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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Recolliger's Plot Safe Puzzle

Craig Robinson

Recolliger’s Plot is the name of a wrecked Voidship floating around the Adermatt II system. While the area has a few treasures to loot, the main prize on the ship is the mysterious safe. Opening the Safe on Recolligar’s Plot requires completing a puzzle, so, bring "Pasqal" iconPasqal and let the Tech-priest work his magic. Here’s what you need to do to complete the Recolliger Plot Safe Puzzle in Rogue Trader.

How to Open Recolliger’s Plot’s Safe in Rogue Trader

To open the Safe in Recolliger’s Plot, you need two companions with high Tech Use and/or Awareness checks. Your most likely candidates are "Argenta" iconArgenta and Pasqal, but "Jae Heydari" iconJae Heydari and "Yrliet Lanavyss" iconYrliet Lanavyss are also decent characters for that role too.

(1 of 5) Start the puzzle by doing the Awareness test on the main bench.

So, to start and complete the puzzle, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Do the Imperial Lore check on the Safe to find it is locked.
  2. Visit the trash heap on the large central bench. There will be an awareness check on the side of the table closest to the stairs at the back of your ship.
  3. Another Awareness check on the pile of trash to the left side of the main room if you have your camera facing opposite the main staircase.
  4. This awareness check allows you to do a Tech Use check on the light on the upper left side of a smaller set of stairs near Reta.
  5. Go down the main stairs to your shuttle and use the Tech Use on the central PC near the dock.
  6. Have your camera face the main room from the shuttle, go all the way to the right, and use the Tech Use and Logic !tests on the terminal.
  7. Return to the Safe and open it.

Inside the Recolliger’s Plot Safe, you’ll find three items to loot:

  • "Cameleoline Cloak" iconCameleoline Cloak - Grants 10% dodge chance to the cape slot. It is great for an Assassin’s Lethality or more survivability against ranged attacks.
  • "Fractal Blade" iconFractal Blade - 12-22 one-handed melee weapon with Aeldari Proficiency. It grants a 25% bonus to parry for those who can wield it. It’s one of the best parry swords in the game for your swashbuckling One-Handed melee fighters like Jae or "Marazhai" iconMarazhai if you intend on using them.
  • A couple of fire grenades, which are nice but nothing too spicy.

With that done, you’ve completed yet another puzzle. If you’re looking for more puzzles and glorious rewards, why not check out the Unidentified Ruins Light Puzzle for some good Psyker and Aeldari gear?

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