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Final Fantasy XV

Stranded Motorists

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

You may happen to come across some poor souls that have broken down on the side of the road during your adventures. Talking to them will start up a new sidequest, where your only objective is to return to them with a Repair Kit. These items can be bought at a couple of merchants in the game, but if you wait until Chapter 3, you will be able to purchase them from your own Regalia’s shop. They cost 100 gil each and there’s a total of 30 Broken Down Car quests in the game, 10 in each region (Leide, Duscae and Cleigne).

The majority of the people in trouble are found along the roads, which are marked in green and yellow on your map, and can be found during both the day and night. A lot of them have prerequisites, usually completing a previous Broken Down Car quest, but some aren’t available until later chapters of the main story. By the time you reach Chapter 9, all of the following quests will be unlocked for you.

Leide Broken Down Cars

Quest Location Reward
Highway Helper South of Formouth Garrison, next to main road EXP 300 / 500 gil
Stranded on the Sand Complete Highway Helper. North of Pallebram Haven, near some large rocks. EXP 500 / 900 gil
Roadside Assistance Complete Stranded on the Sand. West and slightly south, along main road and past dirt road, of Fayemoor Haven (a little past small water tower) EXP 500 / 900 gil
Automotive Agitation Complete Stranded on the Sand. Abandoned Barn parking spot west of Pallebram Haven. EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil
Broken Down Located along main road west of Balouve Mines parking spot. EXP 300 / 500 gil
Car-Mic Retribution Complete Broken Down. A little south of Broken Down, right where the Balouve Mines road reconnects with main road. EXP 500 / 1,500 gil
Waiting for Help Complete Car-Mic Retribution. At intersection north of Galdin Quay, in the little parking area. EXP 350 / 900 gil
Unlucky Driver Below the “ak” of Longwythe Peak text on the map EXP 300 / 500 gil
One Tune-up Too Many Complete Unlucky Driver. At The Three Valleys parking spot, which is north of the previous quest. EXP 350 / 900 gil
Careless in a Car Complete Unlucky Driver. Along main road in between Palmaugh and Brackham Havens east of Hammerhead; underneath some yellow pipes. EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil

Find people with broken down cars (left) to have to deliver a repair kit to them (right).

Duscae Broken Down Cars

Quest Location Reward
New to the Road South of Coernix Station - Cauthess is an intersection and south of that is a silo. The motorist is next to the silo. EXP 350 / 900 gil
I’m Late! Complete New to the Road. South of Coernix Station - Cauthess is an intersection, so take the road going east until you spot a farm off the road. The motorist is by the farm. EXP 500 / 1,500 gil
Shoulda Been Serviced West of the Lestallum Blockade parking spot. EXP 350 / 900 gil
That Brand-New Car Smell Complete Shoulda Been Serviced. At Roadside Scrapyard parking spot. EXP 350 / 900 gil
Tune-Up Shmune-Up Complete Shoulda Been Serviced. South of the Secullam Pass parking spot is a three-way intersection. The motorist is slightly west of this intersection. EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil
The Jolly Joyrider At Secullam Pass parking spot. EXP 350 / 900 gil
The Perpetual Passenger Complete The Jolly Joyrider. Found at the intersection just south of the Old Holty Ranch parking spot. EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil
Through a Rose-Tinted Windshield Complete The Perpetual Passenger. From the Kettier Highland parking spot, follow the road northeast until you happen upon a farm on the right side of the road, which is where you will find the motorist. EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil
Hurrying Home Complete Through a Rose-Tinted Windshield. Take the road going northwest at the intersection near The Fallgrove parking spot and stop when you see the connecting point with the dirt road. The motorist is south of that little intersection there, near some bushes. EXP 500 / 1,500 gil
Wild Beasts on the Open Road From The Nebulawood parking spot, go north and you should see the motorist on the left side (red car) as you start going northwest. EXP 500 / 1,500 gil

The majority of the cars are found alongside the road (left). At night, you can see the headlights of the vehicle in need of repair (right).

Cleigne Broken Down Cars

Quest Location Reward
Dude, Where’s My Car? Behind the buildings just north of the Alpine Stable parking spot. EXP 800 / 2,500 gil
Keep Calm and Keep Driving Complete Dude, Where’s My Car? East of The Vesperpool parking spot is a tunnel (blue) on your map. As soon as you exit out the western end, take the dirt path going north and you’ll run into the motorist on your western side. EXP 800 / 2,500 gil
Big Head Behind the Wheel There is a building slightly southwest of the Tollhends Stronghold parking spot. The motorist will be right there. EXP 400 / 1,500 gil
Oh My Grease-Monkey Goddess! Complete Big Head Behind the Wheel. Right next to the Coernix Bypass parking spot. EXP 400 / 1,500 gil
Vehicle Vexation Just south of the Wennath Delta parking spot. EXP 400 / 1,500 gil
A Driver in Despair Complete Vehicle Vexation. East of Dainse Haven (north of Fort Vaullerey) is a small water tower. Just north of that water tower is the motorist. EXP 400 / 1,500 gil
My Beloved Chariot From the Ravatoghan Trail parking spot, follow the road to the north and you’ll spot the motorist on the right side of the road. EXP 400 / 1,500 gil
A Manic Motorist Complete My Beloved Chariot. At the Ravatoghan Trail parking spot. EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil
Alone on the Road Complete My Beloved Chariot. Not that far south of The Rock of Ravatogh parking spot. EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil
Pedal to the Metal Complete A Manic Motorist. Northeast of the Malmalam Thicket parking spot is where the dirt road connects to the main road. The motorist is right there. EXP 1,500 / 6,000 gil


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