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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

The Starport Quest Walkthrough in Rogue Trader: Find Out, Ancient Cannon, Command Bunker

Craig Robinson

The Starport quest requires the Rogue Trader to embrace the Rykid Minoris planet system and investigate ways to get more crew for her ship. Yet, the planet is on lockdown, with vessels grounded and heretical rebellions going on throughout the city. Who said it was easy refilling a crew? Well, with the situation established, you now have the Starport quest to complete and progress to the point where you can complete the main storyline. However, you must solve a few investigation checkpoints to complete the mission. Missing one can fail the quest. So, here’s a look at all the steps you need to complete The Starport in Rogue Trader.

Starport Quest Walkthrough in Rogue Trader

A quest walkthrough for the Starport mission in Rogue Trader featuring Ancient Cannon, What is Going On, and Bunker objective guides.

Upon landing on the Rykid Minoris planet, you are tasked with escorting your squad to find a Tech Priest moving towards the capital with a mercenary escort. However, the path to it is under hostile control, so fight off the rebels near your shuttle landing spot and proceed through the spaceport landing area. When you reach the east side of the map, you will come across Pasqal, who you can recruit to your squad.

From here, proceed through the remaining area and enter the capital section.

Find Out What is Going On - Starport Objective

The Find Out What is Going On part of the quest is mysterious, with players required to find clues as to what is causing the Cultist rebellion. The three clues you need to find to pass the objective are:

  1. The Rebels have performed Blasphemous sorcery and blinded one of the heretics with an enormous lens.
  2. Heretics believe in the ‘Final Dawn’ - a strange event that will soon bring doom to this world.
  3. The rebels talk in raptures about Aurora, the mysterious leader of the rebellion.

(1 of 3) Investigate the choices at the Warehouse and find out more information on just how exactly these Unholy Lenses are used to create Blind Heretics.

The first objective is located inside the Warehouse in the capital. You will find cultists gathered around an Unholy Lens. If you complete the mission on the planetoid for The Chosen Lens, you will have a prompt that will allow you to recognize the Lens, which is the same as the one in the Pit on the prison planet. You will also identify that the Cultists are using Prisoners from that world to turn them into blind cultists on this one.

As for the Heretics who believes in the Final Dawn, you can interrogate the wounded imposter. You find the Imposter at the start of the Capital section of the city, who is the soldier in the unfitting clothing. They escort you to an ambush spot full of rebels. Once you defeat the rebels, you can interrogate them and click all the dialogue options to figure out more information on who and what is going on, and thus find some info about Aurora and the Final Dawn prophecy.

The third point is all about Aurora. There are a few ways to learn more about Aurora through Chapter 1. Once again, Aurora is mentioned in the Planetoid mission when you learn more about the Warden’s acts. You can ask him what/who is Aurora and get a tease of what is to come. But back to Rykid Minoris. The planet has a few more ways to learn about Aurora. There is a pamphlet on the wall in the top left corner of the Warehouse, near the safe, which you can find hanging from the wall. If you beat the Warden, you can also find a letter on the dead Cultist Leader in the Warehouse that has a letter with your name on it and how you defeated the Warden. There’s also a short bit after the Warehouse on the road leading to the bunker where there’s a Mad Oldman with citizens shouting his birth name at him. You can find out more about Aurora from him, but if you’ve done all this, you should have the objective listed in your journal.

With these three things noted, you can progress with the remaining mission.

Destroy the Ancient Cannon - The Starport Quest

You must destroy the Ancient Cannon for the Governor, alongside your sanity, so you can return to your ship and rest your wounded soldiers.

The next major part of the mission is to destroy the Ancient Cannon. If you intend to complete the entire quest before reaching the Governor, then remember to destroy the Ancient Cannon using the Demolition skill. You can find the Ancient Cannon in the Thoroughfare exit at the top end of the Warehouse segment.

Be warned, this area is filled with hostiles, with rebels on the ground, surrounding the Ancient Cannon itself. However, the deadliest threat is the Sniper on top of the building on the lower section of the Thoroughfare streets. You will need someone to remove this character, as it can deal damage onward of 22-27, which can one-shot a few of your more squishier companions.

Once you’ve cleared the area, you can freely interact with the Ancient Cannon. Do this before visiting the Governor, or that objective will fail when you speak to the Governor. You’ll need to spend one Melta Charge, which you should have on you from the tutorial or from the Voidship trader in the system. This will complete a side quest objective for the Gleam of the Final Dawn mission, too.

Speak to the Governor

Now that you have arrived at the Bunker feel free to speak to the Governor, complete the Starport quest in Rogue Trader, and advance further through the main storyline.

Now, the only thing left is to head towards the command bunker the Governor is in. The bunker is in the final segment of the city. Either take the tunnel to the left in the Warehouse or go through the gates closest to the Ancient Cannon and destroy it. No matter which method you choose, you’ll find the Mad Oldman we mentioned in the Find Out What is Going On section. Defeat his band of rebels and use cover, as there are a lot of Snipers on the far end of the road. It might be wise for you to use Breaching Heroic Action on Abelard and get as close to them as possible, or use a Sniper of your own to clear the path against them, with the rest of your party mopping up the rebels close by, along with the ones that spawn behind you.

Once the combat is over, proceed through the map and go through the remaining doors. It should lead you to the command bunker, where you can speak to the Governor. Here, you complete the Starport questline, unlock shuttling back to your ship, and get a new quest to assist the Mechanicum with their holy site, where we believe Aurora is located. This concludes how to complete The Starport Quest in Rogue Trader, and you can now proceed with the Adeptus Mechanicus and Pasqal missions, save the planet, and restore your ship’s crew as the Governor promised.

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