. They are weak to greatswords and machinery, while being strong against fire and holy.

Gigantuars can be nasty with their needle attack (left). When you knock one down, take advantage and concentrate your attacks on it (right).

A Fistful of Gil

Level Target Habitat Reward
61 Yojimbo (x1) The Three Valleys (Nighttime) 4 Stars, 17,450 Gil, Anti-darkness Inners

Requires you to complete the Balouve Mines dungeon/sidequest . Unlike other dungeon bosses, you won’t find this target at the bottom of Balouve Mines. Instead, you’ll find him in the Three Valleys area and as typical nighttime hunts, he will show up when you reach the icon. The Yojimbo is your run-of-the-mill samurai enemy that you’ve likely faced a bunch of times throughout the game, offering nothing different than the others you have fought. Blocking and parrying his attacks are ideal, since most of them can be parried, but make sure you look out for his one AoE attack.

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