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Final Fantasy XV

Lestallum (Surgate's Beanmine) Hunts (1)

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Secure the Mountain Pass

Level Target Habitat Reward
12 Saberclaw (x9) Pallareth Pass (All Times) 2 Stars, 2,270 Gil, Hi-Elixir

The hunt location for this is south of the Alpine Stable parking spot, which is on the stretch of road to the north of the city of Lestallum. You shouldn’t have too much trouble, since you’ll be fighting Saberclaws here, enemies you’ve seen a hundred times by now. Despite that, there’s a total of nine of them and they are stronger versions, being level 12 and all, so take a little precaution.

Cool Callatein Mist

Level Target Habitat Reward
22 Ice Bomb (x5) Callatein’s Plunge (Nighttime) 2 Stars, 3,380 Gil, Megalixir

You will definitely want to drive to the location of this hunt, as it’s just southeast of the Greyshire Glacial Grotto dungeon entrance. Remember that these Bombs only spawn at night, since they are daemons. It’s in the same spot as the level 54 Midgardsomr, although luckily for you, that serpent isn’t there. Bombs are always dangerous enemies, as they can self-destruct, so if you see them getting bigger and bigger, then it’s best to run away from them to avoid taking heavy damage.

To Sting in Anger

Level Target Habitat Reward
22 Brutal Bee (x3), Killer Bee (x5) Coernix Bypass (All Times) 2 Stars, 3,390 Gil, Green Choker

Bees are one of the more annoying enemies, simply because they move around quickly and can be hard to hit, even with warp-strikes missing some of the times. You will find these enemies slightly northeast of the Coernix Bypass parking spot, which is southwest of Lestallum itself. The Brutal Bees are level 22, while the Killer Bees are level 10, both having the same weaknesses (swords, firearms and ice) and strengths (lightning and holy). The Killer Bees should be easy to take down, but you might want to utilize the block/parry chances to ground the Brutal Bees, where you can easily clip their wings for good.

To Catch a Frog

Level Target Habitat Reward
27 Hekatontoad (x2) Pallareth Pass (Daytime/Rainy) 2 Stars, 4,070 Gil, Megalixir

Requires Hunter Rank 3 . As the table above says, the weather needs to be rainy in order for this enemy to spawn (as well as daytime). Getting it to rain can be a bit tricky, but if you fast travel back and forth, you might trigger the weather to change. Once you do get it to rain, try not to fast travel, but either manually or have Ignis manually drive the car to the Alpine Stable parking spot, as this is very close to where you need to go for the hunt.

As for the Hekatontoads themselves, they are similar to the Gigantoads you may have encountered during rainy weather in the Duscae region. In fact, they are the same level as them, but they have a lot more HP. Despite that, they are just as easy as the Gigantoads, since they move rather slowly and their attacks are easy to both read and dodge. When you see them back away, get ready with the Square/X button, as they will do their tongue-lash attack. At level 27, they are weak to polearms, machinery and ice, while being strong against lightning and holy.

Waiting for the rain to come for the two toad hunts can be a long process, but at least they don’t despawn when the rain ends.

Long Necks on the Plains

Level Target Habitat Reward
28 Arba (x5) Kelbass Grasslands (Daytime) 2 Stars, 4,480 Gil, Megalixir

Requires Hunter Rank 3 . Arbas are similar to Anaks, as they are both giraffe-like creatures. You can find them to the northeast of the Aracheole Stronghold, which is the one you infiltrated during Chapter 5. They have around 60k health and are level 28, so you know what you are up against. There should be a tower nearby that you can use to point-warp to, allowing yourself a vantage point to oversee and warp-strike the Arbas. Remember to concentrate on one at a time to whittle down their numbers, since there are five.

They Came Back from the Mountain

Level Target Habitat Reward
30 Megaloclaw (x5) Coernix Bypass (All Times) 3 Stars, 4,890 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 4 . You can find the Megaloclaws around halfway between Lestallum and the Coernix Bypass parking spot, on the north side of the road. When you get there, you will notice that they are simply oversized Voretooths, so you should know how they fight. They are level 30 and weak to firearms, machinery and ice, while being strong against both fire and holy.

Rainstorm Duel! Poison Frog of Wennath

Level Target Habitat Reward
32 Gaiatoad (x1) Upper Wennath (Daytime/Rainy) 3 Stars, 5,350 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 4 . As with the Hekatontoad hunt, you need for it to be raining in order to have this hunt spawn. However, there is the Mynbrum Haven camping spot just south of where the hunt is located, which you can use to rest repeatedly in order to try and get it to rain. Other than some annoyance in trying to spawn the thing, the Gaiatoad isn’t all too impressive as an enemy, as it’s essentially nothing more than a bigger and slightly tougher version of the other toad you’ve fought. It is level 32, has around 72k health, and is weak to polearms, machinery, and ice, while being strong against lightning and holy.

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