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Final Fantasy XV

Cauthess Rest Area Hunts

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Hammer the Cannibals

Level Target Habitat Reward
38 Skarnbulette (x3), Bulette (x3) Kettier Highland (All Times) 3 Stars, 6,910 Gil, Mega Phoenix

If you head southeast from the Cauthess Rest Area, you will come to a large crater that has The Archaean’s Mirror fishing spot. From there, head northeast from there to come to another large crater, which is where you will find this hunt. You might have run into some Bulettes when out exploring Duscae, especially the western parts. They are armadillo-like creatures that have a hard shell on their back, and Skarnbulettes are larger versions of those. As with all hunts with a stronger version, both of these have the same weaknesses (shields, machinery, and ice) and the same strengths (fire and holy). Skarnbulettes will take longer to kill, since they are level 38, while Bulettes are only level 14.

Things from the Past

Level Target Habitat Reward
41 Necromancer (x3) The Fallgrove (Nighttime) 3 Stars, 8,080 Gil, Rune Earring

The location of this hunt will be just northeast of The Fallgrove parking spot, which is also close to the Costlemark Tower dungeon. It’s a pretty easy to spot location for the hunt, as it will be in the center of some ruins. This is a very challenging hunt, especially if you’re around the recommended level for it. The Necromancers will likely stay put in that circular ruined area, meaning the battlefield is a bit cramped.

Be wary that the Necromancers can grab you (left). Their beam attack can petrify your characters (right).

They have a few moves that can be very troublesome, including a laser that can inflict stone, so be ready with some Remedies. You will also likely fall from the Necromancers’ gas attack, which can instantly kill you, so staying close to them is not a bright idea. They can also grab you, siphoning your health away until you break free, as well as summon Skeletons, who are level 21 and more of an annoyance than anything else.

Baby Snatchers

Level Target Habitat Reward
44 Bussemand x3, Hobgoblin x5 Saxham Outpost (Nighttime) 3 Stars, 8,890 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 5 . West and a little north of the outpost is Saxham Outpost marked on your map (it’s not really an outpost like the normal ones in the game), which is where you will find this hunt. You’ve likely fought some Hobgoblins before, and Bussemands are nothing but stronger versions of the above. Neither of them are anything special and you shouldn’t really have a troubling time with them. The Hobgoblins are level 20 and the Bussemands are level 44, with them both sharing the same weaknesses (greatswords, machinery, fire and holy) and strengths (holy).

A Daemonic Orchestra

Level Target Habitat Reward
52 Ereshkigal x7 Kelbass Grasslands (Nighttime) 4 Stars, 14,800 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 7 . Start out by fast travelling to the Coernix Station - Cauthess outpost and running northwest from there to eventually find the spot for this hunt. Additionally, you can go to the Taelpar Crag parking spot and follow the road to the south and once it starts going east, run south from there to find the hunt. Despite the level of the hunt itself, the Ereshkigal are only level 39 and weak to swords, shields, fire and holy, while being strong against only lightning.

Despite them being in the same class as the Imps you’ve previously fought, the level and number of them can make for a challenging fight, especially since they are quick and can attack unrelentingly, putting you in Danger in a matter of seconds. Since they are weak to fire, you can ready a Firaga (preferably Tri/Quadcast) and as soon as they appear, unleash hellfire upon them to hopefully thin out the herd or reduce their HP by a good bit. The other strategy to use is to just hold Square/X and bait out their blockable attacks, then parry them.

Cruel Giants of Duscae

Level Target Habitat Reward
65 Ganymede (x3) Kettier Highland (Nighttime) 4 Stars, 23,730 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 8 . The location of this hunt is northwest of The Fallgrove parking spot, inside of a crater. These are basically stronger Iron Giants and this can definitely be a challenging battle, especially if they do that annoying black hole-like maneuver that sucks you into them. Also, their attacks are wide and can attack a large area, so you’ll need to dodge a lot if you don’t want to keep using items. Concentrate on one at a time and should you get a summon prompt, feel free to use it to whittle down their ~83,000 HP (weak to greatswords, shields and holy, while strong against fire).

Devils Cry Curses

Level Target Habitat Reward
72 Molokujata (x1) The Mencemoor (All Times) 5 Stars, 35,940 Gil, Black Choker

Requires Hunter Rank 9 . The Molokujata is found on the western side of the Disc in Duscae and if you’re never fought a Kujata before, then they are fairly easy, albeit quite strong. You want to be extremely careful fighting it, as you cannot dodge its one move where it rolls along the ground by simply holding Square/X (dodge by warping away from it). It has around 230,000 health, so it will be a while before you fell the beast, and is weak to greatswords, shields, machinery and fire, while being resistant to ice and holy. Since it is pretty slow, you could try to get behind it for Blindside attacks and Links.

The monster’s rolling attack can only be dodged by warping away (left). Parry its charging attack to give way to a counter (right).

Fiend of the Fallgrove

Level Target Habitat Reward
66 Jabberwock (x1) Costlemark Tower (All Times) 4 Stars, 24,020 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires you to complete the Costlemark Tower dungeon/sidequest . You have to return to the same room in which you fought the Jabberwock when going through Costlemark Tower to fight it once more. The toughest part about this battle is getting to Jabberwock, although the dragon does have the ability to petrify your characters. It does have a slightly higher level than its normal counterpart, meaning it will be a bit strong, but it does have the same weaknesses and strengths (use ice, polearms and machinery for more damage, but don’t use fire).

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