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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Energy Beam Puzzle Guide in Latotian’s Passage - Rogue Trader

Nathan Garvin

It doesn’t matter what the setting is, some things - like light beam puzzles - seem unavoidable in video games. You’ll find one such puzzle in the Latotian’s Passage system in Rogue Trader, and this page will provide a walkthrough for finding and solving the light puzzle in the Unidentified Ruins.

(1 of 2) Scan a dead world in the Lotatian’s Passage system to find some ruins you can explore.

Scan a dead world in the Lotatian’s Passage system to find some ruins you can explore. (left), When your boots are on the ground, head into the ruins and pass a Demolition check to remove some rubble. (right)

How to Solve the Light Puzzle in the Unidentified Ruins

From what you land, head north, then turn west (left) to find the way forward blocked by a rock. Use a Melta "Charge" iconCharge and succeed at a [Demolition] check to clear the way, then head through the archway ahead to find a filthy xeno statue. Not just one, there are five statues, with the largest being the easternmost statue, and all of these statues have swirling crystals floating overhead. Interact with the largest statue and pass a [Lore (Xenos)] check to unleash a blast of energy and unleash a beam of light which emits from the top of the statue. The goal is simple: bounce the light from statue to statue and ultimately into a mouth on the wall to the west… but in which order do you reflect the light through the other statues?

Note a pattern on the floor to the west of the main statue - it shows a pattern of purple lines, indicating the route the beam of light has to travel. Don’t bother with this one, however, as it’s defunct, and if even if you succeed you’ll just be told the pattern no longer works. Instead, search some rubble to the east of the main statue and you’ll uncover (pending a successful [Awareness] check) a second pattern showing the beam of light traveling in a star shape before reaching the mouth.

(1 of 3) Uncover the hidden pattern, then note the five statues that make up the light puzzle.

To make this simpler, we’ll just number all the statues, with the main statue being #1, the southernmost statue being #2, the western two statues being #3 (south) and #4 (north) and the northernmost statue being #5. Click on the statues until the light beam goes to the next statue in the sequence (it can take multiple clicks - each time you interact with a statue it’ll send the light to a different statue) and when it forms the correct pattern and goes into the mouth to the west you’ll be able to claim a treasure. If you move the beam of light somewhere it cannot go, there will be a harmless explosion and the puzzle will reset.

With that in mind, there’s the solution:

  • Click on statue 1 twice until the beam of light goes to statue 3.
  • Click on statue 3 twice until the beam of light goes to statue 5.
  • Click on statue 5 twice until the beam of light goes to statue 2.
  • Click on statue 2 twice until the beam of light goes to statue 4.
  • Click on statue 4 twice until the beam of light goes to statue 1.

When the light hits the statue’s mouth, head over to it and you’ll find a chest in the mouth. Loot it and you’ll obtain an "Ancient Force Sword" iconAncient Force Sword, a Force weapon that deals bonus damage equal to the wielder’s Psy Rating. It’s a fine upgrade for Heinrix.

Second Unidentified Ruins Puzzle Solution

(1 of 3) Create this pattern to unlock the second hidden puzzle and get the achievement for it.

There’s also a second puzzle after this one which you can entirely miss if you’re not careful. Make sure to grab the hidden item in the rubble at the very top right of the map and store it in your backpack if you have not already done so. From there, return back to the puzzle, and slot it into the strange mouth furnace. This will reactivate the light puzzle ready for another puzzle.

From there you need to create a double triangle like pattern, starting with the right side if you’re facing the camera towards the furnace. The pattern for it is:

  1. middle to the top right
  2. bottom right
  3. bottom left
  4. top left
  5. back to center

You’ll get another two item for your troubles. However, you’ll also need to fight a Screamer of Tzeentch and a few horrors, so be prepared for those demons towards the destructable boulder side of the light puzzle.

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