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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Should you side with Felek Orsellio in Rogue Trader

Matt Chard

While progressing through the Navis Nobilite station on Eurac V for the quest “Secrets of the Navis Nobilite” in Rogue Trader, you’ll have a choice to make regarding "Cassia" iconCassia. You need to choose between whether to side with Felek Orsellio, side with Theobald Orsellio, attack both and take Cassia, leave Cassia there, or take Theobald as your Navigator. There’s no “correct” answer, and it’s more to do with how you want your role as the Rogue Trader to go. Read on to find out the outcome of each choice, and what the consequences are.

Felek has asked you to get the girl for him, but is he a traitor?

I should bring Cassia to Felek as I promised (Side with Felek)

If you choose this option, Theobald will start a battle against you. This is a relatively easy battle, although Theobald will buff his allies with Visions of Triumph, which gives them some powerful buffs. Cassia won’t be happy with you, but it won’t affect her joining the party later. Also, you will get Theobald’s "Staff of Orsellio Guardian" iconStaff of Orsellio Guardian, but you will get this later regardless. When you head back to Felek, Cassia will kill him on the spot. You will still have to defeat his bodyguards, but it will make the battle easier. However, Cassia will be neutral in the battle and can hit you with her "Lidless Stare" iconLidless Stare attack.

Felek is a true monster. Let’s do away with him - together. (Side with Theobald)

Theobald will join you in battle against Felek. This makes the Felek battle slightly easier due to Theobald’s buffs, but it won’t make too much difference. After Felek is defeated, poor old Theobald will die anyway which allows you to loot his staff mentioned above. The only real benefit for this is you can gain some Iconoclast experience if you choose the right options. Just be nice and honest for it to appear.

Although the choices sound severe, there aren’t a lot of differences.

The last thing I need is a monster on my ship. (Leave Cassia, take Theobald as Navigator)

This will give you more or less the same outcome as siding with Felek. Theobald will initiate a battle against you where you’ll need to kill him. This leaves Cassia unhappy, which makes her call Felek a traitor, thus leading to a battle against Felek.

[Attack] I’m sick of this station! (Take Cassia)

Once again, there isn’t too much difference here either. You’ll have a battle against Theobald, and then you’ll fight Felek afterward when you head down the elevator. All the choices with Cassia are exactly the same too, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Final Thoughts

Although there are a lot of choices, some of them are serious. It won’t change anything other than the odd battle. If you’re playing an Iconoclast, select the Felek is a true monster choice as you can get some experience for it. Other than that, you’ll get the same rewards, and Cassia will still join your party. We haven’t exhausted every dialogue until the end of the game, so this could change, and if it does, we will update the guide.

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