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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

The Chosen Ones Walkthrough - Rogue Trader: Choices and Boss Guide

Craig Robinson

The Chosen Ones is a quest in Chapter 1 of Rogue Trader, which comes with a rebellion on a planetoid. The area is thick with enemies, and, potential allies and future quest updates for other missions. This side mission is certainly not one you want to miss. However, there are a few things you can easily miss if you’re not lucky. So, here’s a closer look at the Chosen Ones quest in Rogue Trader, featuring choices, other quest links, and a strange boss fight coming up.

The Chosen Ones Quest Walkthrough

(1 of 2) Speak to Raquel near the shuttle and get a low-down on the situation to kick start the Chosen Ones mission in Rogue Trader.

Speak to Raquel near the shuttle and get a low-down on the situation to kick start the Chosen Ones mission in Rogue Trader. (left), Enter the barracks on the planetoid and defeat the rebelling prisoners in the barracks. (right)

Upon arriving on the planetoid, you will find Pilot Raquel to the side of the shuttle. Speak to the lady and get a quick briefing on the planet’s situation. Also, if you have been to Rykad Minoris’ capital, you can potentially answer a question she has about a communications officer named Janus. If not, it is an NPC you want to watch when you complete that storyline.

With that said, your next task is to move up the catwalk and enter the barracks. Be warned, you will be surprised when you enter the barracks, as there will be a lot of low wound rebels inside. It’s nothing a quick horde-clearing AOE spell won’t fix with a shotgun, Flamer, or a Pyker staff. Feel free to loot the room and proceed.

When you leave the Barracks by the other door, you will find an NPC called Evayne Winterscale. Evayne is an important character here and has a few choices in the upcoming dialogue.

The Chosen Ones & Evayne Winterscale’s Choices:

Evayne’s choices in the Chosen one quest allow you to gain a powerful ally, along with some more clues to a replacement Navigator.

In this section, you will get a long conversation with Evayne about what is going on in the planet, and why he is trying to speak to the Mad Warden. It turns out that Mad Warden and Evayne go way back, and they consider each other friends. This peaceful opportunity offers you, the player character, to get some decent choices and assistance in this quest. We highly recommend you speak to Evayne about the current situation and about your Navigator issue.

(If you did not get any dialogue options, then reveal the spoiler box for more information in case you’re curious what happened to him)

We recommend the following dialogue options first:

  • ‘Is there anything you can tell me about the Navis Nobilit Station in this system?’
  • Persuasion: ‘Allow me to use your access code.’

If you get on to this subject, then you can learn more about hunts for your replacement Navigator mission as you repair your ship. Succeeding the persuasion check lets you learn more about a potential code when you go to the Navigator questline, as it offers a way into the building.

With that out of the way, you can now proceed with some more choices. To proceed with the Chosen Ones Quest in Rogue Trader, we recommend ticking. ’Let us discuss the matter at hand…’ From here, you get a few options.

The dialogue options in the next stage influence how the upcoming boss fight goes. If you want to make it easier for yourself, you should be pragmatic and say it is honorable he is trying to help a friend. After that, you say you and your parties can work together. This allows you to bring Evayne’s squad and your squad down into the pit, so you have a potential backup. This is the best set of options for the quest, as the fight downstairs can be a tough challenge to come.

Evayne's statusShow Spoiler

If you go to the Chosen One’s mission before you complete the Mechanicum Cathedral on Rykis Minor, you will find you can speak to Evayne. If you did that section first, you will find Evayne dead, and thus not get any dialogue options. It’s implied that Evayne went to speak to his old friend without serious back up, and thus was killed. The reason for his death links to the overarching cultists stroyline on the system with Aurora. The Mechanicum cathedral hosts Aurora, and her death without the Warden being killed sends a signal he’s the only one left and must complete his actions at all cost.

The Chosen Ones: Warden Choices

Try to speak to the Warden for as long as possible to learn what is going on in the star system with Chaos activities and ancient artifacts.

When you enter the pit and begin to speak to Warden Casteglia, you’ll find the man and his crew experimenting on murdered prisoners. If you follow our suggestions, then Evayne and his men will enter the pit partway through the conversation.

From here, you have some dialogue options. We advise you to speak to the Warden and try to figure out what is going on. The man will reveal you are a meddler and should not be bargained with, eventually leading to a fight. Do not instigate the fight yourself. Remember, Evayne wants to see reason with his friend and will help you if he cannot do that. But, if you attack him, then Evayne is not best pleased with you, which can have consequences to come.

If the Warden’s party engages you, then Evayne’s neutral men will join you in battle. This is very handy for having some fire support take on Evayne’s guards. There are a good few of them, and you likely won’t have a full party at this point.

The Chosen Ones Boss Tactics: How to Beat the Warden

(1 of 2) You must get your units to target the Unholy Lens and destroy them to prevent the Warden from respawning throughout the fight.

You must get your units to target the Unholy Lens and destroy them to prevent the Warden from respawning throughout the fight. (left), Warden Casteglia will continue to respawn once he drops to 0 from any remaining Unholy Lens that remain. (right)

In terms of tactics, you want to deal with the guards, followed by destroying the Unholy Lens. Each Unholy Lens is a potential respawn point for the Warden when you bring his wounds to 0. The result is that the boss will continuously respawn, dragging the fight on and on. So, focus on the Lens when you can, and let Evayne’s men deal with the guard or harass the Warden when possible.

You should be able to find a lens near the pit entrance, one further down the catwalk, and another on the other side of the pit. Feel free to talk your army around as one, destroy them quickly, or spread your party around. It’s likely better to keep them as one, depending on your party size or composition, any changes you’ve made via respecs, or if you go and recruit Pasqal or recruit Cassio first.

Also, be aware that Evayne can die in this fight. We had that happen, but we could still speak to Evayne after the fight, so there’s potential that this is just a bug on our end. Once the fight is over, you should speak to Evayne by walking near him. You’ll get a few more options to speak to him and let Evayne grieve. One of the requests is you can have him board your ship later for a discussion, which he says he will do later. This grants some more storyline options with Evayne, a notable noble in the region that can prove useful later on in the storyline. With that done, you’ll have completed The Chosen Ones questline in Rogue Trader!

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