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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Jae Master Tactician Build - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

Jae is a Chapter 2 Companion in Rogue Trader, who has a very special usage of Aeldari and Drukhari weaponry. Combine it with her baseline Officer skills, and you have a character that offers solid support to allies, while being in a position to serve as a support DPS, using some of the most powerful weapons in Chapters 2 and 3. If you’re looking for a character that can utilize some of these aggressive weapons, then look no further than "Jae Heydari" iconJae Heydari’s build in Rogue Trader.

Jae’s Master Tactician Build in Rogue Trader

Jae Heydari is a solid support character, who can later add to your DPS potential in key moments and through higher level talent and skill options.

This Jae Heydari build is for those looking for an alternative build to support DPS options for your squad. She’s arguably one of the weaker companions in the game, yet, for certain team comps, her being a second Officer to grant bonus turns to key allies is a great option. Since you’ll be supporting for most of the turns, this grants ample time to build up Master Tactician stacks, ready for you to unleash an enhanced barrage of incredibly powerful rounds. Considering the power of Drukhari burst fire weapons, this cannot be understated as an option for players looking for a somewhat niche yet functioning build.

The other benefit of this build is that not many other characters get to use Master Tactician since they have much better options for supporting, damage dealing, or tanking, so Jae takes this niche very well. The other benefit of Master Tactician is the Resolve, and therefore, ultimate generation. On harder difficulties, getting Momentum and Resolve is a harder task, so if you are reliant on using those ultimates such as the bonus turns from Officers, extra attacks for Arch-Militants and Warriors, or some other purposes, then this Jae build can cover that niche for you.

It is also important to remember that Jae has the unique Cold Trader feature, "Gunslinger" iconGunslinger, which means that while Jae is fighting with weapons in both hands, the attacks from the second hand (depending on which hand she attacked with first in the round) does not cost any additional AP. You can combine this with the "Pair Holster" iconPair Holster for a Gunslinger build, or you can go close range melee if you so wish, but will require some heavy armor since she is fairly squishy.

With the pretext out of the way, let us dive deeper into the Officer and the Master Tactician talents in the Jae Heydari build in Rogue Trader.

Officer Build

It is important to note that Jae Heydari’s Officer role is locked in place due to when you recruit Jae. So, you won’t be able to change your skills. However, an explanation for the role these have is important to understand what she does, and how she fits into the party.

Order Unlock 1 Unlock 2
1 "Voice of Command" iconVoice of Command
2 Commerce
3 Bring it Down
4 Finest Hour "Commanding Voice" iconCommanding Voice
5 "Fellowship" iconFellowship "Nimble" iconNimble
6 "Lasting Impression" iconLasting Impression "Fellowship" iconFellowship
7 "Move, Move, Move!" iconMove, Move, Move! "Swift Movements" iconSwift Movements
8 "March" iconMarch Commerce
9 Finest Hour 1
10 Persuaion "Ballistic Skill" iconBallistic Skill
11 "Leader's Assault" iconLeader’s Assault "Ballistic Skill" iconBallistic Skill
12 Take Aim Solid Projectile Weapon Expert
13 "Heroism" iconHeroism Persuasion
14 "Willpower" iconWillpower "Las Weapon Expert" iconLas Weapon Expert
15 Finest Hour 3

The Officer skill tree is all about utilizing as much "Fellowship" iconFellowship as possible, which increases her bonuses to a lot of skills. "Voice of Command" iconVoice of Command bonus characteristics scale from this, alongside things like Move, which grants bonus movement and can ignore attacks of opportunity if they have Voice of Command. So, it is perfect for supporting those Assassins and Warriors who need to get into key spots, for example. When you grant more movement, you get a portion of it. It means that Jae has the ability to keep up and use her Officer skills at range to buff her melee allies on the offense, or to bring her backline further forward and support them if needed.

In addition, you get Take Aim. This is really good for pairing with Voice of Command for your snipers, or other shooter characters. Ignoring cover having extra effective range, and ignoring dodge means you’re likely to land that key shot you need to land.

The other important thing to note is that you get Solid Weapon and "Las Weapon Expert" iconLas Weapon Experts. In Chapter 2, look for items like "Blast Pistol" iconBlast Pistol and the "Elite Blast Pistol" iconElite Blast Pistol since they grant dodge reduction and powerful single-target shots. Handy for those free attacks through ult usage or just building Momentum for the next turn when you are Master Tactician. Las weapons and most Aeldari themed weaponry normally have Dodge reduction built in, helping to compensate for the lack of "Perception" iconPerception stats you sadly won’t be able to take using this build.

Master Tactician Build

The Jae Build in Rogue Trader will use Master Tactician to benefit from her Fellowship and other stats for key buffs, enemy execution, and to dish out her own damage when required.

