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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Yrliet Romance Guide: Chapter 2-4 - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

Romance in RPGs is an important part of getting to know characters on a deeper level. Rogue Trader has its fair share of romance options, but none are as complex as the Aeldari companion, Yrliet. This female space elf offers a unique romantic storyline that requires careful navigation through various interactions. You see, Yrliet is not like traditional romances, but rather, she’s all about gaining access to her soul, and thus, you must think like an Aeldari to romance the Aeldari. In this guide, we will help you learn how to romance Yrliet in Rogue Trader, going through all the major interaction points in Chapters 2 to 4.

How to Romance Yrliet in Rogue Trader

When you visit Janus, you’ll find a mysterious Aeldari character, who you can recruit while you hunt down the rebels on the planet. Once you complete the planet’s questline, you’ll get the option to recruit her.

Make sure not to be too mon’keigh, and try to understand and learn more about her during this conversation to kick start the romance with Yrliet in Rogue Trader.

After inviting her to your retinue, she will then board the ship, and you’ll be able to find her on the Upper Deck. When on the ship, you can initiate void ship interactions where she expresses anger. Engage in dialogue about Human and Aeldari relations, emphasizing the differences between humans and asking her to teach you. Following several warp jumps, Yrliet will approach your captain’s seat and then say she is here to teach you more of her kind. You’ll arrive in your personal quarters, where she will help you understand how the Aeldari mind and meditations work. During this process, respond to her teachings by selecting the deep understanding option in the dialogue, especially avoiding flirtatious or typical mon’keigh behavior. Otherwise, you fail Yrliet’s romance immediately.

After this event, you can then find Yrliet meditating on the ship when you can free roam the Upper Deck. You’ll discover Yrliet in a meditative state on the Upper Deck. When you approach her to engage in conversation, you’ll find she isn’t paying attention to you. Allow her to continue meditating, as waking her up may result in her displeasure. In other words, avoid getting her attention and recognize she is meditating.

(1 of 3) When you find Yrliet in meditation on the Upper Deck, let her be and don’t interrupt her.

There’s also one more event in Chapter 2 for the Yrliet Romance triggers to fire. After completing the restoring the dynasty colony main story missions, Yrliet can guide you into a meditative dream state in your quarters. When you enter the dream, Yrliet will guide you through, and you’ll find the apparitions of all major NPCS you’ve met so far. Navigate through the dream prompts for each NPC, and the final one you come to is the apparition of Yrliet. It is important that you absolutely avoid all typical romantic options. Opt for calmer and more understanding choices to deepen the connection with Yrliet. Performing the more romantic or flirtatious options will cause an angry Aeldari, and you’ll fail Yrliet’s Romance checks in Rogue Trader.

Romancing Yrliet in Chapter 3 - Rogue Trader

After completing the main storyline mission in Chapter 2, Yrliet will ask for a meeting in your palace on Dargonus. This will trigger a main storyline mission to go to an Aeldari ship. Whoever you bring on the quest with you will get ambushed by "Marazhai" iconMarazhai and the Drukhari, taking you to Commorragh. Yrliet will always be one of the options if you recruit her. However, when you get to Commoragh, you get a quest to find her and your companions in the Reunion quest. The main thing to note here is that you can find Yrliet in the center of the Chasm Streets level after completing the Pit and the Malice or Commissar part of the questline.

When you find Yrliet in Commoragh, ask her to rejoin your team and express forgiveness for what she did and select the option where you want her to come with you and help escape together. Forgiveness is a big part of her storyline here, and she wants to be seen as equal and not lesser, hence the need to avoid the options where you force her to do stuff.

(1 of 2) Learn why Yrliet did what she did to get you into Commoragh, then show her forgiveness.

Learn why Yrliet did what she did to get you into Commoragh, then show her forgiveness. (left), When she mentions meditating after learning why she did what she did, agree to sit in silence with her as a form of meditation. (right)

After you have completed the first Arena battle in Chapter 3, you should be able to return to the Pit and seek vengeance on either the Commissar or Malice. When you’re done, and you take over the Pit for yourself, you’ll be able to speak to Yrliet as if you were on the Upper Deck. Yrliet will essentially say she is struggling to meditate in Commorragh because of the closeness to Slanesh’s influence. Help her meditate, then select the dialogue option to offer emotional support and choose the option that involves embracing and comforting without resorting to human touch. Yrliet will appreciate your understanding and thank you for not approaching it in the human way.

At the end of Chapter 3, after escaping Commorragh, you’ll return to your ship. However, due to the events at the start of Chapter 3, many on your ship want Yrliet punished for her actions. Choose the option to forgive her, securing her place as a valued member of the retinue. Once again, it is about understanding her Aeldari reasoning for why she did what she did, and then being able to forgive her for it.

Romancing Yrliet in Chapter 4

When you start Chapter 4, you’ll learn that "Calligos Winterscale" iconCalligos Winterscale is on one of his worlds called Quetza Temer, hunting Aeldari down. While there, support Yrliet’s desires to find her kin and aid her in convincing the Aeldari to abandon their ritual, thus saving them from Calligos’ wrath. As you explore the planet, you’ll find Winterscale and be able to talk to him at various points. You’ll get a few opportunities to convince Winterscale not to attack the Aeldari. Right at the end of Quetza Temer, Calligos and your party will find the ritual performing Aeldari, and you’ll get one final opportunity to convince Calligos not to attack and then support Yrliet as she tells the Aeldari to stand down and stop the ritual.

Make sure the ritual doesn’t go ahead and stand by Yrliet.

Later on, In a private conversation near the end of Chapter 4, Yrliet will discuss her broken Soulstone. Her Soulstone will be broken thanks to the Ritual on Quetza Temer. Suppose you have followed the guide correctly and avoided a Heretical playthrough. In that case, Yrliet will invite you into her soul, establishing a soul-linked partnership and completing the Yrliet Romance in Rogue Trader. You now know the style and approach you need to have to complete this objective, alongside all the major triggers you need to be wary of throughout the storyline to complete it.

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