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Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

The Price of Power Walkhrough and Choices - Rogue Trader

Craig Robinson

The mystery of "Cassia" iconCassia’s storyline and her power is soon to be at an end. Your Navigator’s magical paints and visions have guided the colors to a magical planet in the Koronus Expanse, where it will answer her questions about the Atlas and the source of her extreme visions and powers. With the questline starting in Chapter 4, players will get their hands on many choices in dialogue that can affect the conversation text and some of the outcomes of the Price of Power questline. With that said, we’ll be going through the dialogue choices, revealing which of the options matter and the various outcomes that decide the questline.

A guide to completing the Price of Power in Rogue Trader, featuring choices breakdown, items, and other things to know.

The Price of Power Walkthrough - Rogue Trader

At the very start of the Price of Power, players will get the chance to speak to Cassia and discuss with her how she wants to engage with the ritual to uncover the meaning of her ancestors and the Atlas. You have three major choices here:

  • “If you wish to show the House your strength and undauntable spirit, invite the renegades to be the first to touch the secrets of the Atlas they loathe so much.”

  • “You are standing on the cusp of a great discovery for all of House Orsellio. Inviting the regent seems like the sensible thing to do.”

  • “Then it is best that we go alone.”

Cassia prefers the let’s go it alone option and doing it ourselves. If you choose to select the two other options, then you will need to roll a skill check to let it pass. If you fail to do so, then it will automatically default to going alone.

The option here doesn’t matter too much, as you’ll find out later in the upcoming heading.

With the conversation out of the way, you will need to go and perform the ritual. You now need to travel to the Smaragdus Mundos System. This is a star system that reveals itself in the Cauldron part of the star map. You should find an orange navigation route fire up to a nearby star system you can travel from and lower it to Unsafe at the cost of 1 Navigator’s Insight.

You need to visit this star system for the Price of Power Quest.

You’ll get another set of choices as soon as you arrive at the star system. We tested all the options during the storybook dialogue and vignette-type options. The main thing to note is that no matter what skill checks you pass, fail, or options you decide on, you get a slightly different written account of what happened. However, every single one of them leads to the same result: going into the star system and retrieving Cassia from the warp demon painting. How you do it is either Cassia overpowers it, the paintbrush you pick up draws you a magical weapon of your choice (you don’t actually get the weapon, though) that beats the creature, or the dagger you pull defeats the creature. It is mere immersion rather than an actual choice.

The Price of Power Choices - Rogue Trader

After battling with the painting demon, you can now arrive at the planets in the system. Go towards the far left planet and scan it. You will then find the landing platform you can visit. Upon landing on the planet, there are some notes and loot for you to grab. If you go right, you can pass an Athletics check to enter a pit with a collapsed human digger. If you then pass a Tech use skill check, you will be able to loot it for some Drukhari exclusive gloves, called the Elite Marksman Gloves, for some nice ballistic skill improvements. Other than that, there’s not much else worth noting as it is time to climb up the structure towards the Webway Gate.

When you reach the top, you’ll find both the Regent and the Renegade, who you will recognize thanks to the problems in Cassia’s Chapter 2 questline. These fools used the Webway gate and magically knew you were going there. This is the part where we told you your original choice means nothing, as they all turn up there anyway.

Essentially, the dilemma is the Aeldari used the Osselio dissenters to arrive here as they want their Webway gate souls back. Go through the conversation with the Harlequin, and then work out why the Webway Gate is important and why house Orsellio’s powers are so much stronger than any other normal Navigator’s are. You’ll learn that the crystals the house uses contain the souls of trapped Aeldari inside them if you took Yrliet with your landing party. After that, the dialogue options you select will impact how your quest ends.

With the context to what is going on established, you now have three main options to do something about the situation:

  • 1-4 Listen to the Aeldari and Cassia’s friendly nature to rectify the wrong that was done to the Aeldari and end the quest peacefully.

  • 5 House Orsellio can never hope to redeem themselves before the God-Emperor. Serve your justice, Xenos.

  • 6 I will not stand here and let some duplicitous Xenos laughter Navigators of the Imperium.

For the most part, options 1-4 eventually lead to some form of mutual agreement between Cassia and the Aeldari. Cassia and her friendly nature want to work together with the Aeldari to right what is wrong with the trapped Aeldari souls, and she sacrifices her stone for the Aeldari’s Strange Gem to heal and repair itself at the Webway Gate. The story from there is that Cassia is on the hunt to return any missing gems that her house’s Navigators possess. Nothing changes in terms of her character, and you don’t get more from this quest as it happens in the background.

You can fight the Xenos if you want to and still free the trapped Aeldari souls. If you choose to fight the Xenos, then the Harlequin will knock out both the Reagent and the Renegade, and it will be the Rogue Trader’s party versus the Xenos party. See the combat that unfolds in the choice of what happens in options 5 and 6 for reference here.

Cassia wants to help the Aeldari and restore her house’s reputation. It is something to consider if you’re staying on the good side of her.

If you go through the peaceful resolution, be aware that the Reagent will try to stop you after successful diplomacy with the Aeldari. However, a background "Fellowship" iconFellowship skill check is automatically done to determine if you pass or fail. Passing it means the Reagent will automatically support Cassia and her wishes, regardless of his disagreement with destroying the Atlas. We sadly didn’t get to test the fail result as Cassia’s Fellowship is like 110 in our save, and so, it means it is borderline impossible to fail this roll.

Fighting the Aeldari

Meanwhile, if you select option 5 or 6 and insist on a scrap with the Xenos, you can change your opinion to options 1-4. If you’re insistent 5 is the answer, and you select the ‘Execute Cassia’ option, then the Xeno laugh and say they are not here to kill one but to kill all Mon-keigh. This starts a fight with all Xenos present, which unfortunately means a lot of invisible enemies on the far left and right side of the platform you’re on. The Reagent and the Renegade will join your side as Neutral characters fighting the Xenos.

Once all Xenos are dead, the Reagent and the Renegade will once again squabble over what to do with the Atlas. You can now decide whether to run the ritual to cleanse the gate, destroy it, or continue to use it as normal. Again, nothing special happens. It’s a matter of how it ends the Orsellio storyline. If you let Cassia decide, you will have a Coercion test, and if you fail, then the Reagent will auto-convince Cassia to keep it. The Renegade will then kill the Reagent for forcing her to go against her wishes, and Cassia will then cleanse it using the Ritual. You can get two items from this fight, which are the "Neuro Disruptor" iconNeuro Disruptor and the Conversion Field. You can find images of what they do below.

(1 of 2) Perhaps you fancy a new pistol and that decides whether you kill the Xenos or not?

Perhaps you fancy a new pistol and that decides whether you kill the Xenos or not? (left), You can get this item from the Aeldari on this world. (right)

This concludes the Price of Power in Rogue Trader. You should hopefully have a better idea of which options you want to run through to conclude the questline, and Cassia’s story.

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