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Pasqal Companions


Pasqal Haneumann is a venerable Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus. For the glory of the Machine-God Omnissiah, he performs sacred maintenance algorithms and protects the blessed mystery of Technology from the ignorant. As a member of the Explorator Fleet, "Pasqal" iconPasqal leads an eternal crusade in search of sacred Knowledge.

After meeting the Rogue Trader on the hive world of Rykad Minoris, Pasqal joined the Lord Captain’s retinue. He hopes that such a powerful patron will help him find his long-lost mentor, whose mysterious message prompted Pasqal to embark on this journey.

Companion Abilities

"Machine Spirit Communion" iconMachine Spirit Communion Companion Abilities

Companion Talents

"Aiming Protocols" iconAiming Protocols Tech Priest
"Ballistics Calculation" iconBallistics Calculation Operative Talents
Calculated Relations Forge World
Close-Up Scanning Tech Priest
"Combat Insight" iconCombat Insight Operative Talents
"Comprehensive Analysis" iconComprehensive Analysis Operative Talents
"Continuous Analysis" iconContinuous Analysis Operative Talents
"Covert Protocol" iconCovert Protocol Operative Talents
Exposing Communion Tech Priest
Filtering Protocols Tech Priest
Fires of the Forge Forge World
"Fresh Target" iconFresh Target Operative Talents
"Improved Tactics" iconImproved Tactics Operative Talents
"Inflict Despair" iconInflict Despair Operative Talents
"Informed Hit" iconInformed Hit Operative Talents
"Instant Exposure" iconInstant Exposure Operative Talents
"Joint Offence" iconJoint Offence Operative Talents
Overcharge Protocols Tech Priest
Pinnacle of Weaponry Forge World
Prediction Protocols Tech Priest
"Reactive Study" iconReactive Study Operative Talents
"Sharpshooter" iconSharpshooter Operative Talents
Skirmish Protocols Tech Priest
Steel of the Forge Forge World
"Terrifying Presence" iconTerrifying Presence Operative Talents
"Tide of Excellence" iconTide of Excellence Operative Talents
"Uncanny Sight" iconUncanny Sight Operative Talents
"Weak Body, Weak Soul" iconWeak Body, Weak Soul Operative Talents
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