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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

Hidden in the Furnace Walkthrough - Rogue Trader

Nathan Garvin

Resolving inheritance disputes are always a messy prospect, but more so when the recently deceased is a notorious pirate with plenty of skeletons in his closet and a mysterious inheritor. Resolving this dispute and discovering the identity of the “Fidelio” character is the objective of the quest Underworld, and while there’s a fine little mystery to unravel there, complications within complications are the order of the day in Rogue Trader, as there’s a secondary errand, Hidden in the Furnace, that can also trigger. This page will provide a walkthrough for the errand Hidden in the Furnace, including information on how to get the quest to trigger at all.

(1 of 3) When you stumble across the funeral, pick the option to impersonate this “Fidelio” guest.

How to Start Hidden in the Furnace

The trickiest part of Hidden in the Furnace is simply getting the quest started. To get this errand to show up you must, of course, start the quest Underworld, which can be done by heading to the southwestern corner of the Atrium area in Footfall (just past where Hieronymus Doloroso stands). You’ll be greeted by a man named First Mate Daggen, and after some chatter you’ll get two dialog options:

  • [Play along] “Of course. I’m Fidelio.”
  • “You must have me confused with someone else. I’m [playername], envoy of the von Valancius dynasty.”

To get this errand to start you must pick the first option and pretend to be this Fidelio character. After some scenes and more chatter, you’ll be left to roam around the funeral site, where you’d normally collect evidence and generally try to resolve the quest Underworld. Staying focused on the errand Hidden in the Furnace, however, you need to pass an [Awareness] check and examine some poisoned amasec north of the coffin, then you must talk to the Chaplain on an elevated walkway to the west. The order likely doesn’t matter, just as long as you discover a suspicious attempt on your life (there are others, including a collapsing balcony to the northwest) and talk to the Chaplain, you should be good. After meeting those conditions head east of the coffin and make your way near Kas Bellardo. A Clerk should interrupt you and ask you to recover some implants from a nearby crematorium - agree to start this errand. Asking for quid pro quo or being a chum and helping the Clerk out for free doesn’t matter.

No good deed goes unpunished - the implants in the crematorium were a ruse. Shoot the floor to create an escape route before you’re roasted!

How to Escape the Crematorium Trap

Just south of where the Clerk bothered you, you’ll find the entrance to the crematorium… and a trap. Disarm it and enter the crematorium, and once inside the only obvious and rational thing to do is make an [Athletics] check and climb over the conveyor belt and into the business end of the crematorium, where you’ll find an engine you can examine ([Tech-Use]) and a box to search near the conveyor belt. Examine the box only to find out that it’s empty, after which this devious trap will spring shut and you’ll find the door locked and the engine spewing flame into the room. You’ll take damage periodically as long as you remain in this room, and there’s only one means of egress - a weak patch of floor between the conveyor belt and the engine. Hold down the [tab] key to see the weak section of floor, select a character with a ranged weapon, then pick a firing mode and target the floor. With the floor damaged you’ll find a way to escape, so click on the area transition icon and you’ll scurry out of the flames.

(1 of 3) As Rogue Trader, it’s your solemn duty to send somebody wading into shit so you can escape.

Sewers Under the Atrium

After escaping the crematorium you’ll find yourself chatting with some kindly Vagabonds, who help to extinguish you. Respond how you will, you can even pick a fight and butcher this kindly rabble, but your only reward will be Knives. After dealing with the Vagabonds, you’ll need to try to work your way back to the upper levels of Footfall. There’s plenty of loot to be had down here - mostly nondescript cargo, if you care to search around for it - but to make your way out head east, north, then east again to reach some sewers. Pass an [Athletics] check to jump a gap, then continue north and east to reach the “lever by the busted pipe” the Vagabonds told you about (assuming you asked, anyways).

Here is where you’ll have to make a decision - somebody’s gotta wade through shit to reach the lever, and as Rogue Trader, you’re making the call. "Argenta" iconArgenta seems to take it in their stride, if you don’t want to offend sweet summer flowers like "Abelard" iconAbelard and Heinrix. Or you could just go yourself, but you’ll be stuck with an unnamed debuff - a memento of your march through the muck?

