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Final Fantasy XV

The Archaean

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

With a simple request Ardyn opens the doors for you, but decides he’s helped out enough and leaves the task of meeting the Archean to you. When you came here earlier (presumably during the quest “Pilgrimage”), wasn’t the area overrun with imperials? Oh well, that fact doesn’t seem to bother the party, so ignore all of the obvious questions they should be asking and reservations they should have and just drive on in, taking the Regalia down a somewhat less-than-ideal road until you reach a dead-end. At least, a dead-end for the Regalia. You’ll have to get out and go on foot.

Exit the Regalia and head west until you find a narrow passage to the north, in front of which is a Hi-Elixir . Grab it and follow the linear path beyond until you come to a ruined shrine overlooking the meteor, where you’ll find a sarcophagus - and another Royal Arm. Head over to the exposed sarcophagus and claim the Blade of the Mystic .

Approach the tomb and collect the Blade of the Mystic (left) after which you’ll get a nice friendly hello from The Archaean himself (right).

Of course, things aren’t going to be that easy, as the ground collapses underneath you, tossing you down below and almost off a cliff, but you’re saved by Gladiolus at the last minute. Mash the Circle/B button to get back to safety, then watch as the Archaean reveals himself - and he doesn’t look happy to see you. Then again, having a giant boulder on one’s back and meteor-spikes in one’s eye would put anybody in a foul mood.

Unfortunately Noctis and Gladiolus are on their own for now, so head east, past a fire elemental deposit, and listen to some banter between the two. The game will tell you about the dangers of fire (turns out it hurts, who knew?). Further on the path will open up a bit and you’ll encounter some low-flying Dynoaevis enemies, which are similar to the Daggerquills you’ve encountered earlier. They should be relatively easy to defeat, so clip their wings and when the path is clear note that you can turn north to find three more elemental deposits - two fire elemental deposits and one lightning elemental deposit.

Gather what energy you need, then continue past where you fought the Dynoaevis enemies, making your way north-east and scouring a loot spot for some Sharp Tail Feathers . Turn north and make your way west past another fire elemental deposit, then drop down a ledge and when Gladiolus calls out to you, follow him north and sidle across a narrow ledge.

As usual, things don’t go too smoothly, as Titan decides to say hello… with his sky-scraper sized hand. Just move as fast as you can and at the end, you’ll be thrown to a ledge by Gladio, with him following shortly. Pick up the Mega Phoenix and replenish your lightning energy, should you need to, and pick up the Megalixir by the fire deposit. Experienced gamers would be wise to be wary when games start handing out healing items, as trouble usually follows. Continue north and slide under a rocky outcropping, after which Noctis whines some more, and Gladiolus finally confronts him about his attitude. If you respond to him by saying “Yes” your Strength score will be increased by 50%, while if you say “Sort of” your Vitality will be boosted by 50%, instead.

Stay out of the flames as much as you can (left) or your characters will lose HP. A bit further along, answer “Yes” to Gladiolus to get a Strength boost (right) or “Sort of” to get a Vitality boost.

Not long after that, you’ll receive a call from Ignis, who in a heap of static warns Noctis that he’ll be having some Imperial company soon. Wonderful. Continue south-west on the trail - snagging the Mega-Potion just past the fire elemental deposit - until you get to an open area, where you’ll spot some Magitek Swordsmen (and a Sniper) chilling and waiting for you. If you haven’t encountered them before, they are weak to polearms, daggers and lightning. It shouldn’t prove too difficult to take them down and once you do, this story quest will end and the next will begin.

Objective Reward
For reaching the Archean EXP 2,000


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