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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Reclaim What Was Lost Planet Locations - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

Once you complete your journey through Footfall in Chapter 2 of Rogue Trader, you’ll be assigned with rebuilding the Von Valancius protectorate planets. However, these planets remain a mystery, and Abelard and crew indicate you need to visit each one with different priorities. Yet, with the lack of indication, it can seem confusing where the planets are. So, we’re showing you the planet locations for the Reclaim What Was Lost quest in Rogue Trader. Expect instructions on where to go for all planets you can visit and claim in Chapter 2.

Reclaim What Was Lost Planet Locations Walkthrough

(1 of 3) Janus is the first planet you visit after completing Footfall.

So, to complete one of the main quests in Chapter 2, players will need to find the following planets:

  1. Janus - Located in Telikos Epsilon
  2. Dargonus - Mundus Valancius
  3. Kiava Gamma - Cranach
  4. Optional: Vheabos VI - Mortus Achies

The three planets at the top of the list are all main story related. The optional one is another colony that you can establish if you so desire. You can find instructions and starting points on how to get to each one below.

Janus Location - Rogue Trader

From Furinobous, you must travel to Janus, which is in Telikos Epsilon. To do so, simply travel north through the star charts. You’ll find it very close by, simply travel the nearby tutorial star systems, and you will eventually get enough Navigator’s Insight to make it to Janus. When you find the star called Trinnitos, go up the star map again, and you’ll arrive at your destination. Here, you can continue with the main storyline, and also get Yrliet as another companion.

Dargonus Location - Rogue Trader

From there, Dargonus is located a long distance directly up the star map. However, to get there, you will need to start coursing right. From Janus, start scouting the Pulvis Platinum and Silence of Mer-Segri, then go right towards Langrenn’s Belt. From there, you need to go up the map, jumping to Mu-Rho 79, Mundus Nullius, and finally, a big jump towards Mundus Valancius. This will take you towards your capital world of Dargonus, where you can proceed with Cassia and Jae’s storylines and your own main storyline.

If you want your optional mining world, which the game doesn’t indicate you have, you can grab Vheabos VI while in the area. This will require you to Travel upwards from Mundus Valancius. Go up towards Narmer IV, then move up and left towards Mortus Acies. Here, you can find your penal mining colony and restore the projects on Vheabos Vi. This is merely for extra colony management projects with rewards you can grab.

Kiava Gamma Location - Rogue Trader

To get to Kiava Gamma on Cranach, you will need to do a lot of exploring. You can either spend a lot of Navigator’s Insight to do a jump from Mundus Valancius to Crossroads of a hundred Dreams (likely cost around 4-6 depending on the route). Alternatively, you can go the cheaper way and go back to Telikos Epsilon (Janus) and then start exploring from Orsellio Prophecy, grabbing Navigator Insight from the four other star systems, including Crossroads. These stars are already connected, and so, you will be able to farm NI easily here. Once you’re done, travel from Orsellio, Adamant II on the left of the map, and then down towards Tenebris Aquae. One more jump leftward will take you towards Cranach where you can find Kiava Gamma.

Kiava is an important location, as it serves as the likely final location of the three planets you can visit in your Dynasty’s holdings. This area is filled with bosses, with three dotted around the landscape. Two are part of the main storyline, with one being a mini-boss. You can also complete Heinrix’s quest here, alongside getting some more details from Pasqal if you opt to bring him there too, since it is a Manufactorium world, and therefore, lots of Tech Priests can be found.

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