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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

How to Remove Chapter 3 Commorragh Story Debuffs - Rogue Trader

Nathan Garvin

When you reach Commorragh in Chapter 3, you’re not at your best. In fact, after being betrayed, captured, tortured, and discarded down a corpse chute, you’re in a sorry state, and this is reflected both statistically and narratively. The former is by far the more concerning, as it renders you far less effective in combat, and if you’re going to muster the strength to survive and escape the Drukhari city, you’ll need to get those wounds fixed. This page will discuss how you can remove the story debuffs that will plague you in Chapter 3 of Rogue Trader.

(1 of 4) When you gain control in Commarragh, you’ll find yourself afflicted with several severe debuffs.

How to Remove Chapter 3 Commorragh Debuffs

There’s no quick solution to your woes, but if we had to be succinct about removing your debuffs in Chapter 3, the general way to do it is to advance the main questline. Of course, there are plenty of detours you can take along the way, and while advancing the main questline will suffice for your protagonist, some of your companions are also maimed and their restoration may require some extraneous exploration. That being the case, we’ll go into some detail about how to remove all those nasty debuffs and get yourself in a better position to survive the combat encounters in Chapter 3.

First things first, your malaise comes in several forms, as you’ll have the following debuffs applied when you begin crawling around in Commorragh:

Debuff Effect
A Hundred Wounds
Darkened Eye -30 "Perception" iconPerception
Deformed Bones -30 "Agility" iconAgility
Hamstrung -30 "Strength" iconStrength

Needless to say, these are pretty substantial debuffs to important combat characteristics, and they’ll have knock-on effects on skills and derived stats like hit rolls, damage rolls, dodge, and more. Kind of surprising that "Toughness" iconToughness isn’t influenced as well, honestly. In addition, you’ll also have the debuff “A Hundred Wounds”, but its effects are less obvious and may just be there for flavor, indicating, as the description says, that you’re “on the verge of death”.

In order to get rid of these crippling impediments, you’ll need to navigate through the Chasm area, making your way to the southwestern corner where you’ll find an area transition to the Pit. Along the way, you’ll need to avoid some prowling Drukhari by passing an [Athletics] check and with some judicious movement - make a run for it when they’re not near the route you need to take. If you get too close, a fight will ensue, and you’re probably not in any position to win, even in Story difficulty. Even without the debuffs, your lack of gear would be a significant obstacle, but together it may just be an insurmountable handicap. If you’re bold you can try to loot a Drukhari jetbike to score Incubus Blade Armor, "Wear-Resistant Boots" iconWear-Resistant Boots, and 3x "Liquifier Grenades" iconLiquifier Grenades. If you miss out on these now, they won’t be here when you return.

Anywho, make your way into the Pit and confront a snake-xenos named Malice. He’s about as helpful as a butter knife at a spaghetti dinner, and to advance the conversation meaningfully you’ll have to pass out, which you can achieve via various means - repair a convector for him, beg and grovel until your body gives out, or try to snatch some xenos drugs from him with a [Coercion] check. Just don’t attack him, otherwise you’ll end up killed via dialog. After you pass out, Malice will be amused at your antics enough to order his minions to render crude medical aid, which removes all of the aforementioned debuffs.

How to Remove the Mind Maggot Debuff

We wouldn’t have found the need to write this page if shaking your debuffs was so easy, however. Once you recover, Malice will demand you kill another character for him - the "Commissar" iconCommissar. Your compliance or refusal is performative and ignored at this point in time, so say whatever you will. When you’re back in control you’ll notice that the four aforementioned debuffs are gone, but you’ve got a fancy new one replacing them:

Debuff Effect
Mind Maggot’s Agony -10 "Intelligence" iconIntelligence, -10 "Perception" iconPerception

This debuff is nowhere near as debilitating as the ones you just removed, although it’ll still affect some skills and your dodge chance negatively. There are story implications, too, and pausing every few steps to rein in a bout of delusion is tedious enough to be worth seeking out a cure even without the other effects.

