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Marazhai Companions


Marazhai is one of the agents of a powerful Kabal operating from Commoragh, the dark mystical city living between Real-Space and the Void of Chaos. Throughout the Kornous Expanse, Drukhari incursions are frequent, with various factions and Kabal’s raiding and operating for their own cruel, sadistic gain. Marazhai is no different, yet the character’s actions involve himself too much with the Rogue Trader’s business. For the most part, the Kabals don’t often approve of Monkeigh rulers, yet Marazhai’s ambitions against the Rogue Trader are not entirely hostile when necessary. Perhaps this strange, sadistic creature can be swayed to your side under the right circumstances.

How to Acquire

During Chapter 3, make Marazhai an offer to join you in the Anatomical Opera Theatre room. When you next go to the arena and Marazhai’s team arrives, make sure to offer him a spot on your side. After the fight, make sure to speak to him and offer hima spot on your team.

Companion Talents

"Ambush" iconAmbush Assassin Talents
"An Eye for the Unscathed" iconAn Eye for the Unscathed Assassin Talents
"Blade Flurry" iconBlade Flurry Warrior Talents
"Bringer of Doom" iconBringer of Doom Assassin Talents
Burning Touch of the Warp Origin Talents
"Carmine Whisper" iconCarmine Whisper Assassin Talents
"Cautious Disengage" iconCautious Disengage Warrior Talents
"Clenched Teeth" iconClenched Teeth Warrior Talents
Contempt Warrior Talents
"Create an Opening" iconCreate an Opening Assassin Talents
Crowd Kill Warrior Talents
"Deadly Calculation" iconDeadly Calculation Assassin Talents
Defensive Manoeuvres Warrior Talents
Desolation Warrior Talents
Disarm Warrior Talents
"Disarray" iconDisarray Assassin Talents
"Elusive Speed" iconElusive Speed Assassin Talents
Enrage Warrior Talents
Epicentre of Slaughter Warrior Talents
"Esquive" iconEsquive Assassin Talents
Field Medic Warrior Talents
"Flawless Lunge" iconFlawless Lunge Assassin Talents
"Gruesome Grunt" iconGruesome Grunt Assassin Talents
Hardened Scars Warrior Talents
"Imminent Demise" iconImminent Demise Assassin Talents
Impetus Warrior Talents
"Inevitable Enervation" iconInevitable Enervation Assassin Talents
Interception Warrior Talents
Invigorating Hatred Warrior Talents
"Keep Your Distance" iconKeep Your Distance Assassin Talents
"Killing Spree" iconKilling Spree Assassin Talents
"Leave No Witness" iconLeave No Witness Assassin Talents
"Lethality Heightens" iconLethality Heightens Assassin Talents
Living Shield Warrior Talents
"Lone Killer" iconLone Killer Assassin Talents
"Morbid Pirouette" iconMorbid Pirouette Assassin Talents
"Mortally Effective" iconMortally Effective Assassin Talents
Open Engagement Warrior Talents
Opening Strike Warrior Talents
"Outsmart" iconOutsmart Assassin Talents
"Perfect Opening" iconPerfect Opening Assassin Talents
Power From Pain Origin Talents
Prey on the Weak Origin Talents
"Professional Acumen" iconProfessional Acumen Assassin Talents
Ramming Speed Warrior Talents
Reckless Fury Warrior Talents
Rigorous Training Warrior Talents
"Seize the Advantage" iconSeize the Advantage Assassin Talents
Shroud of Pain Origin Talents
Thick Skin Warrior Talents
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