Whomever you send on the turdful trek will end up opening a gate, and the way out is beyond said gate, to the south. Before leaving, however, head north from where the fateful poop-walk choice was made, crossing over a ramshackle bridge before turning west until you reach another gap you can jump. Do so and loot a pile of rubbish to find a Knuckle Guard and various cargo. This Knuckle Guard gives a +5 bonus to Weapon Sill, +5% armor penetration and +2 damage with melee weapons. Not a bad accessory for any resident bruisers! Return to the gate your excrement exile opened up and head south to find an area transition leading to a warehouse. Just be wary of a trap along the way.

(1 of 3) In the warehouse you’ll find two Clerks who are up to no good - and they’re willing to murder to keep anybody else from finding out.

Footfall Atrium Warehouse

When you exit the sewers, you’ll surface in a warehouse. Work your way north, then west and you’ll encounter a pair of Clerks (not associated with the one who sent you on this boondoggle) conspiring to commit mischief. Granted, mischief that really doesn’t have anything to do with you. After some rather amusing dialog you’ll end up in a fight - even if you try to avoid conflict, they’ll attack. The Clerks themselves are mediocre ranged opponents who can harass you with Stun Grenades, but otherwise don’t pose much of a threat. Their half-dozen Servitor buddies are more of a nuisance, having a lot of Wounds and dealing significant damage in melee. While durable, the Clerks and Servitors really don’t have enough damage output or MP, respectively, to be much of a threat - AoEs work well, and as long as you don’t put squishy characters in reach of the Servitors you should be fine.

Defeat this mob of mechanical miscreants, after which you can exit the warehouse by venturing west, then south. Before you go, however, loot a container east of where you fought the Clerks and their Servitors to find an [Orthlack-Pattern] "Autogun" iconAutogun, a "Stimulant Injector" iconStimulant Injector and some cargo. Other containers can be found scattered about, yielding various cargo but nothing particularly interesting.

(1 of 4) Return to the Bellardo funeral and you’ll find that your presence isn’t welcome.

Return to the Bellardo Funeral

Plunder as you will, then exit the warehouse to find yourself on the southeastern edge of the Footfall Atrium - just east of the funeral. The quest Hidden in the Furnace is complete, but Underworld isn’t, and if you return to the funeral, you’ll be brazenly attacked by the guests who have until this point tried to keep their schemes against you at least somewhat subtle. They’ll even put aside their hatred for each other in order to focus on you! Like a good Rogue Trader, you’re really capable of bringing people together!

You’ll have to fight off numerous Ceremony Guests (trash mobs who should give you no trouble), Kas Bellardo (armed with a Plasma Pistol, but otherwise not much of a threat), First Mate Daggen (a Warrior armed with a "Chainsword" iconChainsword - somewhat dangerous in melee and with plenty of Wounds), the Clerk who sent you on this quest (he’s not too durable, but is armed with an "M40 Autogun" iconM40 Autogun, which has a high rate of fire) and a Combat Servitor (armed with a Thermal Multi-Melta, deals heavy damage and has high armor penetration, but it’s fairly slow). One of the Ceremony Guests is also a sniper with significantly more Wounds than the other guests.

It’s honestly a well-balanced group of enemies, with an aggressive melee bruiser, the impending doom of a slow-moving Combat Servitor with a heavy damage AoE attack, and sniper throwing to keep you honest and in cover. Your best bet is to hold back, stay in cover as much as possible, and let First Mate Daggen come to you. He’ll gladly charge into the fray, and while he’s tough, you should be able to cut him down with several of your own melee characters. Argenta armed with a "Flamer" iconFlamer can easily sweep the enemies near (and including) Kas Bellardo. The only tricky bits are the Combat Servitor and the sniper. Ideally you can counter-snipe the sniper - a character equipped with "Longlas" iconLonglas being fed extra turns via friendly Officers might manage this relatively quickly. Once the sniper is dealt with, you’ll want to concentrate fire on the Combat Servitor as it approaches - psyker powers are especially useful here, as they bypass a lot of the Combat Serviator’s resistances.

After the fight the Chaplain will intervene and you’ll be able to execute First Mate Daggen, Kas Bellardo, both, or neither, as you see fit - letting them go deprives you of their loot. Either way you’ll gain Profit Factor +3 for winning the fight, and if you claim the inheritance, you’ll get another Profit Factor +1. The Chaplain pays homage to his dead friend in a fitting manner (especially given that the crematorium is now out of commission) and this variant of the Underworld quest will finally end.

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