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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Outcast Duty Walkthrough - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

The Outcast Duty quest is another one of Yrliet’s personal questlines in Rogue Trader, where players will need to aid her in finding the rumored Aeldari incursions into "Calligos Winterscale" iconCalligos Winterscale’s domain. While on the quest, you are tasked with finding the Aeldari and then calming Winterscale down later on. To assist you through the process, we have a Walkthrough for the Outcast Duty quest in Rogue Trader, aiding you on the location of the quest, alongside how to calm Winterscale down.

Outcast Duty Location, Rogue Trader

Here is a guide to the Outcast Duty Quest in Rogue Trader, featuring the location of the Aeldari, and tips on completing the quest.

For those wondering, the location of the Outcast Duty Questline takes place on Quetza Temer, a planet in the star system known as the Nameless Twins. You can find the Nameless Twins star system in the lower right corner of the star map. You’ll have likely visited this star system before if you’ve done the Mercatum Tabula quest.

Once there, approach the planet near where Calligos ship is hailing you from, and enter. When you arrive on the planet, you have some searching to do. The search will take you through a variety of maps to find both Calligos and then, later on, the Aeldari you need to find for the Outcast Duty quest. We recommend doing the following steps:

  • Start at the landing site and take the right map loading button.
  • Continue up the map to the next loading map.
  • Defeat the hostile Aeldari on the next map and take the next map option on the right side of the map.
  • This takes you to a village in the forest. Speak to the people in the village and explore at your leisure, then proceed past them, and take a map exit on the left-hand side at the top of the village.
  • Go through this small riverbank map, disable the turret, and turn left towards a new level.
  • Navigate the new level and loot as you wish, and then go towards a new map at the back of the base. You should ideally unlock the container and grab the "Tempestus Carapace Elite Backpack" iconTempestus Carapace Elite Backpack for your Burst Fire builds.

Once you load into this map, you find Calligos, and promise to escort him and his party to the forest people’s village. However, you’ll need to do some side-tracking. Go back through the levels you came from until you come across a large mound of caskets. Make sure to open the bunker as you can get a nice weapon called the "Stupor" iconStupor. From there, you’ll find there will be four buttons you can press. Make sure to press each button at least once and navigate back and forth between this level and other levels you’ve already been to. Eventually, one of the buttons on the map will take you back to the forest village. For us, it was the first one near the stream, but it might be different for you.

When you return to the forest village, you can talk to Calligos, and tell him you want to seek the Aeldari out. This will take you to where you need to find the Aeldari for Yrliet’s quest.

Calming Calligos Down

(1 of 2) Go through the dialogue with Calligos, select the Iconoclast option, then try to convince him using one of these three methods.

Go through the dialogue with Calligos, select the Iconoclast option, then try to convince him using one of these three methods. (left), If you pass one of these checks, then you’ll successfully calm Calligos’ Temper, and be free to complete the Outcast Duty quest in Rogue Trader. (right)

When you arrive at the Aeldari location for the Outcast’s Duty questline, you will get the opportunity to speak to both Calligos’ and the Aeldari parties. It is here where you will need to convince Calligos to stand down. You’ll get three options to persuade him using Commerce, "Fellowship" iconFellowship and Persuasion. Simply passing one will allow you to save the Aeldari, and Calligos will walk away.

Once Calligos has calmed down, you can either stop the Aeldari ritual or support Yrliet through the decision as part of the Yrliet Romance. Either way, once Calligos is gone, you’ll have completed the Outcast Duty Quest in Rogue Trader.

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