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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Heinrix's Warrior Vanguard Build - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

Heinrix is a "Sanctioned Psyker" iconSanctioned Psyker who you recruit at the mid-point of Act 1 in the Cenobium as part of the events of Rykad Minoris. When you recruit him, you get new additional Biomancer powers blended into Warrior style content. The "Biomancy" iconBiomancy and Warrior is really interesting, as players can get great "Toughness" iconToughness and "Strength" iconStrength boosts, making it a formidable soldier. Combine its Biomancy staff, and Heinrix has the ability to provide solid sustain when not threatened. With that said, Heinrix makes for a powerful tank type character, which is exactly one of the strong and viable ways you can play Heinrix. If this is the role you want for your Inquisitor, then here’s a closer look at our Warrior Vanguard Heinrix build in Rogue Trader.

Heinrix’s Psyker powers and affinity for melee combat enable him to become a powerful Paladin-type class. Here’s a closer look at a Heinrix Build in Rogue Trader which offers just that.

Heinrix Build - Rogue Trader

The core tenants of the Heinrix build will be using a mixture of "Willpower" iconWillpower for magical buffs, crit enhancing, toughness, and dodge to make him a tanky beast. This is important, thanks to you needing Parry, critical hit and chance through weapon skill, willpower for your magic synergy, and toughness for tankyness. Throw in some "Agility" iconAgility and dodge modifiers, and Heinrix is capable of surviving heavy melee and ranged encounters. Keep these facets in mind for the Archetype builds still to come.

Note that throughout this build, you will find the word preference. This largely indicates options for party role checks or additional services like using Medicae items in combat. So, go with whatever version of Heinrix is better suited for your party, and based on what holes there are to fill. Medicae is okay since you’re front-lining and taking a beating, but, there are more dedicated Med-care characters with the likes of Argenta builds and Pasqal builds for that role. But it is not necessary.

Warrior Build

Order Unlock 1 Unlock 2
1 "Dash" iconDash
2 Coercion
3 "Endure" iconEndure
4 Daring Breach Defensive Manoeuvres
5 Enrage "Agility" iconAgility
6 "Invigorate" iconInvigorate Coercion
7 "Toughness" iconToughness "Blade of Light" iconBlade of Light
8 Preference "Pulse of Life" iconPulse of Life
9 Daring Breach 3
10 Psy Rating 1 "Toughness" iconToughness
11 "Taunting Scream" iconTaunting Scream "Nimble" iconNimble
12 "Weapon Skill" iconWeapon Skill Preference
13 Thick Skin Preference
14 "Willpower" iconWillpower Dueling Mastery
15 Daring Breach 1

In the Warrior section, we’ll largely be taking Warrior talents that make you more tanky, while offering you the movement, and basic Psyker magic to get the build started. The key mechanisms of the build involve Defensive Manoeuvres for dodge increase on charges. You’ll be using this a lot to get around, and keeping up a nice dodge buff for evading annoying shooter enemies, especially when there’s a lot of them. In addition, you get some early sustain with "Pulse of Life" iconPulse of Life, and that gets improved through Enrage’s crit modifiers, offering a handy crit burst heal when the dice is on your side. All in all you get some good early synergy. You also want to grab "Taunting Scream" iconTaunting Scream as your final warrior skill, which sets you up nicely to have a great Taunt ready for Vanguard, since you’ll need to get Priority Targets to make Vanguard’s talents work.

Vanguard Build

Taunting groups of enemies to force them to hit you and build your Unyielding Stacks up turns you into a sturdy tank.

Order Unlock 1 Unlock 2
1 "Unyielding Beacon" iconUnyielding Beacon
2 "Wall of Rockcrete" iconWall of Rockcrete It Will Not Die
3 Wall of Ferrocrete
4 Unyielding Guard Preference
5 AP increase "Weapon Skill" iconWeapon Skill
6 "Strength" iconStrength Taunting Defense
7 "Defensive Stance" iconDefensive Stance Preference
8 Formidable Distraction Edge of Dawn
9 "Toughness" iconToughness Psy Rating 2
10 Enduring Shield
11 Preference "Toughness" iconToughness
12 Unyielding Guard 3
13 Renitent Beacon
14 Preference "Willpower" iconWillpower
15 "Enfeeble" iconEnfeeble
16 Psy Rating 3
17 "Willpower" iconWillpower Preference
18 "Power Weapon Expert" iconPower Weapon Expert
19 Combat Master
20 Unyielding Guard 1

Your talents in the Vanguard tree are all designed for supporting your ability to cast Taunting Scream and live to the following turn. Enemies in Chapter 2 and beyond get more punishing and numerous, so, having the defensive abilities like "Endure" iconEndure, Rockcrete, and other supporting talent buffs via Armor, Dodge, Reflection and more are all key to the class. From there, you can start picking up other talents handy for proving support by lowering enemy dodge, aiding your operators in their role, alongside buffing your own self-healing and psyker magic capabilities when possible. You can even do some cheesy taunt traps with parrying enemies, provoking attack of opportunity, and then successive attack of opportunity taunting them again if you really want to. All in all, you will become the frontman of the band, garnering all the attention from the heretics in the moshpit and coping with it.

In addition, there’s some really nice armor and other Psyker related accessories you can grab from around Chapter 3 and 4 onward. You can find lots of Psy items from Commorragh, and the Kasballica faction have specific Psyker heavy armor purchases, alongside items like the Warp Surge Brooch that enables you to attack as many time as your Psy level is for the first turn of combat. That’s a lot of whacking for some incredible damage.

Exemplar Build

When you reach Exemplar, you’re largely taking Exemplar talents that bolster your crit for synergy in the warrior tree, and more Exemplar buffs to support your survivability. Below is an example of what the first few levels can look like for the Heinrix build.

Order Unlock 1 Unlock 2
1 Tough As Steel "Strange Vitality" iconStrange Vitality
2 Preference "Still Mind" iconStill Mind
3 "Toughness" iconToughness "Subtle Manipulation" iconSubtle Manipulation
4 "Regeneration" iconRegeneration Preference
5 "Full Attention" iconFull Attention Psy Rating 4
6 "Willpower" iconWillpower "Inscribed Soul" iconInscribed Soul
7 "Warp Speed" iconWarp Speed "Willpower" iconWillpower

From here, feel free to spec into whatever you prefer. There are still a few psychic spells available to grab to boost that playstyle, including other warrior and vanguard talents. It all really depends on what your party role is by this point in the game. Also, when more Exemplar talents come up, grab "Flesh Wounds" iconFlesh Wounds and "Critical Velocity" iconCritical Velocity. Flesh Wounds is a nice heal, and Critical Velocity is handy for crit strike chance and damage, which also affects your Pulse of Life. "Relentless" iconRelentless is also a good option for self healing. This concludes the Heinrix Build in Rogue Trader, showing you how to build this magical tank class, and become the Cleric that the 40k universe deserves.

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