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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

How to Recruit Jae in Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

Jae, one of many Cold Traders of the Koronus Expanse, is a pesky diva that can bring a bit of chaos to the Rogue Trader’s posse if they so desire. You first meet her and her antics during your initial visit to the Liege on Footfall in Chapter 2, yet she walks off with no hint she may appear again. So, if you’re looking to fill your companions and roster out, Jae is an entirely missable companion with a few benefits and factors. Here’s what you need to know to recruit Jae in Rogue Trader and reap the benefits that come with it.

A guide on recruiting Jae in Rogue Trader and completing her Wanted on Footfall choices Quest.

How to Recruit Jae in Rogue Trader

After visiting Liege, you’ll find him and Jae having a chat about some awkward business. After the dilemma, she gives you a wink and walks off, with no real clue as to where she is going. Go about your business in Footfall with the Liege, and then proceed through the gang ambushes as normal.

Once all the ambushes are done, you can start exploring Footfall again. The station has a few areas you can visit, with many main and side quests in the Shadow district. Explore the Shadow District and head north through the map. The reason why you should do this is that there’s another level where you can find The Marty’s Endurance, a converted Voidship which now houses Thugs, Refugees, and a bar that Jae resides in.

Once you enter the ship, you’ll find a bar at the top right of the vessel you can visit. You’ll find Jae sulking at the bar, drowning her sorrows of the failed deal with the Liege. Once the cutscene finishes, you can have a chat with Jae, and if you want to, select the choice where you agree to help her get her cargo.

Wanted on Footfall Choices Walkthrough

(1 of 3) Fight your way through gang members, stun grenades and servitors blasting your team in a big toxic-filled room.

If you do this, you are now tasked with reuniting with Jae at the Warehouse in the Shadow District. From here, you need to beat a gang of thugs. Be careful, as many Acid barrels will be a menace for you in melee to navigate through, and many of the thugs throw Stun Grenades. Avoid clumping your units up at the start. Otherwise, you’re likely dealing with many units being stunned throughout the entirety of the combat (yeah, that happened to Pasqal and Abelard…).

Defeat the enemies as required, and then get the shipment to Jae. However, there’s another spanner in the works, as the Liege’s men turns up and demand to take Jae as a prisoner for the crime of shipping Xeno artifacts. You can either protect her, sentence her to death, hand her over and defend your involvement, or openly declare that you are invested in her antics. Either way, rumors, rewards, and consequences will come up throughout the entire game, no matter which one you choose. So, go with whatever you feel like. For the sake of it, you want to ally with her and declare it is the Rogue Trader’s supply and property now, and it’s cool.

If you recruit Jae, you will also get a Profit Factor increase of 2, which is a nice bonus for rescuing her and her cargo. She carries the added benefit of being a Leader, with starting stats of Aeldari and Drukhari weaponry and also fits into a Master Tactician. After you recruit her, she wants to see you on a private matter relating to her companion quest. Go back to the ship and speak to her, and you get two more space elf weaponry, which are really good for one-handed blades you can give to Jae or an Assassin like Marazhai to dual wield. She also grants you a nice deal with 2000 reputation to a faction of your choice.

However, from there, she gets hunted down by rival Traders, both Rogue and Cold, so, expect some painful space battles that are very unbalanced and not in your favor. If you do get that prompt very early (I mean second non scripted voidship combat early) into the ship combat, just put the difficulty down to Story mode, otherwise it’s a painful experience!

Just a warning: Your holiest of relatives will find it bizarre if you recruit her. So, be aware that Abelard, Pascal, and Heinrix are not best pleased with the presence of a Cold Trader. You are now aware of the pros and cons of recruiting Jae in Rogue Trader, and the benefits, weaknesses, and other factors that play into recruiting Jae as a Companion.

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In the grim dark future of the 41st millennium, there is only war. The Imperium of Man, ruled by God-Emperor of Mankind from atop his Golden Throne, is a vast interstellar empire with countless armies. Despite the Imperium’s apparent strength, however, its enemies are even more numerous and threats to mankind both surround the Imperium and gnaw at it from within. Where the constantly strained military might of the Imperium can’t reach, humanity must find other champions, and blessed with holy Warrants of Trade, Rogue Traders have almost unlimited authority to operate in the unconquered reaches of the galaxy beyond the Imperium’s direct influence. After unexpectedly inheriting the title of Rogue Trader von Valancius, you’ll have to secure your holdings in the Koronus Expanse, establish and develop new colonies, investigate the conspiracy that led to your ascension and fend off threats, internal and externals, humans, xenos and worse…

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