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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Gleam of the Final Dawn: Electrodynamic Cenobium Walkthrough - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

The Gleam of the Final Dawn is one of the main quests in Rogue Trader, offering players a journey to the heart of the Mechanicus temple on Rykid Minoris. The temple is home to a branch of Martian priests, hosting special technological artifacts, which the Final Dawn and their band of cultists want to destroy the planet. It is up to you and your party to go and stop their meddling, save the planet, and foil the schemes. Here’s a closer look at how to complete the Gleam of the Final Dawn in Rogue Trader, showcasing where you need to go in the Electrodynamic Cenobium.

Your main journey will require you to explore the Cenobium and look for this Tech priest Pasqal needs to find.

Gleam of the Final Dawn Walkthrough

Upon landing at the Electric Cenobium, you arrive at a landing platform with a few cargo lootables if you want them. Once you decide to head inside, you have a few route options. The far-left route has some goodies you can acquire from chests, some involving athletics tests, and others are guarded. The left route takes you through a thin corridor area with the electric panels on the wall sending off jolts of lightning. They are also guarded, so you will have a slightly annoying fight to battle through. Mind the batteries as your melee path to new enemies and dispatch them appropriately.

Be careful of ambushes to the side of the Cenobium as you explore for loot and look for the Priests.

If you opt to go the right route, you’ll get ambushed by a few Electro Priest. These are essentially unarmed bruisers with lightning attacks. They are not too strong. But it is worth noting.

No matter your route, you want to make it to the middle. The middle contains plenty of cultists and a tied-up Tech-Priest on the wall surrounded by Cultists. Deal with the cultists as you can. The fight is ridiculous, with Chaos Spawns, Snipers, and mobs charging you everywhere. But don’t worry about the fight, as if you survive the four turns, the tied-up Tech-Priest will use a special power and dissolve the fight.

From there, learn what you can from the Tech Priest and get Pasqal to get involved. You’ll have a few choices, but these are largely for the Heretical, Dogmatic, and Iconoclast options. With that done, you must find the hidden Tech-Priests and Monks.

Where To Find the Surviving Monks and Reach the Reactor

(1 of 3) You should start looking for the missing and surviving monks and priests by visiting the library and opening the false walls at the back of the room.

Now you have some tasks to find a few missing monks the tied-up Priest alluded to. The man said there was a secret wall around the Cenobium near the engine. If you head towards the start of the Cenobium, you’ll find a room open with a library inside. Head to the far-left back panel, and you’ll find there is a false wall of a mummified type of Tech-Priest. If you approach it, you can wake the creature’s machine spirit and get details about the Cenobium. Speak to the Priest and tell it the Cenobium is under attack. You can then persuade the creature and learn more that you’re not a threat and what you can do to help the locations.

From there, your next task is to find another false wall. If you’re facing the large door back to the landing site, head right and look for the yellow painting on the floor. This is a door you can open. Inside, you’ll find Heinrix, the Sanction Psyker who works for the Inquisition. He will interrogate a heretic and defeat it, and then you can speak to him. Heinrix will have more information on what is going on and clues on where to find the surviving monks and reach the reactor.

From here, you want to look for the red circular Congitator near where the Electro-Priest ambushed you. You should be able to walk up to it and press a new button to recite a prayer to it. This will now open a false wall behind you, where the surviving Monks are. Head inside and speak to Dahr-Impluse V. Learn more about what is inside the Monastery and throw any other dialogue options that you want. With it done, the Priest will reveal a new doorway that leads you into the bowels of the monastery.

Reach the Reactor Boss Fight - Gleam of the Final Dawn’s last challenge

Once you reach the reactor, you must stop Aurora and its Final Dawn plan.

When you reach the bottom of the monastery, you’ll find Aurora. She will be trying to destroy the Reactor, causing a thermal nuclear explosion that will take out the planet and bring the Final Dawn. However, she is shielded by heretical Electro-Priests, tampering with the machines around the reactor.

The tactics for the fight will largely depend on what your Main Character is, and what your composition looks like. However, some common themed tips we can give you relate to Abelard, Argenta, and Heinrix. Argenta is a great pick here since she likely carries two weapons, one for picking enemies off and one for horde clearing. Throw in her Run and Gun, alongside Abelard’s melee bashing the Electro-Priests, Run and Gun, an extra turn of MP and AP, and you’re going to fly through one side effectively. Heinrix is also a good pick since his Force Sword’s special can do high armor penetration, which is worth using against the Electro-Priests.

Your task is to defeat the Electro Priests and extend the countdown by one turn. Defeat them all, and you stop the sabotage.

If you have an Officer in your party, such as your MC, or have recruited Cassia, then you can use their Heroic Action to grant extra turns to your Electro-Priest assassins. Using this on Heinrix or Abelard are great options for their multiple melee swings, movement, and charge to get them as close to the next Electro-Priest as possible. Using this strategy, you can make a lot of ground, which will likely save your turn timer in a pinch.

Once all Electro-Priests are dead, then the shield will fall on Aurora, and you will get to deal with her in a cutscene. Congratulations on finishing the Gleam of the Final Dawn and saving the Reactor.

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