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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

How to Get Extractums in Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

When you arrive in Chapter 2, you’ll get a brief tutorial on the currency system used to complete trade contracts and develop your colony projects for trading with factions. For the most part, these resources come through Extractors, a special type of item that you place down on the Koronous Expanse’s many worlds to extract a variety of resources. You’ll likely want to be doing this a fair amount, so you can keep on top of the resources you want to farm and complete those trade projects and colonies that you want to complete on your planet.

However, there are a finite number of Extractiums, and you only get so many early on. So, grabbing more is going to be an important part as you play through the game. To aid you with your space colonization, here’s a guide on how to get more Extractiums in Rogue Trader.

Acquiring more Extractiums in Rogue Trader

A guide on how to get Extractiums in Rogue Trader and increase your ability to gather resources through the Koronous Expanse.

Outside of your few starting Extractiums, there are a few places you can visit to get extractors for your soon-to-be resource worlds. These are:

  1. Explorators: The Ad-Mech traders you come across in Footfall sell Extractors. They require a Profit Factor of 35 to purchase, so get donating items to the Holy Mechanicus. Feel free to recruit Jae Haydari for some early Profit Factor options, alongside and do colony projects to reach those Profit Factors. You can also get some through main story missions, especially for completing Kiava Gamma and other similar missions.

  2. Shattered World - Nameless Star System: There is a planet in the Nameless Star system called the Shattered World. You’ll get a few dialogue options about a broken Extractium on the planet’s surface mining Adamantium. Select the “repair it using scrap” option, and then take the Extractium machine on board. It will go into your inventory so make sure to check for it and then add it to your cargo (this worked with the review build we used).

  3. Kiava Gamma: Once you complete the main storyline quest on Kiava Gamma, you get the choices on how you want to restore the planet. The Heretical option we chose granted us three Mobile Extractiums. We didn’t !test the other methods, so we are unaware if the other endings to the planet grant Mobile Extractiums. It shouldn’t do but be aware at your own risk in case it doesn’t.

  4. "Extractium Metallica" iconExtractium Metallica - A rank 2 colony project on Vheabos Vi rewards 5 Extractiums.

  5. "Giants" iconGiants Colony Project - The Rank 2 colony project called Giants on Kiava Gamma award 10 Mobile Exctractiums.

  6. Return to planets with Extractiums you’ve already placed: While not exactly a way of getting new ones, you can replace your old Extractiums with new ones. Simply go back to the planet with an Extractium you no longer want and replace it. You’ll lose the stats, so make sure you have a surplus of the resource before doing it, as it could screw up other contracts you’ve signed. This is handy if you placed one down on a low-yield plot in the tutorial or as you did early exploration but have found a jackpot elsewhere.

We will update the list when we have more information on where you can find other Extractiums in Rogue Trader.

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