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Final Fantasy XV

Justice Monsters V

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Across Lucis, you’ll find Justice Monsters V machines in various diners (there are also a few in an underground diner in Altissia - but more on that later), a pinball-like game you can play.

The point of the game is simple, there are a variety of static monsters on the board, and you control a small ball-like monster that you can launch into the enemy. Press X/A to shoot your pinball-monster quickly, or hold X/A to charge up a more powerful attack. The enemy pieces, for their part, will shoot various elements in short-range cones or circular bursts, damaging your pinball-monster if it’s nearby during the attack. There’s no time limit, and you can’t be harmed (except in rare cases) while on the bottom of the screen (from which you launch your pinball-monster), so just time your attacks and try not to fall asleep.

Different enemies have different elements, and levels, doing more and/or taking less damage from your various pinball-monsters, depending on which one is used. Every few levels there are boss encounters, which includes one humanoid boss creature stronger than normal monsters. These boss monsters usually perform a circular attack, but can also shoot a beam towards the bottom of the screen when heavily injured. They also have a count-down for their attacks, helping you plan your own attacks better. Hit them in a specific spot (indicated by a reticle) and you’ll interrupt and delay their attack, as well as do increased damage. If a specific pin-ball monster of yours is taking damage, switch out to another one before it dies (R1 or L1, then Triangle/Y) and wait for health pickups to replenish depleted health.

Hit boss enemies in the area indicated by the reticle to stun them (left), be wary of their beam attack when they’re low on health, however (right).

For all the light RPG elements, killing monsters is just a way to advance through the game’s infinite levels. The real goal of Justice Monsters V is to hit bumpers, fill up lights on the background, and once fully lit up, you’ll get a prize. The prizes are random, depending on the results of a slot machine roll, but can include a technique recharge, (a special attack each pinball-monster has, which usually isn’t worth using), healing, increased score (useless), damage buffs, or treasure chests. The latter are what you’re playing for, as the number of chests you accrue during play determines the prize you’ll get when you lose (or, more likely, quit). You can get up to four slot rolls per level, and two chests on the slots will earn you two chests, three chests on the slots will earn you five chests.

There are two variants of Justice Monsters V, a 10 gil version (most machines are this version) or a rare 10,000 gil version (located in a diner near the Palsino Station in Altissia). You pay the stated sum of gil, and play the game - both versions have identical gameplay, but the prizes are vastly different. Naturally, you can expect the 10,000 gil version to give out much better rewards, but some of the accessories you can win in the 10 gil version are well worth getting, early in the game. As soon as you acquire the necessary amount of chests, you can just quit the game and get the prize you were shooting for.

Justice Monsters V (10 gil)

Chests Reward
2 Potion
5 Hi-Potion
10 Elixir
15 Hi-Elixir
20 Garnet Bracelet
25 Carbon Bangle
30 Amethyst Bracelet
35 Titanium Bangle
40 Mega Phoenix
45 Sapphire Bracelet
50 Gold Bangle
60 Oracle Earring
70 Ruby Bracelet
80 Platinum Bangle
90 Emerald Bracelet
99 Celestriad

Hitting bumbers will light up the backboard, eventually filling up and earning you a spin on a reward slot machine (left) collect treasure chests to earn valuable prizes (right).

Justice Monsters V (10,000 gil)

Chests Reward
5 Hi-Potion
10 Mega Phoenix
15 Ruby Bracelet
20 Platinum Bangle
25 Emerald Bracelet
30 Centurion Bangle
35 Mystic Circlet
40 Moogle Charm
45 Legatus Bangle
50 Blue Diamond Bracelet
60 Gigas Bangle
70 Assist Suit
80 Dark Matter Bracelet
90 Onion Bangle
99 Wind-up Lord Vexxos

Early on in the game, the 10 gil machine offers some nice accessories for your characters, especially if you like to grind for them. Emerald Bracelets, Platinum Bangles and Oracle Earrings are the ones you want to shoot for if you are going for any. The 10k machine, on the other hand, offers a greater value, once you get enough money to use it. The top prize, the Wind-up Lord Vexxos, is useful as a catalyst for crafting magic, as it makes Limit Break magic (more than 9,999 damage) and gives you a lot of uses for that spell. Also, should you not care about that, the Lord Vexxos sells for a whopping 500,000 gil. Other than that, Onion Bangles increase HP by a lot, Dark Matter Bracelets enhance your strength the best and Assist Suits increase more than a single stat.

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