In order to remove this debuff you’ll need to advance the story further; [choose whether to side with Malice or the Commissar] and whatever your choice you’ll end up in an arena, where you’ll have to emerge victorious to earn your escape. By now you should have some weapons and companions, so while you’re nowhere near peak performance, you should be beyond getting gutted by wandering Drukhari or their pets.

After winning the arena bout, leave and you’ll be back at the Chasm. Make your way to the northeastern edge of the area and talk to a Wrack guarding the entrance to the Anatomical Opera. Gain entrance, then talk to Tervantias the Archmachinator to trigger a cutscene. The Drukhari Haemonculus will remove his Mind Maggot from you and with it the debuff. You’ll also get back your gear, which further improves your prospects. At this point in time you should be entirely free of debuffs, even though you subsequently find yourself indebted to Tervantias, requiring you to survive a second arena battle.

(1 of 2) Abelard will have the Stolen Time debuff when he joins you in Chapter 3,

Abelard will have the Stolen Time debuff when he joins you in Chapter 3, (left), and like your protagonist’s Mind Maggot’s Agony debuff, Tervantias can fix up Abelard, if you pay him. (right)

How to Remove Companion Debuffs in Chapter 3 Commorragh

Now that your main character is right as rain - surroundings and circumstances aside - it’s time to talk about your companions. Depending on who you had in your party when you boarded the Chartist Vessel at the start of Chapter 3 and the actions you’ve taken since reaching Commorragh, you may have companions with debuffs, too. Commorragh isn’t biased about who it victimizes, after all. For example, "Abelard" iconAbelard will almost certainly have the Stolen Time debuff due to his run-in with a horror in the Mangled Sector, and if you don’t convince "Pasqal" iconPasqal to remove his filthy xenos implants when you find him on the streets of the Chasm he’ll have the Unholy Flesh debuff.

(1 of 2) Be sure to convince Pasqal to tear out the corrupting xenometal,

Be sure to convince Pasqal to tear out the corrupting xenometal, (left), otherwise he’ll suffer from the Unholy Flesh debuff. (right)

How to Remove Abelard’s Stolen Time Debuff

In the case of some of Abelard’s debuff, Tervantias the Archmachinator is both the cause of and solution to your problems. After the first arena fight, you’ll need to see Tervantias the Archmachinator who will heal your wounds for a price. After you agree to do its bidding and collect your weapons, talk to the xenos again and pick the dialog option “I require your aid, Haemonculus.” then “Is there anything I can offer to repay a being of such brilliance for the attention he may graciously grant me?”. At this point Yrliet - if she’s alive and in your party - will offer herself up as payment, and if you pick the option “Accept your payment. She is yours.” you’ll get a free transaction. If not, you’ll have to surrender one of the various battle trophies you could have claimed around Commorragh, such as the Veteran’s Electro Graft, Cameleoline Skin, or Arena Beast’s Claws, among others. Either way, once you’ve bartered for Tervantias’s services, pick the option “I met a monster in the Mangled Sector, a creature that can steal years of its victims’ lives and mutilate their bodies. Are you able to heal that?” and he’ll remove the “Stolen Time” debuff from Abelard.

How to Avoid the Unholy Flesh Debuff

Unlike Abelard’s “Stolen Time” debuff, Pasqal’s “Unholy Flesh” is avoidable, and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you just don’t catch it at all. To do this you’ll need to make some specific dialog choices when you find Pasqal - he’ll appear along the southeastern end of the Chasm area after you finish the first arena fight. Talk to Pasqal and pick the following dialog options:

  • “What happened to you?”
  • “Is there a way I can help you?”
  • “Purge your body of this corruption at once!”

Once done, you need to pick the [Dogmatic] option or succeed at a [Coercion] check. This will cause Pasqal to rip the xenos implants out and paradoxically end up better off for it. This prevents Pasqual from being afflicted with the “Unholy Flesh” debuff. If you pick the option “If it does not pose an immediate threat to your life, leave the xenometal inside your body for now. We will deal with this later.” then select the Heretical] option or pass a [Persuasion] check and Pasqal will decide to live with the xenometal, which afflicts him with the aforementioned debuff.

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