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Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Magic in Final Fantasy XV works a little bit differently than in previous titles, as you have to create it yourself that you can extract from elemental deposits scattered throughout the game’s world. When these are found, they will be marked on your map, and you can almost always find some around the camping spots out in the wild. In order to create a spell, absorb the energy you find at deposits and then go into Elemancy via the in-game main menu.

To make a spell, you will need an empty Magic Flask, which you will acquire as you progress through the main story, although some are found elsewhere outside of the main story. Once you have found one, select it in Elemancy and you can start putting in elemental energy you have absorbed. Adjust the amount of energy by using L1/R1 or LB/RB, which increases the potency (or the power) of the spell. Potency also affects the tier of the spell, with those thresholds being 100 (Fira/Thundara/Blizzara) and 200 (Firaga/Thundaga/Blizzaga) respectively.

Another thing you will notice is that you only have a limit amount of uses for a spell, after which, you will need to create more. That’s where catalysts come into play, which is the bottom circle when you are adding energy to the spell. You will be able to add an item to the spell, granting is various effects, such as being healed when you cast or inflicting poison on the enemy. The level of the effect of the catalyst can be increased by increasing the number of that item, but you cannot put more than one kind of item into the spell. An example is that you can use 5 Antidotes, but not an Antidote and another Venomcast item.

You need to draw magic from deposits first (left). Adding catalysts will add modifiers to spells (right).

Normally, the ratio of potency to the energy you add is one-to-one, but this can be increased by purchasing upgrades in the Magic nexus of the Ascension menu. Likewise, you only have three castings of a spell whenever you don’t add any catalysts that might add more usages. As with potency, though, there are upgrades on the Magic nexus that can increase the number of uses, although they are very expensive. Once you use up all of the magic for a particular Magic Flask, you will need to create a new spell.


Modifier Description Good Catalysts
Healcast Heals caster (similar to an Elixir) Potion, Hi-Potion
Venomcast Inflicts Poison on target Antidote
Failcast Has a chance for the spell to not work --
Blastcast Hurts caster as well --
Stopcast Inflicts Stop on target --
Cursecast Strength debuff --
Killcast Can instantly KO the target --
Modifier Description Good Catalysts
Powercast Increased intensity --
Freecast Has a chance to not use up a spell Beautiful Bottle
Expericast Grants experience when casting spell Rare Coin, Debased items
Dualcast Casts the spell twice Sheep Milk
Tricast Casts the spell three times Schier Tumeric
Quadcast Casts the spell four times Beetle Shell, Mythril Shaft, Kettier Ginger, Allural Shallot
Quintcast Casts the spell five times Magitek Booster, Reflex Enhancer
Limit Break Breaks the 9,999 damage limit Adamantoise Meat, Adamantite, Zu Beak, Wind-Up Lord Vexxos

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