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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Iconoclast Choices and Abilities

Matt Chard

In the prologue of Rogue Trader, you’ll need to make an important choice regarding your beliefs. This choice will be between Iconoclast, Dogmatic, and Heretical. Also known as convictions, this will set up what type of Rogue Trader your character will be. Will you believe in the value of human life and freedom? Pick Iconoclast, or will you put your beliefs in the holiness of the God-Emperor and its laws? Then Dogmatic is your choice. Finally, you have Heretical. Pick this if you want to devote your time, and beliefs to corruption and the taint of the Warp. These choices are not only tied to your character as a whole, but you’ll get different abilities based on your choice, equipment which can only be equipped by your conviction as well as the ending being tied to it. Read on to find out all the choices which grant you Iconoclast experience, and all the abilities you can unlock with it.

Iconoclast is one of the three convictions you can choose with the other two being Dogmatic, and Heretical.

What is an Iconoclast in Rogue Trader?

Iconoclasts believe in the value of human life and freedom. Faith in the power of goodwill, capable of overcoming horrors and dangers of the universe without the need for artificial prohibitions. The desire to seek out common ground and compromise rather than uncompromising destruction.

All Iconoclast Abilities

Here, you’ll find every ability awarded to you every time you rank up your Iconoclast level. There are five ranks in total, each with unique skills. Iconoclast can be leveled up by selecting the [Iconoclast] choices in dialogue at every given opportunity.

Rank Exp Needed Conviction Feature Description
Rank 1 - Follower 15 Above the Thundering Guns The Rogue Trader and two random allies start combat with temporary wounds equal to (their own resolve).
Rank 2 - Adherent 75 Master of Command In the first round of every combat, the Rogue Trader and their allies gain +(2+ Rogue Trader’s Iconoclast rank) additional MP.
Rank 3 - Votary 150 Courage and Steel The Rogue Trader and their allies need 30 less momentum to activate a heroic act.
Rank 4 - Fanatic 300 Transcend the Potential Once per battle the Rogue Trader may choose an ally. The target ally may immediately use their heroic act without spending momentum. Not applicable to allies whose heroic act is on cooldown.
Rank 5 - Zealot 600 Excellence Any attacks from allies that may hit other allies will be dodged if possible. Any allied ability that may target an ally and has a resistance test will be resisted by allies.

(1 of 5) The first ability you’ll unlock at rank one is “Above the Thundering Guns” which allows allies to start with temporary wounds.

All Iconoclast Dialogue Choices

This table will show you every dialogue choice, which allows you to select an Iconoclast response during dialogue, as well as include what experience points you will get when you pick it. You will need to select these choices to level up and acquire the above abilities.

Chapter Area Choice EXP
Prologue Voidship - Upper Decks [Get the people off the bridge.] Led the people out of the fire trap, refusing “Theodora’s” help. 15
Chapter 1 Eurac V - Navis Nobilite Station Spared the Master of Ordnance. 1
Chapter 1 Eurac V - Navis Nobilite Station (Cassia’s room) [Overcome the crushing despair.] Overcame Cassia’s crushing despair with willpower. 2
Chapter 1 Rykadi Philia, the Prison Planetoid - After the first battle [I shall not leave you here to die…] Took the pirate prisoners into your crew. 3
Chapter 1 Voidship Bridge - Janris Danrok [..to dispose of the servitors so that their human souls may be released from torment.] Ordered that the defective servitors be destroyed in order to end their suffering. Look at the servitors before deciding their fate. In the book, select: 1, 1, 1, 4, 3, 1. 3
Chapter 1 Electrodynamic Cenobium [If it helps to save a worthy man, I will put on the cultist’s robes.] Donned the heretics’ clothing to save the Tech-Priest. 2
Chapter 1 Electrodynamic Cenobium [I shall help save him.] Decided to try to save Abel in the Electrodynamic Cenobium. 3
Chapter 1 Electrodynamic Cenobium - Before Boss fight [Enough. I will rid Rykad Minoris of your tyranny.] Vowed to rid Rykad Minoris of Aurora’s tyranny. 3
Chapter 1 Electrodynamic Cenobium - After Boss fight [Toss the shard into the depths of the reactor.] Threw the handguard of the heretical blade into the depths of the reactor. 3
Chapter 1 Rykad Minoris - Starport [What you are doing is no salvation.]
Chapter 1 Rykad Minoris - Starport (During the ceremony) [We’re not abandoning people in distress. Everyone can come with us.] Allowed the terrified citizens to follow you when darkness fell on Rykad Minoris. 3
Chapter 1 Voidship - Bridge (End of Chapter) [Do not forget yourself Interrogator.] Sent rescue shuttles to Rykad Minoris. 15
Chapter 2 Footfall - Docks (Speak to Hieronymus Doloroso for the first time) [I imagine it is very advantageous for the Ecclesiarchy to pose as a congregation of saints.] Doubted the virtues of the Ecclesiarchy while conveying with Reverend Hieronymus. 2
Chapter 2 Footfall - Docks [Since when is orchestrating massacres a sign of virtue?] Disapproved of Incendia Chorda’s bloodlust while conversing with Reverend Hieronymus. 2
Chapter 2 Footfall - Docks (Speak to the Carnival Barker) [I demand that this abuse be stopped and all the captives freed.] / [I will buy all the captives from you.] Purchased the caged “xenos” on Footfall. 5
Chapter 2 Footfall - Docks (Speak to Vladaym Tocara the Liege) [I do not approve of fear of xenotech. One must know and understand the enemy.] Commented on the important role the xeno-artefact trade on Footfall plays in learning more about hostile xenos races. 5
Chapter 2 Footfall - Docks (Speak to Vladaym Tocara the Liege) [I will help Footfall, but not out of desire for profit.] / **[I will buy all the captives from you.]**Agreed to help Footfall without demanding anything in return. 5
Chapter 2 Footfall - Docks (Speak to Vladaym Tocara the Liege) [I wish to help the people in the quarantine zone. I will have medicine delivered to them from my ship.] Sent medicine to the people trapped in the quarantine zone on Footfall. 5
Chapter 2 Footfall - Docks (Near the voidship) [You are pardoned. You may board my ship…] Pardoned the refugees from Kiava Gamma and took them aboard the voidship. 5
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