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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Aeldari in Distress: Locations & Choices - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

The Aeldari in Distress quest is a personal mission for Yrliet, your resident sniper character you can recruit from Janus. If you’ve been paying attention to her storyline, you’ll know she is interested in finding out what happened to her fellow Craftworld residents scattered across the galaxy, and the general fate of her people in the Koronus Expanse. However, like the Reclaim What Was Lost Quest, players will find that the areas Yrliet suggest visiting are spread across the star map. It means you will need to explore the Expanse and find these stars. Here’s where to find all the stars for the Aeldari in Distress quest in Rogue Trader.

Aledari in Distress Locations

To complete the quest, players will need to find three-star systems, which are as follows.

  1. Forgotten Twins
  2. Odaenathus XI
  3. Tenebris Aquae

Forgotten Twins Location

The first star system that’s easy to find for the Aeldari in Distress quest is the Forgotten Twins System.

If we start from Janus, the closest star system to you is the Forgotten Twins. Players can find this location by looking at the bottom right corner of your screen (if centered on Janus’ system). Simply follow the path to the right towards Langrenn’s Belt, then go down towards the Forgotten Twins. Interact with the ship in the FT system and learn what you can about its Aeldari origins. There isn’t much to discover here, as you’ll find the derelict ship adrift through space. But you do get some insight from Yrliet though.

Odaenathus Xi Location

(1 of 2) The system is heavily guarded by Drukhari, so sneak through the star systems as best you can. Filter through to Yrliet’s sisters and brothers, and tick off the second objective in the Aeldari in Distress Quest.

The system is heavily guarded by Drukhari, so sneak through the star systems as best you can. Filter through to Yrliet’s sisters and brothers, and tick off the second objective in the Aeldari in Distress Quest. (left), You can find the Odaenathus Xi star system at the very top of the star map. (right)

The next on the list is the Odaenathus Xi system. This is located towards the top part of the star system in Chapter 2. From the Forgotten Twins, move up through the map by going to Mu-Rho 79, Mundus Nulius, Mundus Valancius, Narmer IV, and then right towards Odaenthius XI.

Be warned that when you arrive at the Odaenthus System, you will find four Drukhari vessels, each guarding a POI in the system. If you arrive too close to them, or go near the plants they’re guarding, you will get into a space battle. These hips call reinforcements in from their neighboring allies in the same system, so, you’ll have a very tough space battle on your hands. Avoid going anywhere near the planets, and you’ll avoid space combat. Worm your way through the gaps, and go and check out the Aeldari vessel. You’ll be able to scavenge and loot what you can from the ship too to learn more about what happened to the craft.

Tenebris Aquae Location

(1 of 2) Tenebris can be found on the far left of the star map for the Aeldari in Distress Quest.

Tenebris can be found on the far left of the star map for the Aeldari in Distress Quest. (left), You have a choice to either save the Aeldari by coming to its rescue or persuade the imperials to stop firing or fire at the ship. All options fail to contact the Aeldari vessel regardless. (right)

The final star system is the Tenebris Aquae system. The location of this is toward the far left of the star map, and one where players will need to travel quite a bit. We recommend returning to Telikos Epsilon, aka Janus. From there, navigate to Orsellio Prophecy and then navigate left towards Adermatt II. You can now move down one star system and visit Tenebris Aquae.

Here, you’ll find an ongoing ship battle, where the Imperial Fleet is engaging on an Aeldari ship. You have the choice to aid the ship by engaging the two Imperial vessels, which allows the Aeldari ship to escape. If you tell the Imperial vessel to stand down, the Aeldari will attempt to flee, and when you catch up to it, its engines will go into overdrive and destroy the ship. Sadly, there’s no decent solution to contacting the Aeldari here. Yet, this is the final location you need to go. Don’t worry about this, as you’ll get much more information on Yrliet’s questline later in Chapter 3. But, with that said and done, you’ll be through the Aeldari in Distress mission in Rogue Trader.

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