Order Unlock 1 Unlock 2
1 Tactical Advantage "Press the Advantage" iconPress the Advantage
2 "Strongpoint" iconStrongpoint
3 "Stronghold" iconStronghold
4 Orchistrated "Firestorm" iconFirestorm
5 AP Increase "Fellowship" iconFellowship
6 "Fellowship" iconFellowship "Gunslinger" iconGunslinger
7 "Assign Objective" iconAssign Objective
8 "Primary Objective" iconPrimary Objective Optional
9 "Agility" iconAgility It Will Not Die
10 "Hidden Advantage" iconHidden Advantage
11 Optional "Ballistic Skill" iconBallistic Skill
12 Orchistrated "Firestorm" iconFirestorm 2
13 "Nerves of Steel" iconNerves of Steel
14 Optional "Ballistic Skill" iconBallistic Skill
15 "Ready to Serve" iconReady to Serve "Linchpin" iconLinchpin
16 "Reliance" iconReliance
17 "Agility" iconAgility Optional
18 Grenadier
19 "Agility" iconAgility "Trusty Weapons" iconTrusty Weapons
20 Orchestrated "Firestorm" iconFirestorm 1

Master Tactician is a good choice for Archetype, considering the Archetype scales very well with Fellowship. Since you have immovable Fellowship, you may as well take advantage of it.

From there, we have some creative choices ahead of us. We recommend staying in that support role, taking "Stronghold" iconStronghold early and its talent upgrade, since that grants Temporary Wounds based on Tactical Advantage stacks you have. You get these stacks based on every 5 Momentum earned in combat, with a starting bonus based on Fellowship. So, you can easily start granting easy Temp Wounds to allies that you’re using as tanks (like Heinrix’s Vanguard build) or to support exposed allies. On harder difficulties, this can be clutch. Supporting that role with Stronghold then grants half those temp wounds to the closest ally. Chances are that extra Temp Wound is going to your Warrior and an Operator, or someone like "Ulfar" iconUlfar when you unlock him. It is also another reason you want "Against All Odds" iconAgainst All Odds, so you can get more stacks based on enemies in combat. This means more buffing potential for your squad early on.

"Assign Objective" iconAssign Objective is a good skill worth taking since it will synergize very well with Momentum generation for ultimates and your Tactical Advantage stacks. You want to Assign Objectives to enemies that have Bounty Stacks on them. It’s likely to be used on Yrliet’s targets to snipe and crit to death. Yrliet’s build is by far the best companion for damage in the game with her crits, so, it’s easy to support her that way using this skill. Argenta or an Assassin build such as Abelard or "Marazhai" iconMarazhai’s is also a good shout if you’re playing with them too. The "Primary Objective" iconPrimary Objective talent that links with Assign Objective also grants a 7% damage buff, so you can help guarantee that the target dies before Jae’s next turn.

In addition, we also give you Gunslinger early, so you can start taking advantage of that dual weapon combat playstyle. Dual Weapon combat Gunslinger, and a Pair Holster make it incredibly cheap to fire twice per turn, with potential multishots per round without needing support to get extra turns. Throw on some extra crit chance accessories, and either give her the "Commissar" iconCommissar Cap for more crit for the party, and you’re off to a good start for her dual wield offense strategy, while your remaining talents improve her support utility, all the while grabbing more "Ballistic Skill" iconBallistic Skill and Perception where possible to land your attacks.

Exemplar Build

Order Unlock 1 Unlock 2
1 Eager Subordinates Steady
2 Optional "Joint Offensive" iconJoint Offensive
3 "Ballistic Skill" iconBallistic Skill Character Training: "Ballistic Skill" iconBallistic Skill
4 "Break Their Ranks!" iconBreak Their Ranks! Optional
5 Perfection Under Fire "Brutal Hunter" iconBrutal Hunter
6 "Fellowship" iconFellowship "Steel Resolve" iconSteel Resolve
7 "Inspire" iconInspire "Fellowship" iconFellowship
8 Support the Advance Characteristics Training: "Toughness" iconToughness
9 Optional "Critical Velocity" iconCritical Velocity

The Exemplar build is all about rounding out that support build, while further enhancing those late talent crit modifiers for your Laz gun. You’ll be taking talents that grant better crit, alongside "Brutal Hunter" iconBrutal Hunter. When playing against enemies at this stage of the game, especially on harder difficulties, 50% of an enemy’s wounds is a lot of wounds, so you can get some great crit and support damage here. After the ninth level in Exemplar, most of the remaining talents are very niche or affect your build minimally, so, grab any remaining damage improvement talents in Master Tactician or some other simple yet effective Officer talents. And any remaining Exemplar talents you can get should go to making sure your survivability and sustain in combat is good to cope with the ending bosses and other challenging fights.

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Hello It's no longer possible to take Gunslinger Feature so what would you take instead ? And Jae has non longer Death world origin so trusty weapon isn't available

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That linked Strongpoint Skill is an Grand Strategist Skill!😅

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Hello. It seems, there is a mistake in guide.

On a Master Tactician block: 4: Orchistrated "Firestorm" iconFirestorm missed a link.

And the same on 2 and 3 lvl-s at least.

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Hello It's no longer possible to take Gunslinger Feature so what would you take instead ? And Jae has non longer Death world origin so trusty weapon isn't available

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That linked Strongpoint Skill is an Grand Strategist Skill!😅

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Hello. It seems, there is a mistake in guide.

On a Master Tactician block: 4: Orchistrated "Firestorm" iconFirestorm missed a link.

And the same on 2 and 3 lvl-s at least.

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