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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Explorators Reputation & Rewards Guide

Craig Robinson

The Explorators are a faction in Rogue Trader that offers players the chance to get an interesting mixture of consumables, armor, weapons, and accessories for a variety of builds and playstyles. Among the list, you’ll find a slight mixture of Astartes, Power weapons, Psyker items, and more. But to get these renowned items, you’re going to need to do a few tasks to increase your Reputation and Profit Factor. Here’s a closer look at how to earn reputation with the Explorators and unlock their rewards.

Explorator Rewards in Rogue Trader

A guide to getting reputation and the rewards for the Explorators in Rogue Trader.

Before deciding whether or not you want to increase your reputation with the Explorators, we highly advise going to check on the trader, who you can find in Footfall from Chapter 2 onwards. Alternatively, you can check on the trader by speaking to Janris Danrock and selecting the cargo option on his dialogue options. We also have a list of rewards in the table below. Make sure there is an item you actually need for a build or playstyle, as the game makes it difficult to max out multiple reputations in a single playthrough.

Likely the best item on the list is the final reward, ideal for Psyker melee mage-type builds, such as an Assassin Heinrix build. "Omnissiah's Providence" iconOmnissiah’s Providence and the "Ancient Plasma Rifle" iconAncient Plasma Rifle is also good for Pasqal builds too. Outside of that, you don’t really get many useful items from the Explorers that you don’t already get by looting things in Chapters 2-4 at least in our opinion anyway.

Item Name Rep Level Profit Factor
Medikit 0 10
"Stimm" iconStimm 0 12
"Deflection Gloves" iconDeflection Gloves 0 14
Machine Rite Set 0 16
Target Designator 0 18
Mobile Extractium 0 35
Chirurgeon’s Manual 5 23
"[Retobi-Pattern] Plasma Pistol" icon[Retobi-Pattern] Plasma Pistol 6 26
Portative Manipulator 7 30
"Precise Lasgun" iconPrecise Lasgun 8 35
Large Medikit 8 22
Combat Manipulator 9 26
Haywire Grenade 9 28
Targeting Visor 10 32
"Power Axe" iconPower Axe 11 52
Invigorating Resolve 12 30
Heavy Plasma Gun 12 40
Slick Bodyglove 13 45
"[Mezoa-Pattern] Arc Rifle" icon[Mezoa-Pattern] Arc Rifle 14 55
Bead of Concentration 15 35
Improved Injector 16 40
Stun Grenade 16 42
"Deadly Repeater" iconDeadly Repeater 17 45
Force Field Emitter 18 50
Martyr’s Penance 20 60
["Fortress World" iconFortress World Origin] "Tempestus Carapace" iconTempestus Carapace 21 70
Advanced Medikit 22 72
Omnissiah Holy Symbol 22 76
Toxin Grenade 23 80
[Mars-Pattern] "Power Axe" iconPower Axe 23 84
Improved Lightweight Boots 24 88
Volition Inhibitor 24 92
Neuro-Stimulant 25 96
Solar Staff 25 100
["Forge World" iconForge World Origin] Skitarii "Ranger Armour" iconRanger Armour 26 104
Commander’s Visor 26 108
Resonance Grenade 27 112
"Ancient Plasma Rifle" iconAncient Plasma Rifle 27 116
Emperor’s Justice 28 120
[Mars-Pattern] "Astartes Flamer" iconAstartes Flamer 28 124
Battle Stimulator Medikit 29 128
Vivisector’s Visor 29 132
"Omnissiah's Providence" iconOmnissiah’s Providence 30 136
Elder Flow 30 140
[Mars-Pattern] "Thunder Hammer" iconThunder Hammer 31 144
Portable Deflector 31 148
[War World Origin] Tempestus Elite Carapace 32 152
Holo-Field Emitter 33 156
Annihilating Astartes "Bolter" iconBolter 34 160
Ghost Helm 35 164

How to Get Reputation with the Explorators in Rogue Trader

Scanning planets and completing a quest for the Explorators is a sure-fire way to raise reputation with them.

The Explorators are one of the biggest reputation grinds in Rogue Trader, and that is largely down to one mechanic, planet survey. One of the benefits of the faction is that for every planet and system you 100% scan, you can sell the data to the Explorators. You also get a quest to scan 10 planets that award 5000 reputation points with the faction, so make sure to return that quest when you can. This is going to be your main method of earning reputation with the Explorators throughout the course of the game. In Chapter 2, you won’t have access to all the star systems.

However, when you get to Chapter 4, you start unlocking more star systems that bridge over to otherwise unreachable stars, allowing you to continue exploring most of the other systems in the game. Some of these stars will only unlock via Companion quests, such as the Price of Power, while others get more content to scan and look for in systems you can already travel to.

If you want an additional 2000 reputation, then the Jae Heydari questline in Chapter 2 allows you to choose a reputation you want a good word for. Select the option applicable to you and go from there.

Other than that, the main method to grind for Explorators rep in Rogue Trader is by transferring over Cargo to them. The Explorators like the following Cargo types:

  • Holy Gift - 500 RP
  • Heretic Trophies - 500 RP
  • Ship Components - 200 RP
  • Mechanicus Creations - 200 RP
  • Armour Kit - 150 RP
  • "Provisions" iconProvisions - 100 RP
  • Ranged Weaponry - 100 RP
  • Fuel - 100 RP
  • Miscellaneous - 50 RP

While there are dedicated Cargo items in the game, sometimes you’ll get loot you don’t need as part of quests, more loot drops from armor or weapon types, and more. Sometimes even items like Jewelry can be awarded as items rather than as cargo, so you can constantly manage your inventory for parts you no longer need and store them as cargo. Once you reach 100% cargo in a given slot, that will become tradeable to a relevant faction of your choosing.

Finally, there are a few projects for colonies that you can get reputation with the Explorators from. There is a Tier 2 Foulstone project that will grant 3500 reputation upon completion.

With that said, these are all the methods we are aware of to get reputation with the Explorators in Rogue Trader. Good luck farming this behemoth reputation and getting those high reputation level items you so desperately desire.

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