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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

How To Recruit Ulfar in Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

"Ulfar" iconUlfar is one of the final companions in Rogue Trader, with this big ol’ Space Wolf in his Drukhari kennel. He’s rather happy with his current situation, being fed the meat of his enemies, and getting let out to slaughter Xenos like a true Viking. For those reasons, he’s a bit of a dismissive boy of being let free to join your retinue. However, there are ways to get Ulfar earlier, and this guide will detail how to recruit him in Rogue Trader.

Here is a guide on how to recruit Ulfar in Rogue Trader.

How to Rescue Ulfar in Rogue Trader

To rescue Ulfar in Rogue Trader, players will need to first speak to Ulfar in his cage. There is only one line you need to pick for now, which is “You could prove useful to me.” From there, you can end the conversation, or continue learning more about him if you wish to.

Once you’re done speaking to him, you need to go to Tervantias. There are a few dialogue options you need to select in the following order:

  1. ‘Master Tervantias, I require a moment of your precious time, and I am willing to pay for it.’ He will then take one of Arena Beast’s Claws that you looted from the Chimeras during the first arena fight.
  2. ‘I would like to take the Space Marine you keep in a cage.’
  3. ‘Surely the loss of some mon-keigh could never impede the work of a mind as great as yours.’

(1 of 2) You need to devalue Tervantias’ outlook on a Space Marine science project if you intend to free Ulfar in Rogue Trader.

You need to devalue Tervantias’ outlook on a Space Marine science project if you intend to free Ulfar in Rogue Trader. (left), Convince Ulfar you are a name worth fighting for, and he shall join your retinue for the fights to come. (right)

From there, Tervantias will give you a Bone Key, which you can now use to let Ulfar out of his cage, but we are not yet done with persuasion just yet. Return to Ulfar and talk to him in the following order:

  1. ‘I need your help.’
  2. ‘Puff up your Chest…’
  3. ‘I have enacted my will without fear of death, and my valour was celebrated long before I became a Rogue Trader.’
  4. ‘Well, my name is known to everyone in the Koronus Expanse. I am…’

From there, you can easily recruit Ulfar in Rogue Trader. Ulfar’s box of Astartes gear will be in the chest on the left side of the cage. You’ll get an "Astartes Bolt Pistol" iconAstartes Bolt Pistol, "Wolf Pelt Cloak" iconWolf Pelt Cloak, and "Wolfskin" iconWolfskin Power Armor. He’ll also have a combat knife already equipped. He will prove to be a valuable ally as you work your way through the Reunion quest, restocking your companions, or completing the rest of Chapter 3.

If you don’t recruit him after your first visit to Tervantias, you can recruit him to your party after the first fight in the Tempest Reaving Tower. He will be already dressed in his gear, fighting Xenos at the bottom of the tower as you turn up.

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