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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Imperial Navy Reputation & Rewards Guide - Rogue Trader

Matt Chard

Early in Chapter 2 of Rogue Trader, you can find a ship called Drusus’s Blessing in the Furibundus System. Hailing the ship allows you to trade with the Imperial Navy. Unlike the other trade merchants in the game, this faction only offers you rewards related to upgrades for your ship and its prowess in combat. This makes it one of the main ways to upgrade your ship in the game outside of a few Colony Projects. Read on to find out exactly where the Imperial Navy trader is and all the rewards you can get from it.

Chartist Captain Austerius Thorfast is the merchant for the Imperial Navy.

Who is the Imperial Navy?

Also known as the Navis Imperialis, the Imperial Navy is composed of numerous battlefleets whose sole purpose is to protect the human empire from any existential threat, including the Xenos. Outside the battlefleets, the Imperial Navy has footholds in many spaceports, military facilities, and orbital research stations.

Imperial Navy Merchant Location

Portrait Merchant Name Location
Austerius Thorfast.png Chartist Captain Austerius Thorfast Drusus’ Blessing (ship), Furibundus

If you want to trade with the Imperial Navy, you’ll need to find the Drusus’ Blessing ship, which is situated in the Furibundus system, south of Footfall. This won’t be available until early Chapter 2 as you won’t be able to reach the ship until then.

(1 of 2) The Imperial Navy vendor can be found in the Furibundus system.

The Imperial Navy vendor can be found in the Furibundus system. (left), Make your way to the Drussus’ Blessing ship south of Footfall to find them. (right)

How to Rank Up Imperial Navy Reputation

You can rank up the Imperial Navy similarly to the other merchants with the only difference being that the Imperial Navy will only accept Void Trophies (Necron, Aeldari, Drukhari, Heretic, and Pirate). Because of this, it’s generally harder to rank up than the other merchants, but on the flip side, it has fewer ranks to level up. You’ll predominantly find these trophies from specific battles/areas regarding these races, or by fighting space battles. One other way you can get some Imperial Navy Reputation is by completing specific Colony projects, which reward it. Below you’ll find all the cargo the Imperial Navy will accept.

Cargo Reputation Points (RP)
Void Necron Trophies 700
Void Aeldari Trophies 500
Void Drukhari Trophies 400
Void Heretic Trophies 150
Void Pirate Trophies 150

All Imperial Navy Reputation Rewards

Below you’ll find all the rewards for each rank of Reputation for the Imperial Navy faction. This will show you what rank you need to be and how much Profit Factor you’ll need to purchase that piece of gear.

Rep. Rank Reward Required Profit Factor
0 Mark-201.b Augur Array, Jovian Pattern Class 1 Drive 13, 15
1 Repulsor Shield, Military Ceramite Voidship Plating 20, 22
2 Ryza-Pattern Plasma Battery, Gryphonne-Pattern Torpedo Tubes (Plasma) 23, 26
3 Compound Void Array, Glimmer-Pattern Void Shield Array 28, 30
4 Lathe Pattern 2B Engine, Assault Ceramite Voidship Plating 33, 36
5 Sunhammer Lance Battery, Fortis-Pattern Torpedo Tube (Plasma), Scrap Box x5 39, 42, 0
6 Stygies-Pattern Macro-Battery, Gryphonne-Pattern Torpedo Tube (Melta Torpedoes) 45, 50
7 Archotech Macro Battery, Hecutor-Pattern Class Plasma Battery 53, 58
8 X-470 Ultimo Array, Fortis-Pattern Torpedo Tube (Melta) 69, 62
9 Archotech Repulsor Shield, Saturnine-Pattern Class 5 Engine 73, 85
10 Galleon Adamantine Voidship Plating, Voidsunder Lance Battery 89, 93
11 R-50 Auspex Multi-Band, Scrap Container x4 95, 94
12 Triple Void Shield Array 99
13 Jovian Pattern Class 4.5 Drive 103
14 Military Adamantine Voidship Plating 105

(1 of 2) To give you an idea on what to expect from the Imperial Navy. This shield is a reward at rank 12.

To give you an idea on what to expect from the Imperial Navy. This shield is a reward at rank 12. (left), Even the rank 10 ship parts make a huge difference. (right)

Best Imperial Navy Rewards

If you want to clear the toughest space battles in Rogue Trader, you’ll want to gradually progress through these rewards, as all of these are either an upgrade or a side grade at worst. It should go without saying that the higher the rank, the better the ship part, so you will want to slowly work your way through the ranks.

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