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Final Fantasy XV

Taelpar Rest Area Hunts

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Horned Hunting Hazards

Level Target Habitat Reward
23 Dualhorn (x3) Secullam Pass (All Times) 2 Stars, 3,480 Gil, Megalixir

You will find this hunt just southwest of the treasure spot that’s southwest of the rest area. You’ll be fighting three Dualhorns here, which you should have plenty of practice with now, although these aren’t the normal level 12 versions, but rather level 23. They are weak to polearms, shields and fire, while being strong against ice and holy.

Hunters of Secullam Pass

Level Target Habitat Reward
34 Coeurl (x5) Secullam Pass (Daytime) 3 Stars, 5,600 Gil, Earth Pendant

If you’ve never run into a Coeurl before, you’re definitely in for a rude awakening, as five at once is an exhausting battle that will put your battle prowess to the limits. The reason that Coeurls are so dangerous is because their damage output is very high, plus they can be hard to pin down during actual combat, so you’ll be chasing them down a lot. One of their moves will have them floating their whiskers into the air a bit, then perform some kind of magic attack that deals over a thousand damage around it.

They also have a spinning attack that seems to hit twice, as well as other melee attacks. If you see the Coeurl laying on the ground, with its whiskers glowing, then it will counterattack with a move that could one-hit kill you, so leave it alone until it gets back into the fight on its own. All of them are level 34 and weak to swords, daggers and fire, while being strong against lightning and holy. If you do have access to things like Fira or Firaga, use those against the Coeurls to help thin the herd down a bit, preferably with Dualcast or higher.

Fighting 5 Coeurls at once is very challenging (left). Avoid hitting a Coeurl when it is resting on the ground (right).

Reclaiming Schier Heights

Level Target Habitat Reward
37 Redlegs (x3), Hundlegs (x5) Schier Heights (All Times) 3 Stars, 6,220 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 4 . You will find these creepy crawly centipede-like creatures just easy of the Daurell Spring fishing spot. The Hundlegs are only level 20, so they shouldn’t be a worry (weak to greatswords, machinery and ice; strong against lightning and holy), but the Redlegs are level 37, so they will be a bit more of a challenge. Luckily, neither have too much in the way of health. The Redlegs are weak to swords, greatswords and ice, while being strong against polearms, fire and holy.

A Roaring in the Night

Level Target Habitat Reward
37 Iron Giant (x2) Schier Heights (Nighttime) 3 Stars, 6,310 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 4 . Remember all of those Iron Giants you probably ran into while exploring at night? Good, because you’ll be facing not one, but two of them for this hunt. However, these will be slightly stronger than the normal ones, as they will be level 37 and have close to 100k health. They are found just east of the Daurell Spring fishing spot and you are definitely in for a tough battle. The reason they are challenging is because there’s two and the Iron Giants have a lot of wide swings, so playing defensively here is a good idea (they don’t disappear when daylight rolls around). They are weak to greatswords, shields and holy, while being strong against fire.

Old Denizens of the Woods

Level Target Habitat Reward
63 Elder Coeurl x3 Thommels Glade (Daytime) 4 Stars, 22,540 Gil, Fire Crest

Requires Hunter Rank 8 . Before setting off for this hunt, it’s a fantastic idea to go to Altissia and purchase the Fettini di Cernia meal from the Maagho bar, which is very useful for the instant death protection. Likewise, if you’ve already purchased this and gotten the recipe for Ignis, you can make a variation yourself, called Tide Grouper Carpaccio (both ingredients can be bought). The reasoning for this, as you might’ve guessed, is that the Coeurls have instant death attached to a couple of their moves.

Outside of the above, this is definitely one of the tougher hunts in the game, since Coeurls are quite a formidable foe. They are level 63, have 181,000 health, are weak to swords, daggers and fire, while being strong against both lightning and holy. There are two ways to do this hunt, with the easy way being to level up prior to it (somewhere around 75+) and wait for a summon prompt to appear. Depending on the summon used, it’s possible for them to kill the Elder Coeurls outright. The hard way involves actually fighting them, and there are a few things you can do to prepare for them.

Since they are weak to fire, create a couple of Quadcast/Quintcast Firagas. If you’ve acquired any limit break catalysts, use that to create Flare instead (like the Zu’s Beak). The main idea is to concentrate on a single Coeurl until they are dead and to watch out for when the Coeurl lays down on the ground, as that will guarantee an instant-death counter (unless you’re protected from it). Of course, when they are resting, they are also recovering their health, so use a Technique or fire spell to knock them out of it.

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