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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Kasballica Reputation & Rewards Guide - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

The Kasballica is a band of cold traders operating in the Koronus Expanse, where players can engage with the outlawed trade of Xeno Artifacts and grab some very peculiar items. For the most part, the Kasballica is arguably one of the worst traders in the game, with a large source of xeno items often found in late Chapter 2 and 3 missions, maps, and quests. Even its highest ranking weapon reward is looted from a few enemies towards the end of Chapter 3.

Saying that, there are a few exclusive items you can grab from the trader that offer some interesting accessories to start speccing out your Xenos companions in the game, among a few other clutch items. If you’re in the cold market for improving your team through the odd item, then here is a closer look at the rewards and rep grinds for Kasballica in Rogue Trader.

Kasballica Rewards in Rogue Trader

Kasballica Traders in Rogue Trader offer players plenty of dirty weaponry and Xeno and Psyker artifacts that normally good Imperium members would not dare serve. Handy for certain builds and playstyles.

Before deciding if you want to invest cargo and other item dumps into the Kasballica, make sure you look through their rewards first and look for key items you need for your build. There simply aren’t enough resources to ship cargo to max out all factions in the game. We highly suggest looking for some key items among the list and determining if they are more important than other higher rep requirement items from the Drussians, Explorers, and the Fellowship of the Void. You can find Kasballica in Footfall by speaking to the liege or speaking to Janris Danrock on your Void Ship, selecting the cargo option, and checking out the Kasballica faction.

One of the higher profile items in our opinion is the Anatomist’s Amulet, perfect for DoT builds and only requires rank 4. There are also a few interesting Psyker items here too, like the Psyker’s Breastplate, one of the only Psyker heavy armor pieces we’ve seen in the game. There’s also a nice Navigator staff called the "Warp Guide Staff" iconWarp Guide Staff alongside a Vortex Pendant for support casters builds. Other than that, we recognize quite a few items here from Chapters 2 and 3, so a lot of the early rep stuff simply isn’t worth investing in, and neither is its final rank reward.

Item Name Rep Level Profit Factor
Furore 0 14
[Orthlack-Pattern] "Stub Revolver" iconStub Revolver 0 12
Medikit 0 16
"Telekineticist's Staff" iconTelekineticist’s Staff 0 20
"Aeldari Plasma Grenade" iconAeldari Plasma Grenade 0 24
"Drukhari Klaive" iconDrukhari Klaive 0 42
"Commissar" iconCommissar Boots 0 50
"Peripheral Visor" iconPeripheral Visor 0 58
[Medoa-Pattern] "Sniper Rifle" iconSniper Rifle 0 66
Mindscrambler Grenade 1 18
"Bladed Boots" iconBladed Boots 1 20
"Telepath's Staff" iconTelepath’s Staff 1 20
"Precise Bolter" iconPrecise Bolter 2 42
Large Medikit 2 46
Torment Bracelets 3 50
Anatomist’s Amulet 4 58
Outcast’s Visor 5 66
"Fusion Gun" iconFusion Gun 5 38
Kasrkin Gauntlets 6 46
Psyker’s Breastplate 7 62
"Calibrated Heavy Stubber" iconCalibrated Heavy Stubber 7 35
Self-Calibrating Goggles 8 43
"Warp Guide Staff" iconWarp Guide Staff 8 38
"Storm Bolter" iconStorm Bolter 9 59
Vortex Pendant 10 67
Heavy Xenomesh 11 55
"[Mezoa-Pattern] Hexrifle" icon[Mezoa-Pattern] Hexrifle 12 56
"Bane of Sorrow" iconBane of Sorrow 14 62
Warp Surge Brooch 15 70
"Red Crystal Staff" iconRed Crystal Staff 16 70
[Mezoa-Pattern] "Astartes Bolt Pistol" iconAstartes Bolt Pistol 17 74
Advanced Medikit 18 78
Stalking Boots 18 78
Antitoxin 18 78
Abyssal Conduit 19 82
Laughing God’s Pendant 20 82
"Breath of Purgation" iconBreath of Purgation 20 86
[Black Heart Kabal Origin] Kabalite Armour 20 86
Slayer’s Delight 21 90
Flash 22 94
Inquisitor’s Badge of Office 22 94
Helliarch’s Gloves 23 98
Battle Stimulator Medikit 23 98
[Ryza-Pattern] "Astartes Chainsword" iconAstartes Chainsword 24 102
Saboteur’s Helmet 24 102
Toxin Grenade 25 106
Death Dealer Gloves 25 106
Implacable Tempest 26 110
["Fortress World" iconFortress World Origin] Chaos Light "Enforcer Carapace" iconEnforcer Carapace 26 110
Deadly Dancer Boots 27 118
"Staff of Shock and Awe" iconStaff of Shock and Awe 28 118
Shadowguide Cloak 29 126
Armour-Piercing Ammo 30 126
"Dark Lance" iconDark Lance 31 140

How to Increase Reputation with Kasballica in Rogue Trader

(1 of 2) Tier V projects offer the most rep, but lock you from other high-rep projects with other major factions.

Tier V projects offer the most rep, but lock you from other high-rep projects with other major factions. (left), Completing colony projects can award reputation with specific factions. Kasballica has a few of these projects. (right)

The Kasballica, like all other factions, will require you to trade cargo as the largest contributor to earning trader reputation. The priority of cargo that the Kasballica will accept is as follows:

  • Heretic Trophies - 500 RP
  • Xeno-Artefacts - 500 RP
  • Jewellery - 300 RP
  • Mechanicus Creations - 200 RP
  • Uniform Kit - 150 RP
  • "Provisions" iconProvisions - 100 RP
  • "Melee" iconMelee Weaponry - 100
  • Ranged Weaponry - 100 RP
  • Miscellaneous - 50 RP

For the most part, trade these cargo items to them. It’s worth noting not all items that are cargo by default are stored as cargo, so you may have some strange items in your inventory that need converting into Cargo. Remember that one 100% cargo slot is required to be sold to a trader.

On the other hand, you can increase your Kasballica reputation by doing other tasks. There are quite a few colony projects that award rep for Kassy-b. Which are:

  1. "Rose of Zamarkand" iconRose of Zamarkand project on Janus awards 3500 RP
  2. "Kasballican Auction" iconKasballican Auction project on Dargonus awards 3500 RP
  3. "Librarium" iconLibrarium on Dargonus awards 20000 RP

Note that some of the projects, like the Librarium will block other projects that grant rep to other factions on Dargonus. So, it is another situation where you need to choose carefully what projects you wish to do.

If you want a quick 2000 reputation early on in the game, then the recruit Jae Haydari quest will offer you a reward of 200 RP to whichever trading faction you want reputation with. Other than that, you’re largely grinding cargo to get the desirable reputation and rewards for Kasballica faction in Rogue Trader.

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