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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Rat Hunting Walkthrough & Invisible Bureaucracy Guide - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

Rat Hunting is the second quest that "Jae Heydari" iconJae Heydari offers the player, with her requesting you to sneak through the Sewers of Footfall and retrieve her crew members. It is highly recommended that you take on the mission stealthily since players can get their hands on a nice achievement for doing so, not to mention you don’t need to fight a horde of enemies with very little cover. With that said, here’s a closer look at how to complete Rat Hunting in Rogue Trader and unlock the Invisible Bureaucracy trophy in the process.

How to Complete Rat Hunting in Rogue Trader Stealthily

The stealthy option that Jae prefers to do will require some patience and some discipline to complete. You are also going to need to be a skill check master and pass a lot of Tech use, Awareness, Trap Disarms, and an Athletics check if you intend to beat it. Feel free to check this map below as an indicator of patrol points, trap and skill check, and objective locations we recommend tackling in a numbered order.

A map for the Rat Hunting quest, featuring known patrols and enemies to avoid, alongside skill checks you need pass and objective locations.

Once you arrive in the sewers, taking the downstairs access point when you’re on the converted ship in Footfall, you’ll need to agree to the quiet option. Once you’re ready, go down the pathway and get closer to the guards, then turn right down a side tunnel. Wait at the top corner of the tunnel and wait for a patrolling guard to go back towards the two station guards you just avoided. From there, turn right and go towards the makeshift bridge to reach the south end of the main sewage tunnel. You’ll need to pass an Athletics check in order to reach this spot.

Once you’re over the bridge, you can now look for the edge of the sewage passage, activate the sewer, and open one of the valves. You now need to find another four valves in the main tunnel area. Go back over the bridge across the Athletics check gap, and then proceed through the east and west-facing pathways. You’ll find another three along this route. Be careful, though, as there are traps all over the place near the bridges and the valves. Make sure you have a character with high Awareness to detect the traps, and then have someone with good Disarming skills to remove them. If you fail to disarm or trigger a trap, then the enemies know where you are and you’ll have to deal with them the hard way.

Once all the valves are opened in the main sewage pathway, you now need to head northward. There are once again a few more traps in this corridor, along with a patrolling guard. The guard patrols between the northernmost and left pathways, near where the boss is stationed. You’ll find there are a few small nooks in which you can hide your party to avoid getting spotted by the patrolling guard. He is very short-sighted, you see.

Once you disarm the traps in the four-way corridor, avoid the guard as he moves towards the boss room, and then move up towards the room at the top. You’ll find a valve to open in the small bedroom. With that opened, you now need to go back into the main corridor and look for the Servitor. It’s by the main entrance to where the boss is, and the guard just passes next to it. We recommend escaping the top room, waiting for the guard to pass you into the bedroom, and then making a run for the Servitor further down the west-facing tunnel near the boss. Get your Tech use skill check done, and you’ll awaken it. Now pump the gas into the room, and you’ll have completed Rat Hunting stealthily.

Once you activate the Cogitator, you can gas the enemies and rescue Jae’s crew. You can then decide how to deal with the big bad boss of your own volition

Enter the room, rescue Jae’s crew, and then deal with the boss man however you want to. Once the boss is dealt with, you’ll complete the quest, and can speak to Jae on your ship. You should get another quest after that where Jae wants to make a play against the other Cold Traders and take the crime boss’ interest via the right of conquest, this is also a part of Jae’s romance too.

How to Beat Rat Hunting using violence

(1 of 2) Make sure you can hold off enemies in the main room, such as buffing a Vanguard and then having it Taunting Scream your opponents.

Make sure you can hold off enemies in the main room, such as buffing a Vanguard and then having it Taunting Scream your opponents. (left), Have your ranged characters deal with the reinforcements coming via the sewage access way so you can control the flow of the fight later on and gain much more cover. (right)

If you fancy going for a scrap, then be warned the fight is somewhat difficult. If you get caught or reveal yourself to the boss and its guards, then you will speak to the boss. When combat inevitably starts as the boss executes Jae’s companion, you will start the fight in the little tunnel on the left side of the boss room. There’s almost no cover, and the guards in the main room will run in and shoot at your party. There are also reinforcements that come from the south side.

Ideally, you need to push to the south side and deal with the reinforcements, you can now create two funnel spots for those who push you from the room into the tunnel, or those who leave the main room, enter the south tunnel, and then turn to meet you at the end. Ideally, your supports and ranged troops should take the tunnel, while your melee clear out the annoying enemies near where you spawn. A Vanguard is also handy for holding the flank of the ranged while you buy yourself space and cover.

Once you have some breathing room your sniper or burst-fire allies will have all the space and cover they need to shred enemies as they come for you. "Cassia" iconCassia is also very hand for her CC and "Zone of Fear" iconZone of Fear as you can buy even more space for your allies, as well as provide bonus turns to your troops to mop up enemies for free.

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