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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Mercatum Tabula Officiale - Seals Location - Rogue Trader

Matt Chard

Mercatum Tabula Officiale is the second companion quest for "Jae Heydari" iconJae Heydari in Rogue Trader. This quest becomes available once you complete her first quest “A Lucrative Opportunity”, and then talking to her again on the ship’s bridge once you have access to Dargonus. Jae wants you to help her get an official certificate from a trade representative, as that can open many doors for her. Although you may be the Rogue Trader, even you can’t get this easy, and you’ll have to head to the Adeptus Administratum in Dargonus to apply for it like anyone else. Eventually, this will require you to find two seals, one on Janus, and the other on Dargonus but it won’t tell you exactly where you can find these. Read on to find out how to complete Mercatum Tabula Officiale and where you can find the seals for Jae.

Even as a Rogue Trader, you have to wait in line sometimes.

Talk to the Master of Seals

Before you can find the seals, you need to speak to the Master of Seals. You’ll find them at the Adeptus Administratum on Dargonus; simply select the planet and choose the only other option, which isn’t the palace itself. If you haven’t been to Dargonus yet, progress the main story until you have. At the Administratum, head to the room at the back where you’ll find the Master of Seals who doesn’t have any time for anyone including the Rogue Trader, so you’ll need to fill out an application just like any other ordinary citizen. Although you can get Jae to do this, you should do it yourself to save some time, and when you’re ready, give it your seal of approval. That’s one tedious task done, but it won’t be the last! Now, you’ll need to get the two seals required for the certificate.

(1 of 2) The Master of Seals can be found in the Administratum in Dargonus. You’ll find this in the north of the Expanse.

The Master of Seals can be found in the Administratum in Dargonus. You’ll find this in the north of the Expanse. (left), Select Dargonus and choose the Adeptus Administratum. (right)

Dargonus Seal Location

You can get the seals in any order but as you’re in Dargonus already, you may as well go for that one first. Leave the Administratum and head to your palace in Dargonus, head up the stairs into the main room, and at the back of the room, near the throne, you’ll find "Abelard" iconAbelard’s granddaughter, Clementia Werserian. As you make your way to her, you’ll get a brief scene between her and Jae. Jae’s trying to get the seal herself, but Clementia won’t have any of it. Exhaust the dialogue with Clementia and you’ll find out the seal has been lost for over 25 years, which means if you want it, you’ll need to find it.

This will update the quest and give you a couple of planets where you might find it. Go back to the Koronus Expanse map, head south until you reach Langrenn’s Belt, and then go east to find the Nameless Star system. The seal can be found inside the Ancient Bunker on Oasis V which is situated in the southeast of the system, so travel to Oasis V and select Ancient Bunker (may have to scan). You may want to make a manual save here, as this toxin-infected bunker may be the death of you…literally.

In short, this bunker has no battles other than when you try to leave but there are numerous difficult checks to make while you constantly take toxin damage until you fix the ventilation system. The seal (aka Worn Seal) can be found in a locker in one of the rooms to the left but if you want to fully explore the place, and you should, then read our Full Ancient Bunker Guide for more information including exactly how to get the seal. Once you have the seal, leave the area (fight the turrets on the way out or deactivate them with the nearby console), and go back to the Koronus Expanse map.

(1 of 3) Travel to the Nameless Star system in the east of the Koronus Expanse.

Janus Seal Location

Fortunately, this is the easiest of the two seals to find. Make your way to the Telikos Epsilon system which is due west of the Nameless Star and land on Janus at Governor Vyatt’s Estate. Head west and find Atilius Quint, who can be found standing by the statue. Speak to him, ask for a seal, and you’ll be met with a check that won’t change the outcome but will give you some extra EXP. Atilius will hand over the seal, which you can then hand over to the Master of Seals on Dargonus.

(1 of 3) Janus is due west of the Nameless Star system.

The Last Seal Location

(1 of 2) When you talk to the Master of Seals, select the circled option above.

When you talk to the Master of Seals, select the circled option above. (left), This allows you to coerce them if you pass the check. If you don’t do this, you could get a bug. (right)

Before starting this section, make a hard save due to a potential bug. Once that’s done, give the seals and paperwork to the Master of Seals, and you’ll need to get one more. The last seal can be obtained with minimal effort but it’s tedious, to say the least, as now you have to wait in line and the Master of Seals doesn’t give a damn if you’re the Rogue Trader, even if you coerce them (although you’ll get exp for it). While you wait, you’ll get numerous choices from waiting patiently to mowing down the whole queue but if you’re a nice person (or from the UK), you’ll wait patiently until you can ask Jae if she has a better idea. This will give you the option to solve people’s problems. When you do, select the following:

  • Young Worker: Listen to the young man, and then select the option that begins with “You wish to study alongside your beloved?” This choice will make you lose one Profit Factor.
  • Decrepit Old Man: “I will have my people buy your granddaughter’s release…” This choice will make you lose one Profit Factor.
  • Wealthy Lady: Select “And what you want is a life…”
  • Wait Patiently: Select Wait Patiently.
  • Open fire on the crowd: This won’t harm anyone but it will cause people to leave the queue. When you regain control, interact with the hand icon to take your place in the queue.
  • Frighten the People: Make them bow down in terror!

(1 of 8) Ask Jae if she has a better idea, and then select Help the people solve their problems.

The reason for the choices above is to guarantee that the quest won’t bug out on you, as these are the choices that we chose, and the quest progressed. If it doesn’t work for you, try playing around with the other options to see if you get lucky. One thing to note, make sure you coerce the Master of the Seals at the beginning of this, as the quest can bug out there too. When you’re finally done with the queue, you’ll speak to the !Officer. Any option should work here but being polite 100% does so go with that. Now that the certificate has all three seals, head back to the Master of Seals and give them the certificate. Once that’s done, head back to the voidship, speak to Jae, and tell her you’ll get her the certificate (you’ve already done this but hey ho). This will complete the quest and reward you with the "Battle-Scarred Cape" iconBattle-Scarred Cape.

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