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Final Fantasy XV

All Set to Set Sail (Part 2)

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Malmalam Thicket

Return to the Regalia and the game will prompt you to have Ignis continue driving towards Cape Caem. You can either accept and continue on, or decline and go about without the Regalia. That being the case, continue your road trip, during which Gladiolus will day dream about Aranea Highwind. After a while more chatter will ensue and you’ll be prompted to go explore the Malmalam Thicket, a dungeon along the south-western end of Cleigne. Accept to start the ques t “Malmalam Thicket” , which the stated goal of clearing out the monsters within. This will also compel Ignis to drive you down to the Telghey Haven Campground, if you haven’t discovered it already. Despite the game leading you to this side quest and the fact that you have Iris with you to lend a hand, it’s a level thirty-five quest, and the monsters within can be quite nasty, so there’s no need to rush in there yet. Don’t worry, like with the Ravatogh Dungeon, you’ll come back here later.

Alas, Poor Hunter…

There is one thing you can do while you’re stopped here (besides discovering the Telghey Haven Campground, which will make returning here later somewhat easier). From the Telghey Haven Campground head south and you’ll hear the familiar sounds of an incompetent hunter whining for aid. You’ll find this huntress south-east of the search area icon, near some rocks, just east and slightly north of The Maidenwater Fishing Spot. You know the drill, offer up a Potion and you’ll get a quest reward.

Objective Reward
For providing a Potion to a person in need EXP 500 / 1,500 Gil

Leirity Seaside Parking Spot

Anyways, discover the Telghey Haven Campground, then get back in the Regalia and continue your journey towards Cape Caem. After a bit of driving you’ll be offered a chance to stop for a break at the Leirity Seaside Parking Spot. Even though though you don’t have to stop here, if you do you’ll be able to plunder a loot spot (Silver Bangle) which is south-east of where you park. Stop, loot, then get back in the car and keep going to Cape Caem.

Set out on the road again (left) and when asked, take in the sights at the various pit stops along the way (right).

Spelcray Haven Campground

Progress ever onwards towards Cape Caem and the party will comment on the scenery and infrastructure as you go along. Eventually Iris will once again complicate matters by stating her desire to get out and mess around, this time near the Spelcray Haven Campground. Consent, abandon the Regalia and go down the stairs, being mindful of the Seadevils that lurk near the shore.

It’s not an entirely lackluster endeavor, as you can scour some Food Spots for some ingredients, including Cleigne Mollusks and Cleigne Darkshells , the latter of which will give you a new recipe “Darkshells Marinieres”. You can also find the Caem Shore Fishing Spot is here, but be warned, big fish swim here. Having an upgraded rod and reel and at least some Super Baleen line. If you’re up to the challenge, though, catching some Tide Grouper will inspire Ignis to concoct the “Fried Tide Grouper” recipe, while the more common Dark Allural Sea Bass will yield some Sea Bass Fillet, which is a component in the “Anointed Allural Sea Bass” recipe. At the very least this is a good spot to explore, get on your map, then come back to later when your fishing kit is better… if that’s an issue for you.

Cape Caem

Thankfully, the rest of the journey to Cape Caem will be free of interruptions, and when you get there you’ll see the familiar red truck marking a JM Market. Check out the shop for some highly expensive items, including some “Luxury Cat Food” that costs 20,000 Gil! This, of course, can only mean one thing, but you need not bother with such an absurd purchase just yet. On the other hand the “Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 4” book will teach Ignis the “Karlabos Cream Croquettes” recipe, so you might want to think about purchasing that.

JM Market - Caem (Items)

Items Price
Potion 50 Gil
Hi-Potion 100 Gil
Elixir 400 Gil
Hi-Elixir 800 Gil
Phoenix Down 1,000 Gil
Antidote 10 Gil
Gold Needle 50 Gil
Smelling Salts 50 Gil
Maiden’s Kiss 100 Gil
Power EX 500 Gil
Mettle VX 500 Gil
Spirit VX 500 Gil
Verve WX 500 Gil

JM Market - Caem (Ingredients)

Item Price
Shieldshears Claw 180 Gil
Karlabos Claw 1,800 Gil
Trevally Fillet 100 Gil
Trout Fillet 240 Gil
Barrumdi Fillet 300 Gil
Tide Grouper Fillet 3,000 Gil
Cleigne Darkshell 440 Gil
Caem Pinkshrimp 150 Gil
Cleigne Mollusk 200 Gil
Cleigne Wheat 100 Gil
Fine Cleigne Wheat 980 Gil
Saxham Rice 200 Gil

JM Market - Caem (Leisure Goods)

Item Price
Spider Silk 30 Gil
Super Baleen 100 Gil
Deadly Waters: Sahagin 200 Gil
Deadly Waters: Coraldevil 200 Gil
Deadly Waters: Seadevil 200 Gil

JM Market - Caem (Key Items)

Item Price
Luxury Cat Food 20,000 Gil
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 4 1,000 Gil

After you’re done shopping, head south into the wilderness to find a dirt trail. Follow the trail to the marker, where you’ll find Cindy waiting for you. Talk to her and agree to part ways with Iris, then follow Cindy uphill to a lighthouse, while she talks about what needs to be done to finally secure you a boat with which you can reach Altissia. Good news - Cid is on the case and dedicated to getting you an operational vessel. Bad news, there are sill some components missing, which you’ll have to help fetch… in particular, they’re in need some some Mythril.

Once Cindy stops moving, talk to her and Talcott will shout out to you. Run west over to his house, but ignore Talcott for a moment, as it’s worth checking out the inside of the house and the surrounding area, first. Head inside the house and go up the southern flight of stairs to find a loot spot (Regalia Crest) on the ground near a green door, the latter of which you can interact with to rest (albeit with no experience multiplier). A somewhat more lucrative loot spot (Magic Flask) can be found on the ground floor, near the fridge.

Leave the house and head north to find a well, on which you’ll find a Glass Gemstone , should you still require one. Once done, return back east to find the trail leading south up to the lighthouse. Head north back down the trail instead and keep your eyes peeled for a sign, which is south-east of the road. When you find it, examine it and Ignis will learn the “Golden Egg Galette” recipe. Return back south up the trail and when the path forks (the western branch leading to the house) continue north, but keep your eyes turned to the east to find a grave for Jared, just beyond where some railing ends. Inspect the morbid reminder of mortality to receive a Crownsguard decal set for the Regalia.

Pick up the Glass Gemstone at the well (left) before speaking with Iris. Gladio will set off alone and you can respond however you wish (right).

Now that you’re done plundering return to the house and talk to Talcott, who will tell you about some ruins north of “the waterfall”, where some Mythril can be found. Next talk to Iris and she’ll give you better directions, and some intel. Looks like you’re heading to the Vesperpool, in the north-eastern most reaches of Cleigne, an area under imperial lockdown.

If you agree to continue, you won’t be able to come back here for some time. Seriously, this time. Also, Gladiolus will leave the party for now, dropping you down to three members. If you have any equipment you want that’s equipped to him, take it off before talking to Iris. When Gladiolus announces his intentions, you’ll get three dialogue options that, of course, have no bearing on the story, but get you varying experience or AP rewards: respond with “Let him go” to get 600 experience, picking “Ask for how long” will get you 2 AP, while the option “Defer to Ignis” will earn Ignis 1,500 experience.

Objective Reward
For driving Iris to Cape Caem EXP 1,000
Trophy/Achievement Icon

A Way Forward

Completed Chapter 6.

Trophy icon

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